Thursday, January 9, 2020

Haftar's LNA Vows to Continue Tripoli Offensive Despite Russia-Turkey Ceasefire Initiative

Libyan National Army
The Libyan National Army (LNA) led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar welcomes the ceasefire initiative by Russia and Turkey, but will continue the fight for Tripoli, the LNA commander said in a statement on Thursday.

‘Illogical rumors’: Iran responds to US media reports that Ukrainian Boeing was hit by missile over Tehran

Ukrainian Boeing was hit by missile over Tehran
Iranian civil aviation authorities rejected as 'scientifically impossible' the media reports that the Ukrainian passenger jet departing Tehran was shot down by a missile, and called the scenario 'illogical rumors'.

Trump Says He Has Approved New Sanctions Against Iran

Trump Says He Has Approved New Sanctions
The day before, US President Donald Trump averted fears of World War 3 following Iran's missile attack on US targets in Iraq, pledging to introduce another round of anti-Iranian sanctions instead.

Ukraine probes crash test theories, including missile strike

Ukraine probes crash test theories
Ukraine is looking at various possible causes of the fatal crash of a Ukrainian airliner in Iran yesterday, including a possible missile attack, a collision, an engine explosion or terrorism.

Iran : Commander says more air strikes were planned against US

Strikes against US forces in Iraq
Strikes against US forces in Iraq could have been just the beginning of a major operation across the region if the US had responded, a senior Iranian commander is reported as saying.

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