Thursday, September 3, 2015

Octaphone kratos news (October 1015)

"Sensational statements are often made about military-technical cooperation between Russia and Syria - that it grows or decreases," she said. "We see them in different parts of the world. And it is always made to sound sensational. We say that we never tried to make a secret out of this. This is our consistent position connected with assisting official Damascus in its fight against the terrorism threat," the diplomat stressed.

Zakharova also noted that Russia "regularly raises on platforms of international organizations" issues of protecting Christians in Syria..........No secret in Russian-Syrian military technical cooperation — Russian Foreign Ministry


  1. Russian Defense Ministry has released video footage of pinpoint airstrikes at an operational staff of the Islamic State grouping on the territory of Syria...

    A report issued by the ministry’s press service said the command point and the operational staff were located in a mountainous area in Syria.

    Earlier on Wednesday, the Federation Council, the upper house of Russian parliament authorized the use of Russia’s Aerospace Force units in Syria.

    Sergey Ivanov, the chief of the Kremlin administration staff said Russia would use only Air Force in combat operations in Syria at the request of the country’s President, Bashar al-Assad.

  2. The U.S. Navy says a member nation of a U.S.-backed naval coalition intercepted a ship carrying illicit arms believed to be from Iran in the Arabian Sea last week...

    A Navy spokesman, Lieutenant Commander Tim Hawkins, told VOA the small cargo vessel was not formally registered to any country.

    Hawkins said illicit arms suspected to be Iranian and Russian, including anti-tank weapons, were seized. He said most of the weapons were disposed of at sea but some were saved for analysis by the crew of a U.S. guided missile destroyer, U.S.S. Forrest Sherman that arrived soon after weapons were discovered.

    Hawkins said the cargo vessel's crew indicated that the ship's destination was Somalia. He said the crew was allowed to depart once the weapons were confiscated.

    In a separate account of the vessel's seizure, the Saudi-led coalition battling Iranian-backed Shi'ite Houthi rebels in Yemen claimed it had foiled the smuggling attempt. The coalition alleged that Iran was using the vessel to ship arms to the rebels.

  3. Kremlin says that assertions that Moscow presumably demanded from other counties to clear the skies over Syria when Russian aircraft launched its first air strikes there are out of place....

    "The assertions that [Russia] demanded from the United States something are absolutely out of place," Peskov said. "Certainly, these demands are not mentioned but the fact that the U.S. and its allies forming a coalition aimed to battle the ISIL [the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the former name of Islamic State - eds. TASS] are part of an information impact."

    When asked why Russia made such a swift response in Syria, Peskov replied: "But IS is not waiting," so this required "energetic and timely measures."

    Peskov refuted certain media reports that Russia had informed other nations an hour before the launch of the operation.

    "You have been misinformed," he said without specifying the time when the U.S. and other countries were notified.
    The possible deadlines for Russian Air Force’s operation in Syria

    Kremlin has refrained from specifying the possible deadlines for Russian Air Force’s operation in Syria as it is linked to the Syrian army’s ground assault.

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said President Vladimir Putin’s stance made public earlier on Wednesday implied "temporary support to the Syrian Armed Forces."

    "I cannot say it," he replied when asked about deadlines for the military operation.

    Earlier on Wednesday, the Federation Council empowered the Russian president to use Russian military outside the national territory. As the chief of the presidential staff Sergey Ivanov explained, the air operation was to be launched against the Islamic State in Syria at the request of Syria’s president Bashar Assad. Earlier, Vladimir Putin said that Russia would not be involved in operations on the ground.

  4. Taliban Kunduz attack: Afghan forces regain city say officials...

    Afghan officials say they have regained control of key areas of the northern city of Kunduz from the Taliban.

    An operation launched overnight saw forces recapture government landmarks and inflict heavy casualties on the militants, officials said.

    There has been no word from the Taliban, but some pictures on social media purport to show government forces around areas of the city.

    It is the first time militants captured a city since being ousted in 2001.......BBC

  5. Moldova insists that Russian peacekeepers in Transdniestria be replaced — PM...

    Moldova insists on the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from the self-proclaimed republic of Transdniestria and the deployment of an international civilian mission there, Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet said on Thursday speaking at the general political debate at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly in New York.

    "We reiterate our firm stance with regard to the requirement for the withdrawal of Russian troops and weaponry from the territory of Moldova in accordance with the provisions of our Constitution and international commitments," Strelet said.

    "We believe that the peacekeeping operation has fulfilled its mandate and should be transformed into a civil mission with the relevant international mandate," Moldova’s prime minister said..............

  6. Hundreds of Iranian troops arrived in Syria 10 days ago with weapons to take part in ground operations in rebel-held areas of northern Syria, and Lebanon's ally Hezbollah is preparing to join the operation, Lebanese sources told Reuters on Thursday...

    "The (Russian) air strikes will in the near future be accompanied by ground advances by the Syrian army and its allies," said one of the sources familiar with political and military developments in the conflict.

    "It is possible that the coming land operations will be focused in the Idlib and Hama countryside," the source added.

    The two sources said the operation would be aimed at recapturing territory lost by President Bashar al-Assad's government to

  7. US, Russian militaries hold first consultations on Syria — White House...

    The Russian and US militaries on Thursday held the first consultations on Syria via a closed communications line, the White House reported.

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the discussions lasted about 1 hour. The US side was represented by Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Elissa Slotkin.

  8. Oregon college shooting: Nine dead in Roseburg attack...

    Nine people have been killed and seven injured in a shooting at a college in the US state of Oregon, say police.

    The gunman, 26, opened fire at Umpqua Community College on Thursday morning and was killed in a police shootout.

    There were conflicting reports on casualties but Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin said 10 dead, including the gunman, was "the best" figure.

    Police have not identified the attacker but un-named officers have told US media his name is Chris Harper Mercer...........BBC

  9. U.S. military plane crashes in Afghanistan, kills 11...

    A U.S. military transport plane crashed at an airfield in Afghanistan shortly after midnight on Friday, killing all 11 people on board, the U.S. military said, adding there were no reports of enemy fire at the time.

    The cause of the crash at Jalalabad airfield was under investigation, a spokesman said, refusing to rule out the possibility that there may be dead or wounded on the

  10. White House on Thursday called the Russian air strikes in Syria "indiscriminate", and it risks prolonging the sectarian conflict in the the country....

    "The fact is carrying out indiscriminate military operations against the Syrian opposition is dangerous for Russia," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on a daily press conference, "it also risks Russia being drawn even more deeply into that conflict."

    The Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday that its air forces carried out 20 sorties during the first round of airstrikes against the Islamic State (IS) in Syria, hitting eight targets, including a command center.

    Skeptical about Russia's intention in Syria, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday: "We would have grave concerns should Russia strike areas where ISIL and al-Qaida-affiliated targets are not operating."

    Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Wednesday that Russia's military operations targeted only IS targets.

    "The way that Russia has carried out these indiscriminate strikes against the Syrian opposition has also further isolated Russia," Earnest said.

  11. Saudi Arabia, in UN speech, deplores world’s inability to end bloodshed in Syria...

    Addressing the United Nations General Assembly this evening, Abdel Ahmed Al-Jubeir, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia expressed deep concern that the international community has been unable to save innocent Syrians from the “killing machine” that has devastated their country and led to the world’s most tragic humanitarian crisis.

    Opening his address, he said the question of Palestine had long been on the agenda of the General Assembly. Noting that Palestinians continued to suffer, he denounced Israel’s flagrant violations of international law. The Palestinian people deserved to live in dignity, he declared, and urged action to that end that is in line with relevant Security Council resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.

    Turning to the Syrian crisis, he said that tragic conflict, which is entering its fifth year, has devolved into the worst humanitarian disaster of the current era. “Yet, the international community continues to be unable to save the Syrian people from the killing machine that is being operated by Bashar al-Assad,” he said, underscoring that the conflict has claimed some 300,000 lives and driven millions of desperate people from their homeland..............

  12. Taliban expands fight beyond Afghanistan's Kunduz...

    Taliban fighters are expanding the fight to other northern provinces after Afghan government troops backed by NATO special forces evicted them from the centre of the strategic city of Kunduz.

    Al Jazeera's Qais Azimy, reporting from Puli Khumri in neighbouring Baghlan province, said the Taliban had captured at least one district in each of the three provinces: Badakshan, Baghlan and Takhar.

    The developments came the same day the Afghan government claimed it had successfully retaken Kunduz from Taliban fighters who had controlled the city since Monday.

    President Ashraf Ghani, appearing at a televised press conference earlier on Thursday with his defence and interior ministers, said the city was retaken in a six-hour assault with no fatalities among the government security forces.

    He praised the government troops, saying they "were able to foil one of the most significant operations to have taken place in Afghanistan in 14 years".

    Ghani said the "good news" from Kunduz "should not make us complacent. The war is ongoing"..............

  13. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Friday accused Russia of targeting moderate Syrian rebels in its airstrikes in Syria to prop up the regime of President Bashar Assad...

    Speaking to Turkish reporters on his plane as he returned from the U.N. General Assembly in New York, Davutoglu rejected Moscow's insistence that its campaign of air strikes launched this week was aimed at ISIS extremists.

    "The outcome is very worrisome," Davutoglu was quoted as saying in several Turkish dailies including Hurriyet and Milliyet.

    "The operation has been entirely against positions of the Free Syrian Army (FSA)," said Davutoglu, referring to the main moderate armed group fighting Assad and which Turkey supports.

    "This is clearly supporting the Syrian regime which is on the verge of collapse," he added. "I don't think it will be of benefit to destroy the moderate opposition," Davutoglu added.

    Russia and Turkey have been at odds over the Syrian conflict since the unrest erupted in 2011, with Ankara calling for the ousting of Assad but Moscow one of his most important supporters................AFP

  14. Medical workers die in Afghan city bomb attack...

    An air strike on a hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz today left three Doctors Without Borders staff dead and dozens more unaccounted for, the medical charity said.

    NATO has conceded that US forces may have been behind the attack.

    The MSF facility is seen as a key medical lifeline in the region and has been running "beyond capacity" in recent days of fighting that saw the Taliban seize control of the provincial capital for several days.

    "At 2:10 am (20.40 GMT) local time... the MSF trauma centre in Kunduz was hit several times during sustained bombing and was very badly damaged," it said in a statement.

    "Three MSF staff are confirmed dead and more than 30 are unaccounted for.

    “The medical team is working around the clock to do everything possible for the safety of patients and hospital staff,” the statement said......

  15. Syrian opposition, rebel groups united against UN Syria 'working groups' plan ...

    A UN plan towards ending the civil war in Syria would not work in its current form, Syria's western-backed opposition and rebel groups said in a rare show of unity on Saturday, a day after the government said it was ready to take part in the initiative.

    In July, UN special envoy to Syria Staffan De Mistura unveiled the idea of inviting warring parties to form four UN-led working groups on how to implement a roadmap to peace, since the groups were not ready to hold formal peace talks.

    In a rare instance of the coalition's political and military components finding agreement, the statement was signed by the political offices of powerful Islamist factions such as Ahrar Al Sham and those backed by the United States, such as Division 101. by Reuters

  16. Australian police linked the fatal shooting of a police force member by a 15-year-old to “terrorism” Saturday....

    An employee of the New South Wales (NSW) police finance department was shot dead while leaving work Friday afternoon in the Sydney suburb of Parramatta. The suspect was killed when officers at the police headquarters returned fire.

    “We believe that his actions were politically motivated and therefore linked to terrorism,” Andrew Scipione, NSW police commissioner, told reporters in Sydney on Saturday.

    “We're a long way from establishing a full picture of this man, his exact motivations still remain a mystery to us,” the Australian Associated Press quoted him as saying. “We are exploring every avenue with regard to why he did what he did.”

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also referred to possible terror links while condemning the “cold-blooded murder.”

    “This appears to have been an act of politically motivated violence so at this stage it appears to have been an act of terrorism,” he told reporters in Melbourne. “It is a shocking crime.”............

  17. Merkel urges Europe to protect external borders amid refugee crisis...

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Europe needed to protect its external frontiers as it faces the greatest influx of refugees since World War Two - a crisis that she said was "testing Europe's mettle".

    Hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants have arrived in Europe this year from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, many fleeing war or poverty.

    Speaking in a weekly video podcast released on Saturday, Merkel said Europe needed to contribute to dealing with this global challenge.

    "And for Europe, this means we of course need to, above all, protect our external borders across Europe - and protect them together - so that immigration to Europe is orderly," she said.

    "But it also means we must take on more responsibility for countries where the causes for people to flee are, or where there are a lot of refugees, such as in Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey," Merkel

  18. Suspected militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) abducted two Turkish soldiers in eastern Turkey amid a flare-up of violence between militants and security forces, the army said Oct. 3...

    The militants seized the soldiers late Oct. 2 after stopping a passenger bus on a highway between the Tunceli and Erzincan provinces, the army’s high command said in a statement on its website.

    An operation was under way to find the soldiers, who were off-duty when they were kidnapped, it added.

    There were no further details about the situation of the soldiers, but Doğan News Agency reported that the two conscripts were taken by militants into the nearby mountains of the Pülümür region.

    More than 150 soldiers and police have been killed in attacks since July blamed on the PKK. The Turkish government responded by striking PKK's bases in southeastern Turkey and northern Iraq, killing dozens of militants, according to official statements.

  19. Jerusalem: Palestinian kills two Israelis in Old City...

    Two Israelis have been killed and another two injured in a knife attack by a Palestinian man in the Old City of Jerusalem, police say.

    The victims are said to be from an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family who were walking to the Western Wall.

    The attacker is said to have stolen a gun from one of the victims and fired a number of shots before being shot dead by Israeli police.

    The two injured victims, a woman and a young child, are in hospital.

