Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rosneft offers Putin program of massive sanctions against the West. -- Kremlin rejects reports on Rosneft’s alleged proposals

The administration of Russian state-owned oil company Rosneft has developed a complex of measures to support the real sector of economy, as well as responsive measures to be taken against the countries that introduced sectoral sanctions against Russia.

Rosneft's report of many pages is currently being studied at adequate departments, the Kommersant wrote with reference to its source. According to the source of the newspaper, Rosneft proposes to switch the supplies of Russian natural gas to Europe to payment in advance mode. Officials with the oil company believe that such a move would improve Gazprom's economy to the detriment of European buyers of the Russian gas.

According, the state-owned company also proposed to freeze the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline project, which was designed to supply Russian gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine. According to the source, the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, believes that the EU, despite apparent opposition, is extremely interested in the project, as Russia remains the only solution to the problem of European energy security. Rosneft offered to support the sanctioned companies at the expense of the reserves of the Central Bank and assets of sovereign wealth funds, which can be provided through bond issues. The company also proposed to limit international cooperation in the use of Russian modules of the International Space Station and prohibit the disposal of spent nuclear fuel from the EU and the US.

According to Forbes, the list of Russia's responsive measures stipulates an opportunity to arrest assets of US and EU citizens in Russia as an interim measure on outstanding contracts. Oil and gas companies will be able to repay their debts to US and EU banks only upon a decision from the Bank of Russia, the document supposedly says.

Rosneft also offers to boost exports in the Asia-Pacific region by reducing customs duties on gas from 30 to 10 percent and giving access to the pipe for independent gas producers. The list also contains a proposal to abolish the mandatory disclosure of confidential information, including on the procurement of sanctioned goods by Rosneft and its "daughters." To crown it all, Rosneft proposes to prohibit the export of oil and gas equipment that had been supplied to Russia before the sanctions were imposed. In fact, it goes about expropriation of equipment from Western companies, a source said.........................


  • Kremlin rejects reports on Rosneft’s alleged proposals on new retaliatory sanctions ...

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied on Wednesday reports that Russian oil major Rosneft allegedly prepared proposals on new retaliatory sanctions.
“This absolutely does not correspond to reality, this information that Rosneft allegedly prepared proposals of anti-sanctions nature,” Peskov said.
“Preparations of any proposals are out of the question,” Peskov said. “This is not true that there are some proposals from Rosneft.”

Rosneft alleged proposals on new retaliatory sanctions and reactions

Russia’s Kommersant business daily reported earlier that Rosneft allegedly prepared a set of measures aimed at the support of the national economy in view of Western sanctions.
According to the daily, the proposed measures ranged between restrictions on nuclear fuel burials and blunt expropriation of foreign equipment. The daily also said that the relevant document was sent to President Vladimir Putin for consideration.
Rosneft said in its official statement on Wednesday that it was likely to sue the daily for publishing false information.

  • Rosneft to file lawsuit against Kommersant daily — company CEO ...

Russian oil major Rosneft will file a lawsuit against Kommersant business daily for its report on the company’s allegedly prepared proposals on new retaliatory sanctions against the West, Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin said on Wednesday.
Kommersant reported earlier that Rosneft allegedly prepared a set of measures aimed at support of the national economy amid Western sanctions......................

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