    An investigation is under way to identify the attacker...........BBC

  20. Iraqi Kurdish leader urges Russia, U.S. to coordinate in anti-IS fight...

    The president of Iraq's Kurdistan region said on Saturday that "better results" could be achieved in the war against Islamic State militants if Russia and the international coalition coordinated their efforts.

    In a statement, Massoud Barzani also said he welcomed assistance from any country, including Russia, for his autonomous region's peshmerga forces, which are dug in along a frontline with the militants in northern Iraq.

    Russian warplanes began striking in neighboring Syria earlier this week. But the U.S.-led coalition, which has been bombing there and in Iraq since last year, accused Moscow of targeting groups other than Islamic State.

    The Kurds have emerged as a key ally for the coalition of more than 60 nations, driving the insurgents back in northern Iraq with the help of air strikes and advisers.

    "If there is coordination and cooperation between the international coalition and Russia against Daesh, that will achieve better results," Barzani said in the statement, using an Arabic name for Islamic State, also known as ISIS and

  21. Has US foreign policy failed in Afghanistan and Iraq?...

    The US military has acknowledged it may have been responsible for an air strike that hit a hospital in Kunduz killing several people and injuring dozens more.

    Afghan forces - backed by American air power - have been trying to push out Taliban fighters from the city - after the armed group seized it in less than 24 hours.

    And it is that success that is worrying the Afghan government and its Western sponsors.

    It also has echoes of recent battles in Iraq, where another US-trained army collapsed in combat despite large support from Washington.

    So has the Obama administration's unwillingness to keep boots on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq
    resulted in power vacuums allowing armed groups to grow in strength?...............

  22. Assad warns of Mid-East destruction...

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said a coalition between Syria, Russia, Iran and Iraq must succeed "or else the whole region will be destroyed".

    Mr Assad also criticised the US-led coalition and its air strikes in Syria and Iraq as counter-productive, saying that terrorism had only spread.

    Meanwhile, Russia has carried out more air strikes in Syria it says targeted so-called Islamic State (IS) positions.

    Syrian activists say the raids appear to have focused on other rebel groups.......BBC

  23. De violentes inondations font au moins 17 morts sur la Côte d’Azur...

    Au moins 17 personnes sont mortes dans les Alpes-Maritimes après de violentes intempéries dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche. Le ministre de l'Intérieur, Bernard Cazeneuve et le président François Hollande se sont rendus sur place.

    Au moins 17 personnes ont trouvé la mort et quatre sont portées disparues, dimanche 4 octobre, au lendemain d'inondations consécutives à de très violents orages dans les Alpes-Maritimes, dans le sud-est de la France.

    • Un déluge de pluie s'est abattu samedi sur la Côte d'Azur, entraînant la crue du fleuve côtier de la Brague et submergeant les rues de Cannes, Antibes, Mandelieu-la-Napoule, Biot, Villeneuve-Loubet et Nice. En deux jours, la zone littorale a reçu l'équivalent en pluie d'un mois d'octobre moyen, soit 10 % des précipitations annuelles.

    • Le ministre de l'Intérieur, Bernard Cazeneuve et le président François Hollande se sont rendus sur place. "L'État prendra sa part, dès mercredi au Conseil des ministres, par la reconnaissance de l'état de catastrophe naturelle", a déclaré le chef de l'État.

    • Près de 21 000 foyers restaient privés d'électricité dimanche aprè

  24. German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a German radio station that military efforts were necessary in Syria even though they would not put an end to the four-year-old civil war there...

    Merkel said she had spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin about the conflict in Syria on the sidelines of a meeting in Paris on Friday with him and the leaders of France and Ukraine.

    “Regarding Syria, I said for the first time: We will need military efforts, but military efforts will not bring the solution; we need a political process but that has not really got going very well yet,” she told Deutschlandfunk.

    Merkel also said it would be necessary to involve the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in by Reuters

  25. The Guardian: "les Syriens considèrent les militaires russes comme des sauveurs"...

    Les Syriens à Tartous et à Lattaquié considèrent les militaires et le président russes comme des sauveurs qui mettront fin à la guerre, lit-on dans le quotidien britannique The Guardian.

    Lindsey Hilsum, rédacteur international de Channel 4, affirme que la plupart des habitants locaux se disent prêts à servir le président Bachar el-Assad et qualifient les Russes de "héros", persuadés que l'opération de l'aviation russe mettra fin à la guerre contre le groupe terroriste l'Etat islamique.

    "Les Russes sont les héros d'aujourd'hui. Les gens saluent les étrangers qui sont venus chez eux (en Syrie, ndlr) et remercient publiquement le président russe qui, comme ils l'estiment, les sauvera du terrorisme"...............

  26. Poroshenko says US promised new weapons to Ukraine...

    The United States has promised Ukraine to supply new weapons, Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko said on Sunday.

    "While in New York, I had three meetings with U.S. President Barack Obama - before and after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and after talks with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, where he told me he had signed a document on supplying new weapons to Ukraine," Poroshenko said in an interview with Ukrainian television channels.

    "We need these weapons like air," he said.

  27. Assad must be replaced for regional stability: Cameron...

    British Prime Minister David Cameron urged Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday to "change direction" in Syria and recognize that its President Bashar Assad must be replaced.

    Moscow says its airstrikes are targeting ISIS, but British intelligence forces claim that only one in 20 Russian airstrikes were hitting the extremist group.

    "Tragically, what has happened is that most of the Russian airstrikes, as far as we have been able to see so far, have been in parts of Syria not controlled by ISIS but by other opponents of the regime," Cameron told BBC television.

    "They are backing the butcher Assad, which is a terrible mistake for them and for the world. It is going to make the region more unstable, it will lead to further radicalization and increase terrorism.

    "I would say to them: 'Change direction, join us in attacking ISIS, but recognize that if we want to have a secure region, we need an alternative leader to

  28. Portugal centre-right wins re-election...

    Portugal's governing centre-right coalition has won the country's general election, which was widely seen as a referendum on four years of austerity.

    Socialist leader Antonio Costa admitted defeat and congratulated Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho.

    With almost all votes counted, the centre-right leads with about 37%, with the Socialists on just over 32%.

    However, Mr Passos Coelho said his coalition appears to have lost its absolute majority in parliament.

    He indicated that he was ready to talk to other parties in the next parliament to pursue the "necessary reforms" he wants to implement.

    Parties to the left of the Socialists seem to have achieved their best-ever result, says the BBC's Alison Roberts in Lisbon.

    Four years of austerity have taken their toll, and the coalition lost almost one third of the votes that its two constituent parties gleaned in the last general election, our correspondent adds.

    The coalition had vowed to continue the policies, in place since 2011 after it was forced to seek a eurozone bailout.

    Unemployment has been falling for two-and-a-half years, but many regard the recovery as fragile.....BBC

  29. 3.000 rebelles fuient la Syrie face à l'avancée de l'armée...

    Près de 3.000 combattants des groupes Etat islamique, Front al-Nosra et Jaish al-Yarmouk ont fui la Syrie pour la Jordanie face à la progression de l'armée nationale, selon une source militaire.

    Selon la source, dimanche dernier, les forces fidèles au gouvernement de Damas ont attaqué les extrémistes de l'EI et du Front al-Nosra dans la zone de Damas, ainsi que dans les provinces de Deir ez-Zor et de Homs, éliminant plus de 170 terroristes.

    "Au moins 3.000 combattants de l'Etat islamique, du Front al-Nosra et de Jaish al-Yarmouk ont fui en Jordanie redoutant la progression de l'armée sur tous les fronts", a fait savoir la source.

    L'armée gouvernementale cherche notamment à repousser les terroristes des banlieues de Damas, d'où ils effectuent des tirs de mortiers et de roquettes sur les quartiers centraux de la capitale syrienne.............

  30. Turkey says Russian warplane violated its airspace...

    A Russian warplane violated Turkish airspace near the Syrian border on Saturday, prompting the Air Force to scramble two F-16 jets to intercept it, the Foreign Ministry said on Monday.

    The Foreign Ministry summoned Moscow's ambassador to protest the violation, according to an e-mailed statement. Turkey urged Russia to avoid repeating such a violation, or it would be held "responsible for any undesired incident that may occur."

    Foreign Minister Feridun Sinirlioglu spoke with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, as well as key NATO partners, the statement said. Russia launched air strikes last week against forces opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    1. Russia says violation of Turkish airspace was ‘navigation error’...

      Russia has informed Turkey that the violation of Turkish airspace near the Syrian border on Oct. 3 was due to a “navigation error,” according to Turkish military sources.

      They said a Russian SU-30 breached Turkish airspace for hundreds of meters in the southern district of Yayladağı in Hatay province for two minutes at 12:10 p.m., but returned to Syrian airspace after one warning.

      The Russian authorities informed the Turkish military attaché in Moscow about the error, Russian Embassy officials in Ankara told Hürriyet Daily News.

      “The Russian aircraft exited Turkish airspace into Syria after it was intercepted by two F-16s from the Turkish Air Force, which were conducting patrols in the region,” a written statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry said Oct. 5.

      The Turkish air forces initially worked to understand if the aircraft was Russian SU-29 or SU-24, which are also included in the Syrian air forces, until they determined that the plane was SU-30 model used only by Russia, sources said.

      The ministry summoned Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov and strongly protested the violation, read the Foreign Ministry

  31. Russia will consider extending its air strikes against militants in Syria to Iraq if it receives such a request from Baghdad, the RIA news agency quoted the head of the country's upper chamber of parliament as saying on Tuesday...

    The speaker, Valentina Matviyenko, said Russia had so far not received such a request from the Iraqi government.

  32. Die amerikanische und die russische Luftwaffe wollen bei ihren Angriffen auf den „Islamischen Staat“ in Syrien zusammenwirken. Das US-Militär hat dem russischen Generalstab ein Konzept für die zukünftige Kooperation übergeben...

    Wie der russische Vize-Verteidigungsminister Anatoli Antonow am Dienstag mitteilte, hat der Generalstab in Moskau dem Konzept grundsätzlich zugestimmt. „Leider beschränken die Amerikaner das Zusammenwirken auf technische Aspekte des Zusammenwirkens zwischen den Piloten während Missionen“, bemängelte Antonow. Russland dagegen habe der US-geführten Koalition vorgeschlagen, Aufklärungsdaten über die Terrormiliz Islamischer Staat in Syrien auszutauschen.

    Antonow rief die amerikanischen Militärs erneut zu Direktkontakten auf: „Wir sollten miteinander nicht weiter nur über Medien reden. Kommt in unseren Generalstab. Wir werden uns zusammensetzen, um gemeinsam die gemeinsamen Aufgaben anzugehen.“

    Russland, das seit Mittwoch vergangener Woche auf Bitte der syrischen Regierung Angriffe gegen den IS fliegt, hatte den USA bereits mehrmals direkte Kontakte vorgeschlagen. Am 1. Oktober besprachen hohe Militärs aus beiden Ländern in eine Videokonferenz das Vorgehen ihrer Piloten, um eine gegenseitige Konfrontation im syrischen Himmel zu vermeiden. Eine internationale Koalition bombardiert seit mehr als einem Jahr Syrien ohne Zustimmung der dortigen Regierung.

  33. Russian jets hit Islamic State targets in Palmyra, Aleppo...

    Russian jets hit Islamic State targets in the Syrian city of Palmyra and the northern province of Aleppo, Syrian state television and a monitoring group said on Tuesday, in some of the heaviest Russian attacks on the hardline Islamist group.

    The strikes destroyed 20 vehicles and three weapons depots in Islamic State-held Palmyra, state television said, quoting a military source. In Aleppo, they hit the towns of Al-Bab and Deir Hafer, about 20 km (10 miles) east of a military airport currently besieged by Islamic State fighters.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based group tracking Syria's civil war, said the Palmyra strikes killed 15 Islamic State fighters.

    "It was the heaviest Russian attack on Palmyra," Observatory director Rami Abdulrahman said. Across Syria, Russian jets carried out at least 34 air strikes in the last 24 hours, the Observatory said.

    Another four Islamic State fighters were killed near Raqqa, the eastern city which has been the group's stronghold in Syria for the last two

    1. Dementi syrischer Berichte über Luftangriff.... Russland bestreitet Beschuss Palmyras...

      Hat Russland im Rahmen seiner Luftangriffe in Syrien auch Ziele in der antiken Stadt Palmyra beschossen? Ja, berichteten mehrere Medien zunächst. Nein, das sei eine Lüge, entgegnete inzwischen das russische Verteidigungsministerium.

      Russland hat Berichte über Luftangriffe auf die syrische Stadt Palmyra zurückgewiesen. Igor Konashenkov, ein Sprecher des russischen Verteidigungsministerium, bezeichnete alle entsprechenden Medienberichte als "absolute Lüge". Im Rahmen ihrer Luftangriffe attackierten russische Maschinen keine Siedlungsgebiete und schon gar keine Architekturdenkmäler, erklärte er nach Angaben der russischen Nachrichtenagentur Tass.

      Zuvor hatten das syrische Staatsfernsehen, die Syrische Beobachtungsstelle für Menschenrechte sowie die Nachrichtenagentur AFP übereinstimmend von russischen Luftangriffen auf Ziele in Palmyra berichtet.......

  34. No one is recruiting Russian volunteers to serve in Syria, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Tuesday...

    "There is no information on that matter. I can repeat it officially once again: there are no official campaigns on participation in ground operations," she said. "No one officially recruits any volunteers. I think it is just about somebody saying something in improper terms or somebody misinterpreting something."

    "Of course, there are a lot of public figures, politicians and lawmakers in Russia who have their own opinion and who have the right to express it," the Russian diplomat went on to say. "We provide comments on our official position and it has just one interpretation: there are no and can be no ground operations, there are no and can be no land troops. And the Russia leaders have said it officially."..............

  35. The EU presented Turkey with a plan Tuesday to halt the flow of refugees into Europe, officials said...

    The proposal aims to keep refugees from Syria and other conflict zones within Turkey, offering 1 billion euros ($1.13 billion) in humanitarian assistance for refugees hosted in the country.

    Under the draft agreement, which will be further negotiated between EU and Turkish officials in Ankara this week, Turkey is expected to take measures to improve border security, namely increased cooperation with Bulgaria and Greece and the strengthening of the Turkish Coast Guard.

    EU President Jean-Claude Juncker handed the plan to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his visit to Brussels.

    Turkish diplomatic sources working closely on the issue told Anadolu Agency that discussions between Erdogan and EU leaders covered a political solution to the Syrian conflict and a buffer zone inside Syria to host refugees.............

  36. Russia says ISIS militants in Syria are moving armor close to mosques....

    The Russian defense ministry said its planes had struck 12 ISIS targets in Syria on Tuesday, adding that the militants had begun to move their weapons and armored vehicles into residential areas to try to protect them.

    In a statement, the ministry said Russian planes had flown around 20 sorties, destroying several ISIS facilities. It said the attacks had generated panic in militant ranks, prompting them to rush to try to protect their equipment.

    "The terrorists are undertaking efforts to move their weapons into the residential areas of cities," the ministry said. "As a rule the militants place armored vehicles close to mosques knowing very well that we would never target them (mosques)."

    It published a photograph it said had been taken by a Russian drone which appeared to show an armored vehicle near a mosque in an unidentified location.

    "We do not rule out that here and in other populated areas the terrorists are deliberately preparing provocations such as blowing up mosques to produce fake photographs and video clips which could be used to accuse the Russian air force."

    1. El Estado Islámico podría preparar actos de provocación en Palmira y otras ciudades sirias para después acusar a la aviación rusa, declaró el portavoz del Ministerio ruso de Defensa, general mayor Ígor Konashenkov...

      "No descartamos que en esta ciudad y en otros poblados los terroristas preparen provocaciones deliberadas, como voladuras de mezquitas, para mostrar luego fotos falsas y vídeos con acusaciones contra la aviación rusa que opera en el territorio de Siria", dijo.

      También denunció que los terroristas, al darse cuenta de que a sus bases y depósitos ocultos les espera la destrucción, "se empeñan en trasladar las armas a las zonas residenciales".

      "Suelen emplazar blindados en las inmediaciones de las mezquitas a sabiendas de que la aviación rusa jamás va a bombardearlas", dijo.

      El portavoz reafirmó que la aviación rusa no bombardea barrios residenciales y antiguos monumentos de Siria y calificó de "mentira absoluta" la información sobre ataques rusos contra la ciudad de Palmira.

  37. EU launches operation to seize migrant smugglers' boats...

    The EU is beginning a new operation to intercept boats smuggling migrants across the southern Mediterranean.

    Under Operation Sophia, naval vessels will be able to board, search, seize and divert vessels suspected of being used for human trafficking.

    Until now the EU has focused on surveillance and rescue operations.

    So far this year, more than 130,000 migrants and refugees have crossed to Europe from the north African coast. More than 2,700 have drowned.

    The huge numbers of migrants reaching Europe have led to a crisis within the EU, with member states at odds on how to deal with the influx.

    The deadliest voyages are from Libya to Italy, although more migrants are now taking the Turkey-Greece route.

    The EU launched the first phase of its operation, called EUNavfor Med, in June, using naval surveillance to detect smugglers' boats and monitor trafficking patterns from Libya towards Italy and Malta.............BBC

  38. Satellitenfotos der Nato: In Syrien befinden sich bereits 2000 russische Soldaten...

    Diplomatenkreise der Nato berichten von 2000 russischen Soldaten in Syrien. Sie bauen Landeplätze und Hallen. Moskau könnte sich zudem vorstellen, die Luftangriffe auf den Irak auszuweiten.

    In Syrien sind derzeit nach Informationen der "Welt" rund 2000 russische Soldaten, Berater und technisches Personal stationiert, insbesondere an den Stützpunkten Latakia und

  39. The Turkish General Staff accused Syrian air defense system radars on Wednesday of "harassing" its aircraft on the Turkish-Syrian border...

    "Eight F-16 aircraft conducted patrol flights along the Turkish-Syrian border. During this mission, our plane was harassed by the Syrian missile systems for 30 seconds," the general staff said in a statement, referring to an incident that took place on Tuesday.

    On Tuesday, the Turkish General Staff said an unidentified MiG-29 followed its F-16 fighters that were patrolling the Turkish-Syrian border and activated its target system for 4.5 minutes the previous day.

  40. ISIS militants have killed three Assyrian Christian captives who were among nearly 200 Christians abducted earlier this year in northeastern Syria, two human rights monitoring groups said on Thursday...

    The three men were killed late last month but the news emerged this week when a video showing their deaths was released, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

    The Assyrian Human Rights Network said the three men were among 187 Assyrians being held by Islamic State.

    Both organizations said they were killed two weeks ago on Eid al-Adha, an Islamic holiday.

    ISIS abducted the Assyrians in February during battles with the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia in northeastern Syria.

  41. Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann cast doubt on the workability of the so-called migrant hotspots European leaders plan to create by the end of next month in Greece and Italy to help manage large numbers of refugees...

    Of the more than half a million refugees and migrants to arrive in Europe across the Mediterranean this year, almost 400,000 have come through Greece and 131,000 through Italy, making them frontline states in the continent's biggest refugee crisis since World War Two.

    An EU plan agreed last month foresees setting up hotspots in these and other border countries to screen the incoming migrants more carefully.

    "I am only optimistic (for the hotspots to work) even by the end of the year if there is central coordination, significantly more means, significantly more staff," Faymann told Austrian ORF radio after visiting the Greek island of Lesbos.

    The EU's plan was aimed in part at helping the bloc's border countries deal with the surge by relocating asylum seekers to non-border countries.

    Italy has agreed to open six hotspots and the European Commission said Greece will model its own hotspot network on Italy.

    "To believe that once you make a decision that this is already reality, you just have to be there to see that of course a lot of things are lacking," Faymann

  42. Yemeni Army, Committees Destroy Saudi Warship...

    Yemeni army backed by popular committees launched a missile attack against a Saudi warship and managed to destroy it.

    Yemen's Saba news agency reported that the warship was wrecked off the southwestern coast of Yemen on Wednesday in the Bab al-Mandab Strait, which connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden.

    The agency added that other Saudi battleships fled the area following the attack.
    According to the report, the sunken ship had repeatedly fired rockets on residential areas in the southwestern province of Taiz, inflicting casualties and destruction

  43. EU agrees to get tough on deportations...

    European Union governments agreed on Thursday to step up deportations of illegal immigrants and discussed creating an border guard force among measures to cope with a surge in refugees from Syria's civil war.

    "Increased return rates should act as a deterrent to irregular migration," interior ministers concluded at a meeting in Luxembourg that included approving "detention" for those who may abscond before expulsion.

    They also plan to exert more "leverage" on African and other poor states, including via aid budgets, to make them accept the return of citizens refused entry to

  44. NATO chief has announced the doubling of its quick response joint multinational force and the establishment of two new alliance headquarters in Hungary and Slovakia as Russia “escalates” its military presence in Syria...

    Addressing a press conference after a NATO defense ministers’ meeting in Brussels on Thursday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said: "We now have everything in place to make the Response Force stronger, faster and more capable. This force will count up to 40,000 troops.

    "That’s twice as many troops as the current level of troops in the NATO Response Force and the ‘Spearhead Force’ will be able to start deploying in as little as 48 hours," Stoltenberg said, adding that two new NATO headquarters would also be established in Hungary and

  45. The United Nations envoy for Libya has proposed the formation of a national unity government after months of difficult talks...

    Since 2014 Libya has had two rival parliaments - an Islamist-backed one in Tripoli and an internationally recognised government in the east.

    UN envoy Bernardino Leon told a news conference in Morocco that Fayez Sarraj would be nominated as prime minister.

    But both parliaments must back the deal and some MPs cast doubt on the UN plan.

    Abdulsalam Bilashahir, of the Tripoli-based General National Congress (GNC), told the BBC: "We are not a part of this (proposed) government. It means nothing to us and we were not consulted.".......BBC

  46. Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini in support of final political agreement on Libya talks...

    "The presentation of the final package of the Libyan political agreement by the UNSG Special Representative Bernardino Léon marks an important step towards concluding the difficult negotiations of recent months.

    The Libyan delegates have displayed a sense of responsibility, leadership and a spirit of consensus at a critical time in the history of their country. I commend their work and that of the UNSG Special Representative Bernardino Léon.

    The European Union fully supports this final text and the senior leaders of the Government of National Accord, who will now have the responsibility to form the new government and oversee the implementation of the agreement.

    Given the challenges facing Libya, there is no time to waste in the formation of a Government of National Accord, so that it may - with the full recognition and support of the international community - begin working for the benefit of all the Libyan people.

    We now expect the Libyan parties to endorse this deal which meets the aspirations of the Libyan people, to take the path of peace and prosperity.

    The European Union stands ready to offer immediate substantial political and financial support - worth 100million euros - to the new government."

  47. Libye: nouveau gouvernement d'unité nationale, Fayez el-Sarraj Premier Ministre...

    (Belga) L'émissaire des Nations unies pour la Libye, Bernardino Leon, a annoncé dans la nuit de jeudi à vendredi la formation d'un gouvernement libyen d'unité nationale, présidé par Fayez el-Sarraj et trois vice-Premiers ministres: Ahmad Meitig, Fathi el-Mejbri et Moussa el-Koni.

    "Après une année d'efforts déployés dans ce processus avec plus de 150 personnalités libyennes représentant toutes les régions, le moment est enfin venu pour que nous puissions proposer la formation d'un gouvernement d'unité nationale", a déclaré M. Leon au cours d'une conférence de presse à Skhirat, au Maroc, où des négociations avaient repris lundi entre les deux camps rivaux libyens. (Belga)

  48. Missiles launched from a Russian ship in the Caspian Sea reached their targets in Syria and did not crash in Iran, Russia’s Defence Ministry said on Thursday...

    The Defence Ministry’s comment came after U.S. officials said four Russian cruise missiles had crashed in Iran. U.S. officials said the missiles had been fired at Syria from a Russian ship in the Caspian Sea on Wednesday.

    A U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also told AFP that the missiles landed in Iran on Wednesday. The official was confirming a story first reported by CNN.

    Moscow launched its bombing campaign in Syria last week, firing missiles from fighter jets and warships in the Caspian Sea, at targets it says belong to ISIS and other "terrorist" groups.

    “Any professional knows that during these operations we always fix the target before and after impact. All our cruise missiles hit their target,” ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said in a

  49. Refugee arrivals in Greece surge with bad weather ahead - IOM....

    There has been a surge in refugees arriving on Greek islands in the past week, with 7,000 landing each day against 4,500 at the end of September, which may be linked to worsening weather, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Friday.

    U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres will go to Lesbos, one of the main entry points for people coming by sea from Turkey, on Saturday and hold talks with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Athens in coming days, spokeswoman Melissa Fleming told a news briefing.

    The UNHCR welcomed the start of an EU relocation programme, with 19 asylum seekers leaving Italy for Sweden, and hoped relocation would start soon for refugees in Greece, she said. "We think it will be a slow start but will accelerate once the process functions."

    (The story has been refiled to correct source in headline to IOM, not UNHCR)
    (Reporting by Stephanie Nebehay; Editing by Kevin Liffey)
    - Reuters

  50. North Korea to hold huge parades for 70th anniversary...

    North Korea is holding what is expected to be one of its biggest celebrations ever, to mark the 70th anniversary of the ruling Workers' Party.

    A cavalcade of armoured vehicles and ballistic missiles is expected to rumble through the capital Pyongyang accompanied by marching troops.

    North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong-un will preside over the ceremony, but no world leaders will be attending.

    Analysts say the event will be closely watched for any new military hardware.......BBC

  51. Twin bomb blast has hit a road junction in the center of the Turkish capital of Ankara, many feared dead, Doğan News Agency reported...

    More than 50 people were injured, according to the Turkish media.

    A large number of ambulances arrived at the site of the tragedy, according to CNN Turk.

    An Anadolu Agency correspondent at the scene said there were bodies and wounded people lying in front of the station on Hipodrum Street.

    The cause of the blast is not yet clear. Turkey's state-run Anadolu Agency reported that it could be a suicide bomber.

    Eyewitnesses say two bombs exploded in a peace demostration organaised by trade unions and a number of NGOs to protest against the conflict between the state and militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in southeast Turkey.

    1. В турецкой столице возле центрального вокзала прогремели два взрыва в субботу утром...

      Как сообщает местное телевидение, на место инцидента направлено большое количество машин "скорой помощи". Сообщается также о большом числе раненых.

      Ранее агентство Reuters передало информацию, что в результате инцидента есть погибшие, однако их число не указывалось. Местные СМИ данные о жертвах пока не подтвердили.

      Взрывы прогремели под эстакадой, ведущей к вокзалу. Там 10 октября утром начали собираться активисты профсоюзных объединений, которые планировали устроить согласованный с властями митинг в поддержку мира и осудить действия террористических организаций............

  52. Iraq IS: Military claims al-Baghdadi convoy hit...

    Iraq's air force has hit a convoy of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a military statement says.

    The fate of the IS leader was unknown, it said.

    Hospital sources told Reuters news agency that several IS figures were among the casualties but there was no sign of Baghdadi.

    There have previously been reports that the IS leader has been killed or seriously injured in attacks, but none was subsequently confirmed....BBC

  53. L'armée turque accuse les avions syriens d'attaquer ses avions ...

    Des avions de chasse syriens et des systèmes de missiles ont attaqué trois F-16 de l'armée turque, samedi près de la frontière entre les deux pays, a annoncé l'armée turque dimanche.

    Les trois avions figuraient parmi 12 F-16 patrouillant au-dessus de la frontière quand ils ont été en interférence pendant deux minutes avec des systèmes de missiles basés en

    Syrie. Ils ont également été attaqués pendant 35 secondes par deux Soukhoï SU-22 et un SU-24, précise le communiqué de l'armée.

    Le week-end dernier, la Turquie avait fait état de deux incursions par des chasseurs russes dans son espace aérien et indiqué qu'un chasseur Mig-29 et des systèmes de missiles basés en Syrie avait "interféré" avec les patrouilles de ses forces aériennes. L'Otan avait décrit l'affaire comme "extrêmement dangereuse" et "inacceptable".

  54. Syrie : l'armée syrienne profite des frappes russes pour avancer dans l'ouest ...

    L'armée syrienne, soutenue au sol par des milices, a opéré une avancée dans l'ouest de la Syrie grâce à l'intervention de l'armée russe qui concentre ses raids aériens sur les groupes rebelles hostiles au régime de Bachar al-Assad.

    Au douzième jour de l'intervention de son allié russe, l'armée du président Bachar al-Assad a gagné du terrain, dimanche 11 octobre, sur deux axes en Syrie : dans la province centrale de Hama, vers la route internationale Damas-Alep, et sur les collines de Lattaquié, dans l'ouest du

  55. Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko won a fifth term in office by a landslide on Sunday in an election that could see an easing of relations with the West and raise questions about his ties to Vladimir Putin’s Russia...

    Lukashenko's re-election five years ago led to mass protests and the imprisonment of leading opposition figures, but support for his 20-year-old regime has risen since he cast himself as a guarantor of stability in the face of an economic crisis and a pro-Russian separatist conflict in neighbouring Ukraine.

    The West has long ostracised Lukashenko’s Belarus, described in 2005 by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as “Europe’s last dictatorship”, over its human rights record and clamp-down on political dissent. It has imposed economic sanctions on some Belarussian officials and companies.

    Nevertheless, his criticism of Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula last year, his hosting of Ukraine peace talks and his pardoning of the six opposition leaders in August suggest he is seeking to improve his image in the West, observers say.

    “We have carried out everything the West wanted on the eve of the elections. If there is a desire in the West to improve our relations, nobody and nothing can prevent that,” Lukashenko said as he cast his vote.

    “The ball is now firmly in the West’s court,” he said. The central election commission said Lukashenko won 83.5 of the vote, slightly more than the 80 percent support registered in the 2010 elections, the head of the central election commission said in a briefing late on

  56. Leaders from the ruling Palestinian Fatah faction have come to blows over the latest wave of attacks against Israelis, with some reportedly calling for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to openly support a Palestinian intifada, Palestinian sources said Sunday...

    A number of leaders are reportedly unhappy that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is not actively supporting attacks against Israelis, sources said, according to the Rai Al-Youm online newspaper.

    Abbas, who is also head of Fatah, has spoken out against violence and in favor of "peaceful, popular resistance", but many Palestinians are frustrated with his leadership.

    The leaders have also demanded that their representatives be given a green light to participate in the funerals of the Palestinian assailants killed by the IDF and Israel Police, the report said.

    Many Palestinians have criticized Fatah leaders for not attending the funerals of the Palestinian assailants or offering condolences to their

  57. Political crisis escalates in Iraq's Kurdistan region...

    Kurdish security forces stopped the speaker of parliament in Iraq's Kurdish north from entering its capital on Monday in an escalating political crisis destabilizing the region at war with Islamic State militants.

    Speaker Yousif Mohammed's personal assistant said forces loyal to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) had turned him back on the road from Sulaimaniyah to Erbil, where the regional parliament is located.

    The KDP, which controls Erbil, accuses the Gorran party to which the speaker belongs of provoking violent protests in which five people died.

    "He has been prevented by KDP forces and he's now returned (to Sulaimaniyah)," said the speaker's personal assistant Daroun Rahim. "It's a very dangerous development."

    The move came after protesters attacked and torched several offices of the KDP in Sulaimaniyah province in the worst unrest the relatively stable autonomous region has seen for

  58. Russia's continued support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is only serving to prolong the crisis there, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Monday...

    Speaking to NATO's parliamentary assembly meeting in Norway, he said: "Russia should play a constructive role in the fight against (ISIS). To support the Assad regime is not constructive. This is only prolonging the war in Syria."

  59. EU FMs Urge Russia to Stop Bombing Non-ISIL Targets in Syria

    The Foreign Ministers of the EU member states called on Russia to stop airstrikes against targets unrelated to the Islamic State militant group, the press service of the EU Foreign Affairs Council said Monday.

    According to the Russian military, all targets are chosen based on intelligence collected by Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran. High-precision weapons are being used during the anti-ISIL operation.

    Earlier in October, Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad confirmed that strikes were being carried out against armed terrorist organizations and not political opposition factions or civilians. He added that Russia’s airstrikes had already destroyed 40 percent of Islamic State infrastructure in Syria........

  60. Demonstrators in Kosovo's capital Pristina have thrown petrol bombs and stones at police in a protest over the arrest of an opposition MP...

    Albin Kurti was held by police after setting off tear gas in parliament last week over a deal between Kosovo and Serbia. He was later released.

    About 200 protesters chanted Mr Kurti's name as they threw missiles at the ranks of police officers.

    Police fired tear gas and advanced in an attempt to push the protesters back.

    Mr Kurti was questioned by police and released later on Monday.

    "We will not give up. Let's stay united," he was quoted as saying to his supporters by the AFP news agency.

    His stunt in parliament was part of a protest by opposition MPs against the deal with Serbia.

    The EU-brokered agreement grants more powers to the mainly Serb areas of Kosovo. Opposition MPs say it will deepen the ethnic divide and increase Serbia's power in the country.......BBC

  61. Les rebelles syriens ont appelé les pays les soutenant à leur fournir des systèmes antiaériens afin de combattre les forces fidèles au gouvernement de Damas ainsi que l'Etat islamique...

    Selon le New York Times qui cite le commandant de la Division 13 de l'Armée syrienne libre (ASL; opposition) Ahmad al-Saoud, les insurgés ont transmis leur requête via des officiers de liaison qui travaillent en Turquie.

    Le NYT rappelle que lors de la guerre d'Afghanistan (1979-1989) l'armée soviétique faisait face aux combattants armés de canons antiaériens américains, dont plusieurs ont par la suite rejoint les rangs d'Al-Qaїda.

    "Ce fantôme continue de hanter les hommes politiques américains et empêche les insurgés syriens d'obtenir ce qu'ils veulent le plus: les systèmes antiaériens", explique le journal.

    Les rebelles ont confié au NYT avoir reçu des systèmes antichar après le début de l'opération aérienne russe sur le territoire syrien. Selon Ahmad al-Saoud, des missiles antichar américain TOW leur ont permis de détruire sept véhicules blindés en deux jours.

    Insurgé syrien. Image d'illustration
    © AP Photo
    Les USA ont fourni 50 tonnes de munitions à l'"opposition modérée" syrienne
    "Tout ce que nous demandons, nous le recevons très vite", a affirmé le combattant rebelle.

    La veille, la chaîne de télévision CNN se référant à un officiel US a rapporté que le Pentagone avait livré 50 tonnes de munitions aux combattants anti-Assad, dont des armes légères et des grenades à main.

    La sous-secrétaire américaine à la Défense Christine Wormuth a auparavant souligné que les Etats-Unis n'avaient pas l'intention de fournir des systèmes antichar et des lance-roquettes portables aux combattants d'opposition syrienne.

  62. European Union leaders have postponed a deeper discussion of the future of the euro zone until December because of divergent views in the biggest countries and because of the more pressing migration issue, diplomats said...

    EU leaders, who meet on Thursday in Brussels, were to talk about fleshing out a report on the future of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) prepared by the 28-nation bloc's top five officials in June - the so-called five presidents' report - as the Greek debt crisis was shaking the euro zone's foundations......REUTERS

  63. Ukraine's pro-Russian rebels reject Dutch MH17 report...

    A senior Ukrainian rebel leader has rejected a Dutch report that concluded a Russian-made missile downed MH17 over Ukraine in 2014, killing 298 people.

    Aleksandr Zakharchenko told the BBC the investigation into the disaster "hadn't been carried out properly at all".

    Meanwhile, Russia's aviation chief called on the UN aviation body to open a fresh investigation on Wednesday.

    The West and Ukraine say the rebels brought down the Boeing 777, but Russia blames Ukrainian forces......BBC

  64. Le président palestinien Mahmoud Abbas a affirmé mercredi soir soutenir "une résistance populaire pacifique", alors que Palestiniens et Israéliens sont engagés depuis deux semaines dans une nouvel affrontement qui a fait plus de 30 morts dans les deux camps...

    Au cours de ce discours enregistré et diffusé sur la télévision officielle, sa première allocution aux Palestiniens depuis le début des violences, M. Abbas a dit vouloir "poursuivre notre lutte nationale" et réaffirmé le "droit à nous défendre".

  65. The United States is sending 300 U.S. troops, along with surveillance drones, to Cameroon to bolster a West African effort to counter the Nigerian militant Islamist group Boko Haram, U.S. officials said on Wednesday...

    In a notification to Congress, President Barack Obama said an advance force of about 90 military personnel began deploying on Monday to Cameroon, with the consent of the Yaounde government.

    The troops will “conduct airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations in the region,” Obama said. “These forces are equipped with weapons for the purpose of providing their own force protection and security, and they will remain in Cameroon until their support is no longer needed.”

    U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the troops would provide intelligence to a multi-national task force being set up to fight Boko Haram and composed of troops from Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, Chad and

  66. Migrants: la Bulgarie veut des centres d’accueil hors du territoire de l’UE...

    L’Union européenne (UE) devrait financer des centres d’accueil des réfugiés dans des pays tiers plutôt que sur son territoire, a déclaré le premier ministre bulgare Boïko Borissov lors d’une séance du Parlement européen à Bruxelles.

    "A mon avis, il serait plus profitable pour l'UE du point de vue économique de verser des fonds pour des centres d'accueil de réfugiés situés dans d'autres pays, comme la Liban et la Turquie, plutôt qu'ils (réfugiés, ndlr) viennent chez nous", a-t-il annoncé.

    En septembre, la Bulgarie a fermé ses frontières aux migrants clandestins.

    "La Bulgarie a fermé ses frontières aux migrants clandestins. Seuls ceux qui ont l'intention de traverser la frontière légalement pourront passer", avait souligné M. Borissov dans la ville de Sozopol......

  67. Syrian army and Russian jets target rebel towns north of Homs...

    Syrian army troops and their allies, backed by Russian jets, launched an attack on rebel-held towns north of the city of Homs on Thursday, Syrian state television and a group which monitors the war said.

    The Russian air strikes hit targets around the town of Talbiseh and the villages of Teir Malla, Dar Kabira and Khalidiya, a few miles north of the mainly government-held city, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

    It said Syrian soldiers and fighters from Lebanon's Hezbollah were involved in the assault. Hezbollah's al-Manar television channel said the Syrian army was carrying out a land offensive in northern Homs province.

    The Observatory's director Rami Abdulrahman said six rebel fighters and two civilians had been

  68. Médias israéliens: les USA ont provoqué une catastrophe au Proche-Orient...

    Le portail numérique Haaretz a soutenu la déclaration de Donald Trump, qui a accusé Washington d’actions ayant abouti à une catastrophe au Proche-Orient.

    Donald Trump, qui a fustigé dimanche passé les Etats-Unis d'avoir provoqué des conflits actuels au Proche-Orient, a trouvé un soutien parmi les médias israéliens, a rapporté le projet médiatique What They Say About USA.

    "C'est un moment où plusieurs personnes seraient d'accord avec Donald Trump", a écrit le site d'information israélien Haaretz.....

  69. Four migrants, three of them children, died Thursday near the Greek island of Lesbos after their boat collided with a Greek rescue vessel, the coastguard said...

    Search crews recovered the bodies of a woman, two little girls and a baby while coastguard vessels continued to search for another four people believed to be missing from the crash, which was caught on AFP camera.

    Another 31 people of undisclosed nationality were rescued, the coastguard said.

    Officials say an investigation was ordered to determine how the 30-meter (100-foot) patrol vessel collided with the migrant boat.

    The coastguard said that according to initial findings, the migrant boat had apparently attempted to flee.

    Dozens of migrants have died making the perilous Aegean Sea crossing from Turkey to Greece.

    On Wednesday, a woman, a young girl and a baby died after their boat sank off

  70. Pentagon says air drop went to Syrian Arabs, not 'other groups'...

    The Pentagon said on Thursday that its weekend air drop of ammunition was successfully delivered to Syrian Arab forces and, contrary to its previous statement, that it had no indication that "any of that equipment was shared with any other groups."

    The Pentagon statement corrected the record after spokesman Peter Cook told a news briefing earlier on Thursday that Kurdish forces appeared to have recovered some of the weaponry from the air drop...........REUTERS

  71. Security Council to hold emergency meeting on Jerusalem violence....

    The UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss an upsurge of violence between Israel and the Palestinians, diplomats said.

    The urgent talks were requested by council member Jordan following a meeting on Thursday of Arab ambassadors who expressed alarm at the escalating situation.

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has repeatedly called for calm following weeks of violence that have left at least 30 Palestinians dead.

    Palestinian envoy Riyad Mansour told reporters that the situation was "very explosive" and called on the Security Council to "shoulder its responsibility" with action to quell the violence.............

  72. Pentagon: Sunday's Airdrop to Syrian Arabs Successfully Delivered ...

    The Pentagon said Thursday that an airdrop of ammunition and equipment last Sunday was successfully delivered to Syrian Arab forces.

    The supplies were intended for Sunni Arab brigades in northeastern Syria that have been fighting Islamic State in an area north of the IS stronghold in Raqqa.

    A Pentagon official said the U.S. military was confident that the ammunition got to the Syrian Arab coalition.

    Earlier, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook told reporters that some of the airdrop might have ended up with other groups, including Kurdish forces. Defense officials later issued a correction, saying it had no indication "any of that equipment was shared with any other groups."..................

  73. L’UE met la pression pour que la Serbie rejoigne les sanctions contre Moscou...

    L'introduction de sanctions contre la Russie sera un préalable pour l'intégration de la Serbie à l'Union européenne, selon des sources diplomatiques.

    L'UE exige que les autorités serbes introduisent des sanctions contre la Russie, annonce le journal Blic se référant à des sources diplomatiques occidentales à Belgrade. Cette mesure serait une condition sine qua non pour progresser dans les négociations sur l'adhésion de la Serbie à l'Union européenne.

    Les autorités serbes, qui aspirent à adhérer à l'UE, ont plus d'une fois déclaré qu'elles refusaient d'imposer des mesures de rétorsion à l'encontre de la Russie, mais Bruxelles envisage de faire pression sur ces dernières.

    "Pour ouvrir (les négociations sur) l'article 31 (du traité sur l'UE — ndlr.) sur la politique étrangère, le gouvernement de Belgrade devra concerter son comportement avec Bruxelles plus largement qu'auparavant. Ce qui, selon nos interlocuteurs, veut dire que la Serbie devra adhérer aux sanctions européennes contre la Russie", note le journal.....

  74. US does not provide information to Russia on IS positions in Syria — General Staff...

    he United States does not provide to Russia data on the positions of the Free Syrian Army and Islamic State militants, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov said on Friday.

    "They do not give us this information. We have repeatedly asked them to do so and talked about it in the media more than once. The reasons for such a stance are not quite clear to us so far," Kartapolov told the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily.

    According to him, the American side either does not have such information or conceals it from Russia. "That means that it doesn’t want us to attack the real Islamic State positions," he added...........

  75. Ungarn schließt Grenze zu Kroatien...

    Ungarn schließt um Mitternacht seine Grenze zu Kroatien. Das kündigte der ungarische Außenminister Peter Szijjarto in Budapest an. Am Donnerstag hatte die ungarische Regierung bekannt gegeben, dass der Bau eines Stacheldrahtzauns an der Grenze zu dem EU-Nachbarland zur Abwehr von Flüchtlingen vom Balkan fertiggestellt sei und eine Entscheidung zur Grenzschließung in den kommenden Tagen angekü

    1. Hungary has closed its border with Croatia in an effort to stem the flow of migrants through the country en route to western Europe...

      Croatia said it would begin directing migrants to Slovenia instead.

      Hungary has been a major transit country for migrants, many of whom aim to continue on to Austria and Germany.

      It announced the closure on Friday after EU leaders failed to agree a plan backed by Hungary to send a force to prevent migrants reaching Greece.

      The border, reinforced with a razor-wire fence, closed at midnight (22:00 GMT) on Friday.

      A group of several hundred migrants who arrived near the village of Zakany minutes before the deadline were the last to be allowed through.....BBC

  76. Bulgaria has rejected Russia’s request for an air access for the emergencies ministry’s plane carrying humanitarian aid for Syria due to formal reasons, the official spokesperson for Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday...

    "We refused to grant permission for the flight in the Bulgarian airspace for the Russian aircraft due to the late submission of the application," Betina Zhoteva said.

    Russia sent the request on October 14 and the flight was scheduled on Friday. "Under the regulations, it takes five days to consider it," she said.

    Bulgaria’s refusal to provide its airspace for the Russian plane bound for Syria will have no impact on the delivery of humanitarian aid to the war-torn country, Russia’s Emergencies Ministry said on Friday.

    "The special flight of the emergencies ministry has successfully flown to Latakia [Syria] via an alternative route. Bulgaria’s refusal to allow the flight through its territory has no way affected the humanitarian mission," a spokesman said.........

  77. Iran missile test breaches UN resolution, says US envoy...

    The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations said Friday that Iran's recent test of a new ballistic missile violated a UN Security Council resolution banning such practices, according to media reports.

    Samantha Power said in a statement sent to The Associated Press that the U.S. confirmed Iran launched a nuclear-capable ballistic missile Oct. 11 in defiance of the Security Council Resolution 1929, which stipulates that Tehran cannot "undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons".

    The resolution dates to 2010 and will remain in effect until a new resolution adopted in July takes effect.

    Power reportedly said in the statement that the surface-to-surface missile was "inherently capable of delivering a nuclear weapon".

    Iran's state-owned media reported Sunday that the country successfully tested a new long-range ballistic missile...............

  78. Five people were killed after a gunman opened fire on a Shiite Muslim meeting hall on Friday in the Eastern city of Saihat, Al Arabiya News Channel correspondent reported...

    Shortly after the attack, in which six people were also wounded, Saudi security forces said they killed the attacker and arrested two suspects linked with the incident.

    Meanwhile, the Saudi-owned television channel Al Ekhbariya TV had quoted sources as saying that the “person who opened fire on a husseiniya was killed, and the attacker was in his twenties.”

    The channel said the motive remained unclear.

    A resident reached by telephone told Reuters that an attacker approached the meeting hall in a taxi but was stopped at a checkpoint. Police arrived and a gun battle broke out, which the resident said injured several people and left the attacker dead.

    This is not the first time a Shiite site was targeted in the kingdom this year.

    In August, a suicide bomber killed at least 15 people in an attack on a mosque used by members of a local security force in southwest Saudi

  79. Refugee boat sinks off Turkish coast, 12 dead...

    At least 12 people have drowned after a boat carrying refugees attempting to reach the Greek island of Lesbos sank in the Aegean Sea, Turkish official said on Saturday.

    Canakkale Governor Hamza Erkal said the boat carrying more than 48 refugees -- most of them reportedly Syrians -- sank in the Turkish waters of the Aegean Sea as it was on its way to Greece.

    The Turkish coast guard rescued 25 refugees from the wooden boat, which had set off from the Turkish resort town of Ayvacik, located in the western Canakkale province...............

  80. Typhoon intensifies before striking north Philippines...

    A typhoon set to hit the northern Philippines intensified further Saturday, with the country’s weather agency warning the storm could linger over the archipelago.

    Typhoon Koppu -- locally named "Lando" -- has maximum sustained winds of 175 kph (109 mph) near the center and gusts of up to 210 kph, according to the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA).

    A 5 p.m. PAGASA bulletin cited by ABS-CBN News said that Koppu is expected to make landfall over northeastern Aurora province by Sunday morning.

    PAGASA has placed Aurora under warning signal 4, meaning it could experience winds of between 171 and 220 kph in at least 12 hours.

    Metro Manila has been listed among the areas under signal 2 that may be exposed to winds of 61 - 120 kph expected in at least 24 hours..............

    1. Typhoon Koppu grew stronger but was moving slower toward the northeastern Philippines late Saturday as the government urged local authorities to issue forced evacuations of residents in flood-prone areas...

      Local officials have been advised to conduct the "forced evacuation" of communities historically hit by flash floods and landslides as well as coastal villages at risk from destructive storm surges that could reach as high as 3 meters (10 feet), civil defense chief Alexander Pama said.

      "The situation is critical because the winds are getting stronger and it will get stronger as (Koppu) moves closer," he said.

      Regional civil defense chief Norma Talosig said villagers had been voluntarily moving to safer ground or emergency shelters since early Saturday. She could not immediately give the number of evacuees.

      Heavy rains are expected to inundate many areas on the main northern island of Luzon even before the typhoon makes landfall early Sunday, acting weather bureau chief Esperanza Cayanan

  81. Crise migratoire : l'Allemagne apporte des garanties en échange de l'aide turque...

    Angela Merkel s'est entretenue, dimanche, à Istanbul avec son homologue turc, pour amener Ankara à agir pour tarir le flux de migrants. En contrepartie de son aide, la Turquie demande notamment l'accélération du processus de son adhésion à l'UE.

    Le Premier ministre turc Ahmet Davutoglu s'est réjoui d'une "meilleure approche" adoptée par l'Union européenne (UE) en matière d'accueil des migrants, dimanche 18 octobre après un entretien avec Angela Merkel à Istanbul. De fait, la chancelière allemande a apporté son soutien à la plupart des contreparties que réclame Ankara.

    "Malheureusement, la Turquie a été laissée seule par la communauté internationale pour supporter ce fardeau. Nous sommes satisfaits qu'ils aient une meilleure approche maintenant. Le progrès constaté en matière de partage (de ce fardeau) est très important", a déclaré Ahmet Davutoglu lors d'une conférence de presse commune au palais de Dolmabahçe, sur les bords du Bosphore.

    Une accélération du processus d'adhésion à l'Union européenne

    Le sujet principal de sa visite est le "plan d'action" annoncé jeudi par l'Union européenne pour amener Ankara à agir pour tarir le flux de migrants, notamment ceux fuyant la guerre en Syrie, en les gardant sur son territoire.Mais la Turquie, qui accueille déjà plus de deux millions de réfugiés, fait monter les enchè

  82. Le premier ministre Arseni Iatseniouk a posé, dans l'émission de télévision ukrainienne "Dix minutes avec le premier ministre", quatre conditions pour que les élections dans le Donbass aient lieu...

    D'après le premier ministre ukrainien, la condition principale pour tenir les élections locales est la réalisation des accords de Minsk. Deuxièmement, les personnes déplacées qui sont jusqu'à un million et demi doivent également avoir le droit de participer aux élections. La troisième condition est la conformité de ces élections à la législation ukrainienne. Et enfin, la quatrième condition réside dans la participation des partis ukrainiens aux élections ainsi que l'accès des médias ukrainiens au vote.

    La vidéo où M. Iatseniouk énumère ces quatre conditions est publiée sur sa page Facebook.

    Les élections locales en Ukraine sont fixées au 25 octobre. De leur côté, les autorités de la DNR et de la LNR ont pris la décision d'organiser les élections à des dates différentes, le 18 octobre et le 1er novembre respectivement............Lire la suite:

  83. Afghanistan's acting defense minister says the hospital that was bombed by U.S. forces was being used by insurgents who were fighting government forces...

    Masoom Stanekzai said on Monday that Taliban insurgents and possibly Pakistani operatives had used the Doctors Without Borders facility in the city of Kunduz as a “safe place.”

    The hospital was bombed by a U.S. AC-130 gunship in the early hours of Oct. 3, killing at least 22 people and injuring many more. The main building was destroyed and the hospital has closed.

    The medical charity has repeatedly denied the presence of Taliban fighters at the time.

    Stanekzai said a Taliban flag had been hoisted on the walls around the hospital compound. He added that Afghanistan will not support an independent investigation, as the charity has demanded.
    Associated Press

  84. La Turquie refuse d’accueillir de façon permanente les migrants sur son sol...

    Après une rencontre avec Angela Merkel au sujet de l'afflux de migrants vers l'Europe, le Premier ministre turc est resté ferme, indiquant que la Turquie n'avait pas vocation à devenir un "camp de concentration où resteraient tous les réfugiés".

    Au lendemain d’une rencontre entre les dirigeants turcs et allemands à Istanbul au sujet des migrants qui gagnent l'Europe via la Turquie, le Premier ministre turc Ahmet Davutoglu a affirmé que son pays n’avait pas vocation à être un "camp de concentration". Une formulation pour le moins douteuse mais qui atteint l'objectif que visait vraisemblablement son auteur : faire entendre sa voix à travers l'Union européenne.

    "Nous ne pouvons pas accepter un accord sur la base suivante : donnez-nous de l'argent et ils restent en Turquie", a ajouté Ahmet Davutoglu lors d'un entretien accordé à la chaîne de télévision A Haber, au lendemain d'un entretien avec la chancelière allemande Angela Merkel.

    "Je l'ai dit à [Angela] Merkel, personne ne doit attendre de la Turquie qu'elle se transforme en un camp de concentration où resteraient tous les réfugiés", a-t-il insisté. Le Premier ministre a expliqué que l'immigration illégale devait être contrôlée et que des mécanismes conjoints allaient être mis en place.............

  85. Cyprus said Monday it would not consent to lifting its objections to Turkish accession negotiations with the European Union, saying the reasons it blocked them were still valid...

    "As things presently stand, we cannot give our consent," Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides told Greek state broadcaster NET. He referred specifically to two chapters, or policy areas in accession negotiations, pertaining to judiciary and fundamental rights, and justice, freedom and security.

    Cyprus, an EU member state since 2004, was split in a Turkish invasion in 1974 triggered by a brief Greek inspired coup.

  86. The island of Cyprus, a full member of the European Union since 2004, was partially occupied back in 1974 by an invading Turkish army, followed by the creation of the so called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus", which is currently recognized only by Turkey, which still keeps troops there, just in case. ...

    And so there’s no love lost between Greek Cypriots and Turks. It also explains why Cyprus has been such a close ally of Israel.

    Last Thursday, the EU leadership, facing a harrowing tsunami of asylum seekers from the Middle East which is threatening to bring down their economy, turned to Ankara for help, namely, trying to reach a deal over how much it would cost the EU to get President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to keep all those millions of refugees of all colors and creed from crossing over to Europe.

    So far, as Sputnik reported Saturday, European Union leaders have agreed to pay Turkey $3.4 billion and to allow visa-free EU travel for Turkish citizens, if the Turks agree to help stem the tide of asylum-seekers crossing its borders to Europe.

    Then, on Sunday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Erdogan and told him she supported his country’s bid to join the EU — if only he help stop the refugee flow.

    The Turks have been trying to enter the EU from its inception, and were getting very close to the prize, when, in June 2013, following Erdogan’s crackdown on mass demonstrations in Taksim Square, Istanbul, Germany blocked the new EU talks with Turkey.

    Now Merkel is back with her hat in her hands, because she is facing harsh criticism at home for her decision to open Germany’s gates to the uncontrolled flood of asylum seekers, and now she can’t very well turn them away, and winter is approaching — so she’s turning to Erdogan.

    At which point, on Monday, Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides said that Cyprus would not lift its veto on Turkey’s EU membership for “the reasons which still exist.”

    By which he means the Turkish occupation army and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, both of which would have to fold before Cyprus gives its nod for Turks in Brussels.

  87. The Russian Foreign Ministry is preparing a response to the reports on Crimea prepared by the Ukrainian side in Geneva and the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Maria Zakharova told the Rossiya 24 TV channel on Monday...

    "Where were all these offices and organizations at the moment and why did they show no interest whatsoever in violations of a basic human right to one’s mother tongue [in Crimea, before its reunification with Russia]? "Of course, there will be [a response from the Russian Foreign Ministry]. Our experts are studying these reports and, of course, there will be a response," Zakharova said.

    Earlier on Monday, speaker of Russia’s Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko dismissed as "an outright lie" the propaganda materials concerning Russia’s policy towards Ukraine circulated by the Ukrainian delegation at the 133rd session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Geneva.

    "No one in Geneva paid attention to this rubbish," he said. "Russia faces a tough information war," Matviyenko said......

  88. US and Afghan troops drove a military vehicle through a locked gate at a Doctors Without Borders hospital, 12 days after the facility was hit in a deadly air strike, the Pentagon acknowledged Monday...

    US and Afghan forces went to the hospital in Kunduz on October 15 as part of ongoing probes into the October 3 strike that killed at least 24 people, some of whom burned to death in their beds.

    Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said the troops were going to inspect damage and to determine if the structure could be rebuilt.

    The convoy did not think any staff from Doctors Without Borders, known by its French abbreviation MSF, was present. Because the surrounding area had seen recent combat, the team decided not to stop.

    "They had broken through that gate in the interests of safety and in the belief that MSF personnel were not on site," Davis said.

    "Unbeknownst to our team there, there were MSF personnel and they were understandably not happy that we had broken that."

    Davis said the troops were in an "Afghan, tracked vehicle" -- but not a tank -- and that coalition forces would fix the gate this week..............

  89. Korean families divided by war reunite in the North...

    Hundreds of South Koreans have begun meeting family members in the North in a rare reunion event for families separated by the Korean War.

    The reunion, comprising a series of meetings over a week, is being held at a Mount Kumgang resort, at the border.

    Thousands of families have been apart with little or no contact since the war ended in 1953.

    Reunions have been held sporadically since 1988 and depend on the state of relations between the two countries.

    The last reunion was held in February 2014.

    This year's meeting comes after an agreement in August that de-escalated tensions sparked by a border explosion that injured South Korean soldiers.....BBC

  90. Le typhon Koppu fait 22 morts aux Philippines ...

    La pluie s'abattait sans relâche mardi sur le nord des Philippines, archipel régulièrement affligé par des intempéries meurtrières, où le typhon Koppu a fait au moins 22 morts, selon un nouveau bilan.

    Le typhon a touché terre dimanche sur la côte orientale de Luzon, la principale île de l'archipel, accompagné de vents soufflant en rafales de 210 km/h. Depuis, il s'est affaibli en tempête tropicale et se trouvait en mer de Chine méridionale mais ses pluies continuaient de s'abattre sur des régions déjà détrempées.

    La tempête, deuxième typhon le plus puissant à frapper l'archipel cette année, a contraint à l'évacuation des dizaines de milliers de personnes. Elle a touché d'une manière ou d'une autre 300 000 Philippins, a estimé l'agence nationale pour la gestion des catastrophes...............

  91. Teamed up with paramilitary forces, Iraqi government troops on Tuesday drove ISIS militants out of a key oil refinery town north of Baghdad, a government spokesman said...

    The Joint Military Command spokesman, Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasool, told The Associated Press that the troops imposed "full control" on the town, about 250 kilometers (155 miles) north of Baghdad. Rasool wouldn't give more details on the fighting and causalities.

    State-run TV aired footage of what it said was a residential area in Beiji. Soldiers could be seen waving Iraqi flags from rooftops as thick black smoke billowed into the air. The privately-owned al-Sumaria satellite channel showed troops firing into the air in celebration near demolished buildings. The troops were gathered around a famous bearded militia fighter who refers to himself as Abu Azrael, or the Father of the Angel of Death, saying his catchphrase "illa tahin" - meaning he will crush the ISIS militants like flour.

    ISIS captured Beiji and then parts of a nearby oil refinery - Iraq's largest - during its blitz across the country's north in June 2014. The town and the refinery have been heavily contested since then. Iraq announced that troops had recaptured the entire refinery last week.............Associated Press

  92. Ecologistas españoles piden a EEUU compensación por la radiactividad de Palomares ...

    Ecologistas en Acción ha exigido este lunes en un comunicado que se hagan públicos los términos del acuerdo firmado esta mañana entre España y Estados Unidos para limpiar el territorio contaminado de Palomares (sur de España).

    Los ecologistas también piden que se compense a la población local.

    El acuerdo firmado por el ministro español de Asuntos Exteriores, José Manuel García-Margallo, y el secretario de Estado estadounidense, John Kerry, durante su primer visita oficial a España, establece iniciar una negación para retirar los 50.000 metros cúbicos de tierra contaminada de Palomares, en referencia a la radiactividad que dejó la caída accidental de varias bombas nucleares de un avión estadounidense en 1966.

    En enero de 2016 se cumplen 50 años del accidente de Palomares, una pedanía de Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería), en el sur de España.

    En enero de 1966, un bombardero estratégico B-52 cargado con cuatro bombas termonucleares sufrió un accidente mientras repostaba en vuelo.

    Dos de las cuatro bombas se abrieron, ardieron y contaminaron con plutonio las tierras de Palomares.

    Hasta 2007 en que fueron valladas, todas las zonas contaminadas eran de acceso público y en ellas se cultivó y se movieron tierras, lo que constituyó un verdadero riesgo para la población local, denuncia la organización ecologista.

    Tras la limpieza, "se obligó a muchos habitantes de la zona a firmar compromisos de que no reclamarían ninguna indemnización por los daños causados"................

  93. The Russian embassy in Damascus said on Tuesday it had no information about reports that three Russians had been killed fighting alongside Syrian government forces...

    "There is no information about the alleged 'deaths of three Russians' or 'three Russian servicemen' in Syria, as reported by Reuters," RIA news agency quoted the embassy as saying.

    1. REUTERS - At least three Russians fighting alongside Syrian government forces were killed and several more wounded when a shell hit their position in the coastal province of Latakia, a senior pro-government military source said on Tuesday...

      If confirmed, the deaths which occurred on Monday night would be the first known incident of Russians killed in Syria since Moscow began air strikes in support of President Bashar Assad on September 30.

      Syrian officials could not be reached for comment. The Russian embassy in Damascus said on Tuesday it had no information about the reports.

  94. Turkey is ready to accept a political transition in Syria in which President Bashar al-Assad remains in symbolic power for six months before leaving office, two senior government officials said on Tuesday...

    NATO member Turkey has long been one of Assad's fiercest critics, insisting that no lasting peace can be achieved in Syria without his removal from power.

    "Work on a plan for Assad's departure is underway ... (Assad) can stay for six months and we accept that because there will be a guarantee of his departure," one of the officials told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.

    "We have moved forward on the issue to a certain degree with the United States and our other allies. There is not an exact consensus on when the six month period would begin, but we think it won’t be too long."

  95. Syrian intelligence reports influx of mercenaries into terrorist ranks...

    A huge number of foreign mercenaries is arriving in the Syrian province of Idlib to fight the government troops on the side of the militants, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on its website on Tuesday referring to Syrian reconnaissance data.

    "The chieftains of terrorist groups are trying to recoup the losses which were sustained in battles against the Syrian troops or occurred as a result of militants’ desertion from the frontline. According to the Syrian reconnaissance information, a huge number of foreign mercenaries is arriving in Idlib province," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

    At the same time, the Russian Armed Forces General Staff said that the terrorists defending the town of al-Shaykh Maskin in Deraa province were short of ammunitions and personnel.

    "They have had nothing to eat for the past three days. The local population is avoiding any cooperation (with the militants) and is refusing to help them," the Russian Defense Ministry said.......

  96. Canada's new PM to withdraw fighter jets from Iraq, Syria...

    Canada’s Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau, who came from behind to trounce the Conservatives, told US President Barack Obama on Tuesday that Canadian fighter jets would withdraw from fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

    Canada will remain “a strong member of the coalition" against the Islamic State militants (IS) by maintaining humanitarian aid and training, Trudeau said, but will pull out of the bombing mission.

    “About an hour ago I spoke with President Obama,” Trudeau told reporters. “He understands the commitment I’ve made around ending the combat mission."

    The White House had earlier said it hoped the new Canadian government would continue to support the efforts of the US-led coalition to fight IS militants in Syria and

  97. Le président syrien Bachar el-Assad a visité Moscou mardi soir et a négocié avec le dirigeant russe Vladimir Poutine, a rapporté le porte-parole du Kremlin Dmitri Peskov...

    "Hier soir le président syrien Bachar el-Assad s'est rendu à Moscou en visite de travail. Les négociations avec le président russe Vladimir Poutine se sont déroulées dans un format étroit, aussi que dans un format élargi ", a déclaré M.Peskov.

    Selon le porte-parole du Kremlin, Vladimir Poutine et Bachar el-Assad ont discuté des questions liées à la lutte contre le terrorisme et la poursuite des frappes russes en Syrie.

    Bachar el-Asssad a remercié mardi soir Vladimir Poutine pour son "aide" dans le conflit et a déclaré que sans l'intervention militaire russe en Syrie, le "terrorisme" aurait continué de gagner du terrain.

    "Le terrorisme qui s'est répandu dans la région aurait gagné encore plus de terrain s'il n'y avait pas eu vos actions (militaires) et votre décision" d'intervenir en Syrie, a déclaré le président syrien lors d'une rencontre au Kremlin.

    C'est la première visite à l'étranger de Bachar el-Assad depuis le début de la guerre civile en 2011.

  98. 50,000 Syrian refugees heading to Turkey, sources say ...

    Turkey is bracing for a fresh influx of Syrian refugees due to recent clashes in the country, with Turkish security sources expecting some 50,000 Syrian refugees to enter the country from its southern borders.

    Around 50,000 people living in Aleppo have begun preparations to leave with Russian jets hitting the beleaguered city’s southern and eastern neighborhoods as part of the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime forces have also begun a land operation near the city, which is expected to cause more locals to flee.

    Turkish security sources said they expected the number of refugees leaving Aleppo to increase to 350,000 by the weekend if the airstrikes continue, with a number of these people being expected to reach Turkey’s

  99. Washington refuse de signer la paix avec la Corée du Nord...

    Les Etats-Unis ne sont pas intéressés à poursuivre les négociations sur le traité de paix avec la Corée du Nord, a déclaré le représentant des Etats-Unis en Corée du Nord Son Kim.

    Pyongyang s'est déclarée prêt à un dialogue constructif visant à assurer la paix et la sécurité dans la péninsule coréenne dans le cas où les Etats-Unis accepteraient de conclure un traité de paix sino-américain. La Guerre de Corée (1950-1953) s'est achevée de facto par un armistice.

    En l'absence de traité de paix, les pays concernés sont toujours, juridiquement, en état de guerre. Les Etats-Unis de leur côté refusent toutes négociations quant à une éventuelle signature. Environ 28.000 soldats américains sont actuellement déployés en Corée du Sud............Lire la suite:

  100. Juncker beruft wegen Flüchtlingen für Sonntag Krisengipfel ein...

    In der Flüchtlingskrise lädt EU-Kommissionschef Jean-Claude Juncker einige europäische Staats- und Regierungschefs zu einem Spitzentreffen am Sonntag in Brüssel ein. Bei der Zusammenkunft soll es insbesondere um die Westbalkanroute gehen. Auch Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) werde erwartet, teilte die EU-Kommission in Brüssel mit. Eingeladen sind auch die Staats- und Regierungschefs der EU-Länder Österreich, Bulgarien, Kroatien, Griechenland, Ungarn, Rumänien und Slowenien. Zuvor hatte die "Bild"-Zeitung über das Sondertreffen

  101. Iraq's ruling alliance and powerful Shia militias have urged Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi to request Russian air strikes on the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), who control large parts of the country, members of the coalition and militias said...

    America's top general, Joseph Dunford, said on a trip to Baghdad on Tuesday that the United States won assurances from Iraq that it would not seek such strikes.

    Abbadi, his government and the Iranian-backed militias have all expressed frustration with the pace and depth of the US campaign against ISIL and signalled their intention to lean on Moscow, to the consternation of Washington.

    Two members of parliament told Reuters news agency that the prime minister was under "tremendous pressure" from the ruling National Alliance to request Russian intervention.

    MPs and alliance members said an official request was relayed to Abbadi in a meeting last week and that he has not responded.

    Russia, Iran, Syria and Iraq have formed a Baghdad-based intelligence cell in an attempt to boost efforts to counter the spread of ISIL in the region.

    The cell has already shared intelligence for air strikes in Iraq and Syria.
    Source: Reuters

  102. Joe Biden announces he won't run for U.S. president...

    U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden will not run for president in 2016, he said Wednesday, ending a months-long flirtation with a third White House campaign and setting him on a glide path toward the end of his decades-long political career.

    Biden's decision finalizes the Democratic field of White House candidates and bolsters Hillary Rodham Clinton's standing as the front-runner by sparing her a challenge from the popular vice-president.

    In an extraordinary appearance in the White House Rose Garden, Biden said he always knew the window for a viable campaign might close before he could determine whether his family was emotionally prepared for another campaign so soon after losing his son, Beau Biden, in May. Biden said his family was prepared to back him, but that he nonetheless would not be a candidate.

    "Unfortunately, I believe we're out of time," he said, flanked by President Barack Obama and Biden's wife, Jill....................The Associated

  103. Catar no excluye invasión militar a Siria ...

    El ministro de Asuntos Exteriores de Catar, Jalid al Atiyah, no excluyó una invasión militar a Siria.

    "Junto con nuestros hermanos saudíes y Turquía no excluimos ninguna hipótesis a la hora de defender la población siria", dijo en una entrevista a la cadena CNN Arabic.

    Al contestar a la pregunta sobre la opción militar, indicó que es posible si "es necesario para defender a los sirios de un régimen cruel".

    Hay "varias maneras" de realizar esta opción, continuó el ministro sin entrar en detalles.

    También indicó que Catar sigue apoyando al grupo Ahrar al Sham, ya que no lo califica de extremista sino de "opositor moderado".......

  104. Calais migrants to get heated tents...

    Women and children at a migrant camp outside the French port city of Calais are to be given heated tents by the end of the week, officials say.

    Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the measures were to protect some of the 6,000 people at the camp from cold temperatures as winter approaches.

    Another 460 police officers are to be deployed there from Thursday, he added.

    Numbers at the "New Jungle" camp have swelled in recent months, as the Europe migrant crisis has intensified.

    Most of them have fled conflict and poverty in Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan and are trying to seek refuge across the Channel in the UK.

    Some people have opted for dangerous routes in their bid to make the crossing, with a number of deaths inside the Channel Tunnel in recent months.......BBC

  105. The United States, Britain, France and Germany are calling on the U.N. Iran sanctions committee to take "appropriate action" regarding a missile test that they say constituted a serious violation of a U.N. resolution...

    Matthew Rycroft, Britain's U.N. ambassador, said that any action would depend on technical experts’ view of the launch. “It’s clear in our view that it is a violation of the relevant security council resolutions, which remain in force after the Iran [nuclear] deal," he said. "It’s very important that the sanctions committee looks at that carefully and reports back to us.”

    Resolution 1929 prohibits Iran from conducting launches of ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads. Reuters quotes the letter from the four nations, all Security Council members, to the sanctions committee as saying the missile was “inherently capable of delivering a nuclear weapon.”.............

  106. Unidentified gunmen have staged a series of new sabotage attacks on boats carrying migrants cross the Aegean Sea, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday....

    Quoting witnesses, the New York-based rights group said there had been eight incidents in which gunmen "intercepted and disabled the boats carrying asylum seekers and migrants from Turkey toward the Greek islands".

    The most recent incidents were on October 7 and 9.

    According to a 17-year-old Afghan called Ali, a speedboat with five men armed with handguns had rammed their rubber dinghy on October 9.

    "At first when they approached, we thought they had come to help us," he told HRW.

    "But by the way they acted, we realized they hadn't come to help. They were so aggressive. They didn't come on board our boat, but they took our boat's engine and then sped away," he said.

    He said the men attacked three other boats in quick succession before speeding off toward the Greek coast

    "They spoke a language we didn't know, but it definitely was not Turkish, as we Afghans can understand a bit of Turkish," he said.

    Similar allegations were made by both migrants and rights groups during the summer......AFP....

  107. U.S. serviceman killed in hostage rescue mission in Iraq...

    One member of a U.S. special operations team was killed during an operation to rescue hostages held by Islamic State militants in northern Iraq, the first American killed in ground combat with the militant group, U.S. officials said on Thursday.

    Hostages were successfully rescued during the operation, a U.S. official told Reuters. CNN said about 70 Kurdish hostages were freed.

    A U.S. official confirmed to Reuters that one American was killed. No further information was available on the mission, which local residents and a Kurdish military commander said was carried out in the Hawija area in northern Iraq.

    It was the first U.S. serviceman killed in ground combat operations against Islamic State, which has been the target of daily air strikes in Iraq and Syria by a U.S.-led coalition for more than a year................

  108. US President Barack Obama vetoed the $612 billion defense spending bill from the White House on Thursday afternoon...

    The 2016 National Defense Authorization Act includes provisions to send $300 million in lethal weapons to Ukraine.

    Republicans in the Congress stated on Thursday that they will secure the votes to override the president's veto.

  109. At least 42 people are reported to have been killed in a road crash in southwest France...

    A truck and a bus collided near the town of Libourne close to Bordeaux at around 7.30am local time.

    The driver of the truck is believed to have died as well as at least 39 others, most of them adults, on the bus.

    Local media is reporting that both the coach and the lorry burst into flames on impact. Around 60 firefighters were called to the scene to deal with the crash.

    The Sud Ouest newspaper is reporting that the passengers on the bus were a group of senior citizens on holiday.

  110. French police on Friday began evacuating more than 700 migrants who had occupied a disused Paris secondary school since early August...

    AFP reporters at the scene said the migrants and asylum seekers, including many from Sudan, Afghanistan and Eritrea, calmly walked out of the run-down building accompanied by police officers and social workers.

    Some 26 buses were stationed outside the former school in the French capital’s 19th arrondissement, ready to take the migrants to shelters.

    Many of the migrants had been sleeping rough or in tents before taking over the abandoned school this summer and dubbing it “The House of Refugees”.

    At one point Paris officials suggested the school would be refurbished and turned into a semi-permanent migrant centre.

    But conditions soon deteriorated in the overcrowded building and a local administrative court ordered its evacuation in late

  111. Dramatique collision entre un car et un camion en France: au moins 42 morts...

    La collision entre un autocar et un camion qui a eu lieu vendredi matin vers 7h30 dans le département français de Gironde a fait au moins 42 morts.

    Quarante-deux personnes, pour la plupart des personnes âgées, ont été tuées, brûlées vives, vendredi matin, dans une collision entre un autocar et un camion près de Libourne en Gironde, ont indiqué à l'AFP les pompiers et la préfecture de Gironde.

    La collision frontale s'est produite sur la commune de Puisseguin, sur la route départementale 123, au nord de Bordeaux. Les deux véhicules se sont embrasés aussitôt, ont précisé les

  112. No age restrictions for worshippers at Al-Aqsa Friday...

    Israeli police said they have lifted age restrictions for the main weekly prayers at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque compound on Oct. 23, for the first time in weeks.

    The restrictions on male worshippers have been imposed on Fridays since mid-September when repeated clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police erupted at the flashpoint site.

    "For the moment, no age limitations on worshippers' entry," a police spokeswoman said in a statement.

    The restrictions had meant only men over the age of 40, 45, or 50, depending on the decision taken, were allowed to enter the mosque compound in east Jerusalem that is Islam's third-holiest site.

    The compound was seized by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War, and later annexed in a move never internationally recognised, and is currently managed by an Islamic foundation under the auspices of Jordan.
    However Israel controls access.

    The compound is also the holiest site for Jews who call it the Temple

  113. Rusia y Jordania acuerdan coordinar acciones militares en Siria...

    Rusia y Jordania acordaron la cooperación de sus militares en Siria, declaró el ministro de Exteriores de Rusia, Serguéi Lavrov.

    "Los militares de los dos países acordaron coordinar sus acciones a través de un mecanismo en Amán, la capital de Jordania", dijo.

    Lavrov agregó que Rusia apuesta por que Jordania participe en el arreglo del conflicto sirio.

    "Espero que este mecanismo sea eficaz en la lucha contra todos los terroristas y extremistas en Siria", dijo el ministro de Exteriores jordano, Naser Judeh.

    El canciller jordano, Naser Judeh, resaltó que Jordania necesita "una coordinación estrecha con todas las partes interesadas en virtud de los intereses de su seguridad nacional y a causa de la cercanía al territorio sirio".

    "Es un mecanismo que hemos lanzado gracias a nuestros continuos contactos", dijo Judeh..........

  114. Russia says wants Syria elections, ready to help Free Syrian Army...

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday the Kremlin wanted Syria to prepare for parliamentary and presidential elections and that Moscow was ready to provide air support to the Free Syrian Army.

    Lavrov's comments represented a dramatic shift in Russia's position and followed a meeting in Vienna on Friday with the United States and other countries to discuss a political solution to the Syria crisis.

    "External players can not decide anything for the Syrians. We must force them to come up with a plan for their country where the interests of every religious, ethnic and political group will be well protected," Lavrov told Russian state

  115. A senior Iranian official said late Friday that his country has sent more troops to fight alongside the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, according to Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency...

    The agency quoted General Ramazan Sharif, spokesman of the Revolutionary Guards, as saying that “Iran increased the number of its soldiers in the region” as part of a new ground offensive in Syria...........

  116. At least 40 people were killed, including several fishermen, when Saudi-led coalition strikes hit two Yemeni islands on the Red Sea overnight, several locals said on Saturday....

    Saudi Arabia has been leading an Arab military intervention since March to try to restore Yemen's President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his government, forced into exile by an advance of Houthi fighters allied to Iran. The Houthis are also backed by forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

    The coalition has gained ground in the south, and Hadi's government is now based in the southern Yemeni port of Aden, but Houthi forces remain in control of much of the country despite the almost daily air strikes.

    Local fishermen told Reuters that coalition helicopters and warships targeted several military locations belonging to the Houthis and forces loyal to Saleh on Aqban and Kadman islands on Friday night. The strikes killed several fishermen who live on the islands and destroyed several fishing boats, they said.......REUTES.........

  117. Kerry: Israel promises to keep Al-Aqsa agreement...

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Saturday that Israel had promised to maintain the tradition that only Muslims are allowed to pray at a holy site in Jerusalem, an issue at the center of recent violence.

    “Israel will continue to enforce its long-standing policy on religious worship ... at the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif, including the fundamental fact that it is Muslims who pray on the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif, and non-Muslims who visit,” Kerry said after meetings in

  118. Syria rebels reject Russia help against ISIS, new elections...

    Syria's Western-backed opposition on Saturday rejected a Russian offer to assist them against ISIS and dismissed Moscow's call for new elections.

    "Russia is bombing the Free Syrian Army and now it wants to cooperate with us, while it remains committed to Assad? We don't understand Russia at all!" said Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad Saoud, a spokesman for the Division 13 rebel group.

    Moscow began an aerial campaign in Syria on Sept. 30, saying it was targeting ISIS and other "terrorists".

    But so-called moderate and Islamist rebels say they have been the target of Moscow's strikes, and that the campaign is intended to prop up President Bashar Assad's government rather than eradicate ISIS.

    Samir Nashar, a member of the Syrian National Coalition, the opposition's main political body, was equally dismissive of an alliance between moderate rebels and Russia.

    "Instead of talking about their willingness to support the Free Syrian Army, they should stop bombing it," he told

  119. Israel and Jordan have agreed on moves aimed at reducing tensions surrounding a prominent holy site in Jerusalem, US Secretary of State John Kerry says....

    Issues relating to the complex have been at the centre of fresh violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

    Mr Kerry was speaking after talks in Jordan, the formal custodian of what is known to Jews as the Temple Mount and as Haram al-Sharif to Muslims.

    He said Israel had renewed a pledge to maintain existing rules there.....BBC

  120. US Secretary of State John Kerry and King Salman of Saudi Arabia on Saturday called for greater international efforts to restore stability to Syria without President Bashar Assad at its helm....

    The two countries backed the aim of a "unified, pluralistic and stable country for all Syrians," State Department spokesman John Kirby said.

    "Both sides noted the importance of mobilizing the international community to support this goal and reiterated the need for a transition away from Assad.

    "They pledged to continue and intensify support to the moderate Syrian opposition while the political track is being pursued."

    Kerry flew in to Riyadh from Amman where he held separate talks with Jordan's King Abdullah II and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas on Palestinian-Israeli unrest.

    He first went into a meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir before heading out to Dhiraya Farm, the king's country residence.

    Kerry thanked the king "for Saudi Arabia's support to multilateral efforts to pursue a political transition in Syria," Kirby said...............

  121. Turkey says won't let Kurds ‘seize’ northern Syria....

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan accused Kurdish groups on Saturday of trying to grab control of northern Syria, and said Ankara would not allow this to happen.

    In a speech in southeast Turkey, Erdogan denounced the merging of the Syrian town of Tel Abyad last week into an autonomous political structure created by the Kurds.

    "All they want is to seize northern Syria entirely," Erdogan said. "We will under no circumstances allow northern Syria to become a victim of their scheming. Because this constitutes a threat for us, and it is not possible for us as Turkey to say 'yes' to this threat."

    Turkey is alarmed by territorial gains for the Kurds in Syria's civil war, which it fears could stir separatism among its own Kurdish minority.

    Tel Abyad, on the border with Turkey, was captured in June from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria group militants by Kurdish YPG militia with help from U.S.-led air strikes. Last week, a local leadership council declared it part of the system of autonomous self-government established by the Kurds............

  122. A joint declaration was issued at the Ministerial Meeting on Law Enforcement & Security Cooperation along the Mekong River held in Beijing on Saturday, mapping out future cooperation blueprint...

    The meeting was attended by officials in charge of law enforcement and security from China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, as well as those from Cambodia and Vietnam as observers.

    The declaration set a goal of transferring the existing cooperation mechanism on law enforcement and security along the Mekong River to a regional organization for cooperation.

    A law enforcement and security cooperation center will be established, and narcotics related crime, terrorism, and cyber crime will be added to the target list of the cooperation, according to the declaration.

    Meanwhile, fight against organized human smuggling and illegal immigration, as well as manhunt and repatriation of fugitives are listed as key cooperation areas.

    Several joint law enforcement actions will be conducted from 2016 to 2017, according to the declaration...........

  123. Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said on Saturday he would not assume any obligations for Croatia in the EU summit on refugee crisis, due on Sunday in Brussels, because the prepared draft was entirely unrealistic...

    According to the draft the countries on the so-called Balkan migratory route would no longer be allowed to transport refugees to neighboring borders without prior agreement with their neighbors, he said, adding that he believed the draft would not be adopted.

    He reiterated that Croatia would not become a hotspot.

    He expected the European Union to resolve the issue at the border between Turkey and Greece, Croatian News Agency Hina reported.

    It is the only realistic solution to stop the refugee wave at the Greece-Turkey border, he said, adding "anything else is a waste of time."

  124. Moscú y Kiev suspenden a partir de este domingo, 25 de octubre, el tráfico aéreo directo entre los dos países, después de que Ucrania prohibiera a las aerolíneas rusas volar a su territorio y Rusia tomara una medida similar en respuesta.

    El pasado 16 de septiembre, las autoridades ucranianas anunciaron sanciones contra 25 compañías aéreas rusas, dos de las cuales ya no existen, prohibiéndoles los vuelos al territorio de Ucrania.

    En la lista negra ucraniana figuran las mayores aerolíneas rusas, como Aeroflot (junto a sus filiales), Transaero y Siberia.

    Asimismo, Kiev cerró su espacio aéreo a los vuelos de tránsito de las compañías rusas que lleven "material militar o tropas".

    Posteriormente, el Ministerio de Infraestructura ucraniano informó que el país cancela a partir del 25 de octubre toda comunicación aérea con Rusia.........

  125. Ukraine: élections annulées à Marioupol, port stratégique de l'Est rebelle ...

    Fatigués de la guerre et de la crise économique, les Ukrainiens ont commencé à voter dimanche aux élections locales, un scrutin test pour le président prooccidental Petro Porochenko mais qui pourrait consolider l'opposition prorusse dans plusieurs régions sensibles.

    Les bureaux de vote ont ouvert à 06H00 GMT et fermeront à 18H00 GMT. Les résultats ne seront pas connus avant plusieurs jours, étant donné les modalités de comptage particulièrement compliquées. Les instituts nationaux respectés ne réalisent aucun sondage à la sortie des bureaux de vote.

    Marioupol: des bulletins "imprimés avec des violations grossières"

    Les bureaux de vote n'ont pas ouvert dimanche à Marioupol, port stratégique et dernière grande ville de l'Est séparatiste prorusse sous contrôle de Kiev, a rapporté une journaliste de l'AFP.

    "Les bureaux ne vote n'ont pas ouvert à Marioupol parce que les bulletins ne sont pas parvenus dans les bureaux de vote. Il faut reporter la date des élections parce que les bulletins ont été imprimés avec des violations grossières", a déclaré à l'AFP une membre de la commission électorale municipale Natalia Kachtchiï

  126. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad reiterated his focus on eliminating the threat of terrorists in his country, saying Sunday that would lead to the political solution that Syrians seek to the crisis they have endured for more than four and a half years...

    Assad met with a group of Russian lawmakers and other officials in Damascus, and the state-run SANA news agency said the president stressed that taking out terrorist groups would preserve Syria's sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

    One member of the Russian delegation, lawmaker Alexander Yushchenko, relayed that Assad said he was prepared to take part in a new presidential election, as well as holding a vote for parliament, if that is what the Syrian people

  127. Syrian President Bashar Assad is ready to take part in early presidential elections, Russian Communist Party [KPRF] deputy Alexander Yushchenko told TASS over the phone on Sunday....

    Yushchenko is staying in Syria as part of a delegation of Russian parliamentarians with a humanitarian mission.

    According to Yushchenko, Assad is ready to hold parliamentary elections "on the basis of all political forces that want Syria’s prosperity." The Syrian president is also ready to discuss the Constitutional reform and, if necessary and upon the people’s wish, hold the presidential elections but only "after the victory over terrorism on the territory of Syria and the country’s liberation."..........

  128. A civilian was killed and two others were wounded when Indian and Pakistani troops traded fire over the weekend in the Samba area of the disputed Jammu and Kashmir region....

    According to Indian officials, the exchanges occurred in two different parts of Samba.

    “Pakistan began firing on our nine border outposts on Friday evening,” a senior official from India’s Border Security Force said. “We retaliated strongly.”

    He went on to assert that Pakistani troops had also “targeted one village in Samba” on Saturday.

    This weekend’s cross-border exchanges were the first to occur since senior army officers from both countries met in New Delhi last month in an effort to ease tensions..............

  129. A powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake killed almost 150 people in Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan Monday, officials said...

    A tally from local and provincial authorities in Pakistan put the death toll there at 118, while at least 31 were confirmed dead in Afghanistan.

    At least 100 people have been killed and hundreds wounded in northwestern Pakistan and Afghanistan after a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the region.

    The death toll could climb in coming days because communications were down in much of the rugged Hindu Kush mountain range area where the quake was centered.

    Pakistani officials told Reuters that 76 were killed in Pakistan, while in neighbouring Afghanistan, the toll rose to 24......................

  130. L'armée syrienne aux portes de la Turquie...

    L'armée syrienne a occupé plusieurs points dominants sur les hauteurs du nord du pays, à la frontière de la Turquie, a annoncé aux journalistes lundi le représentant de l'armée syrienne et général de brigade Ali Mayhub.

    "Nos forces armées se sont emparées des points dominants dans la région de la ville de Salma, près de la frontière turque, ont effectué des frappes militaires sur les positions des djihadistes, leurs postes de commandement et leurs dépôt de matériel militaire dans la ville de Salman et dans ses alentours. Des positions terroristes ont été abattues, et des dizaines de djihadistes sont éliminés", a-t-il déclaré.

    Les forces aériennes de la Syrie ont éliminé des postes de commandement de djihadistes dans les provinces d'Idleb et de Homs...........

  131. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his Iranian counterpart Javad Zarif have discussed the situation in Syria in a telephone conversation focusing on involving external players in the political settlement in the country...

    The Russian Foreign Ministry said that during the conversation initiated by the Russian side, "an exchange of opinions on the situation in Syria continued in the context of tasks of fighting against terrorism and facilitating the process of political settlement of the crisis in the country, including by mobilizing international support and involving main countries in the region."

  132. Russia hits record 94 targets in Syria in 24 hours: military ...

    Russian jets struck 94 "terrorist" targets in war-torn Syria over the past 24 hours, the highest one-day tally since Moscow started its bombing campaign on September 30, the military said.

    "In 59 sorties in the past 24 hours, Russia's air force hit 94 terrorist targets in the provinces of Hama, Idlib, Latakia, Damascus, Aleppo and Deir Ezzor," Russian news agencies quoted defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov as saying.

  133. France plans to hold an international meeting on the situation in Syria bringing together representatives of different foreign countries but without Russia, French Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Romain Nadal said on Monday...

    "We are working on organizing a new meeting with participation of regional partners on Tuesday in Paris," Nadal said.

    1. France will host a meeting on the Syria crisis with Western and Arab allies later on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said...

      The "working dinner" at the French foreign office will include "the main partners engaged with France in dealing with the Syrian crisis: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey, Germany, the United States, Italy and Britain," said Fabius in a statement.

  134. A former adviser to ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich scored a legal victory over the European Union Monday when an EU court ruled that the bloc had been wrong to freeze his assets...

    Andriy Portnov was placed for a year from March 2014 on an EU blacklist of people whose funds were frozen for misappropriation of state funds or human rights violations in Ukraine.

    The ruling is the latest in a spate of victories for people under EU sanctions, including Iranian shipping companies, or those on a list of organizations it deems to be terrorist, such as Hamas......REUTERS

  135. Sixty-five members of the US Congress have asked President Barack Obama in a letter to encourage Turkey to take all necessary measures to ensure that elections slated for Nov. 1 are held in a "truly free" environment...

    "We are writing to express our concerns regarding the need to ensure the integrity of the upcoming November 1 elections in Turkey and the process surrounding these elections," the lawmakers said in a joint letter. The letter was spearheaded by Congressmen Todd Rokita and Alan Lowenthal.

    We ask that the US continue to support and encourage free, open, and fair elections in Turkey," the letter said.

    The members of the Congress recalled that the elections next week mark the second time this year that the Turkish people will be voting for their parliamentary representation. The elections in early summer ended the ruling Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) 13-year single-party rule, but weeks of political jockeying failed to form a coalition government.

    The lawmakers warned of "troubling reports of media suppression," adding that fair elections require government to respect free speech and the rule of law so that these ideas are openly discussed in a society..............

  136. Palmyre: l'EI détruit des monuments antiques lors d'exécutions ...

    Des djihadistes du groupe Etat islamique (EI) ont exécuté dimanche trois personnes en faisant exploser les colonnes de la cité antique de Palmyre (centre de la Syrie) auxquelles ils les avaient attachées, a indiqué lundi l'Observatoire syrien des droits de l'Homme (OSDH).L'EI "a attaché à des colonnes trois individus de Palmyre et des environs qu'il avait arrêtés (...) et les a exécutés en faisant exploser" ces trois colonnes, a déclaré le directeur de l'OSDH Rami Abdel Rahmane.

    Selon Khaled al-Homsi, un militant de Palmyre, le groupe djihadiste n'a pas informé dans l'immédiat les résidents de la ville de l'identité des personnes exécutées et de la raison pour laquelle elles l'ont été. "Il n'y avait personne là-bas pour assister (aux exécutions). Les colonnes ont été détruites et l'EI a empêché l'accès au site", a indiqué à l'AFP M. Homsi..................

  137. La Turquie viole l'espace aérien grec ...

    Lundi, plusieurs médias grecs ont annoncé que 20 avions appartenant à la Turquie avaient survolé le ciel grec au-dessus de la mer Egée:

    "Cinq groupes de 14 avions ainsi que 6 avions isolés ont commis 15 infractions et 31 autres infractions", peut-on lire sur les pages d'un journal grec influent Kathimerini.

    Des médias précisent que les avions turcs ont été aperçus au nord-est, au sud-est et dans la partie centrale de la mer Egée.

    D'après les données des forces aériennes de l'état-major général grec, de janvier à août 2015, 101 groupements d'avions militaires ont violé 1306 fois l'espace aérien, dont 28 vols ayant été enregistrés au-dessus du territoire grec.

  138. Ukraine’s Ambassador in Serbia Oleg Alexandrovich has sent a note of protest to the president of the Serbian patriotic movement "Dveri" over the visit of deputies and public figures to Crimea, the movement’s leader Bosko Obradovic told journalists on Tuesday in Simferopol...

    The note of protest demonstrated by Obradovic said: "In accordance with Ukrainian legislation and our country’s official position, Crimea is an indispensable part of Ukraine. This means that the self-proclaimed authorities in Crimea are not recognized [by Ukraine]. Visiting Crimea for official meetings with Crimea’s so-called government is unacceptable and is considered as a threat to Ukraine’s national integrity, security and sovereignty."........

  139. Obama traveling to Turkey for G20 summit....

    President Barack Obama will travel to Turkey for a G20 summit, followed by stops in the Philippines and Malaysia for meetings with world leaders next month, the White House said on Oct. 26.

    At the G20 summit, leaders from the world's major economies are due to give final approval to a new plan to crack down on tax evasion by multinational corporations that costs countries at least $100 billion a year.

    The 15-point plan aims to tackle low tax bills for the likes of Google, Apple and McDonald's, which have managed to sharply reduce their taxes while remaining within the law, provoking public outrage in recent years.

    Obama "will spur international efforts to ensure strong, sustainable and balanced global economic growth" during the talks, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said in a statement.

    During the foreign travels November 14-22, Obama will also "emphasize the importance of reaching an ambitious and durable global climate change agreement in Paris."

    The aim of the Paris conference is to ink an agreement to limit global warming to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit (two Celsius) over pre-Industrial Revolution

  140. US Has ‘Obligation’ to Defend Trained Syrian Rebels - Carter...

    Carter refused to indicate US policy toward defending non-Pentagon trained Syrian forces, namely Syrians trained under the secretive Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) program, which began in 2012.

    "We have indicated that we have an obligation, we have options to protect our people that we have trained against attack," Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

    Asked about US defense of the CIA-trained opposition against potential Russian attack, Carter said "that is something we would have to discuss in a closed [hearing]."

    Earlier, top US military officials claimed that President Barack Obama has the authority under the US constitution to defend US-trained fighters. As recently as July, Carter publicly stated he was not sure that defending US-trained Syrians against attacks was legal.

  141. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Tuesday said the United States would ramp up efforts to fight ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq, including with additional air strikes and possibly by direct action on the ground...

    "We won't hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against ISIL, or conducting such missions directly, whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground," Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

  142. Plus de 500 membres de l'Etat islamique ont été transférés de Syrie vers le Yémen par des avions turcs, a déclaré le général de brigade Ali Mayhub...

    "Selon les données des services de renseignement, le 26 octobre, quatre avions en provenance de Turquie et après avoir fait escale en Syrie sont arrivés au Yémen, dont deux appartiennent à Turkish Airlines, un au Qatar et un aux Emirats Arabes Unis. Il y avait plus de 500 combattants de l'organisation terroriste Etat islamique à bord des avions, ils ont été transférés de Syrie afin d'échapper aux frappes russes", a précisé M. Mayhub.

    Selon lui, des officiers de la coalition saoudienne ont rencontré les djihadistes à l'aéroport et ils ont été transférés en trois groupes dans les villes d'Al-Bab, de Maarib et dans les provinces saoudiennes de Jizan et d'Asir.

    Les combattants doivent participer à l'opération de la coalition qui a essuyé de grandes pertes dans la lutte contre les houthis, a-t-il précisé. Selon certaines informations, ces opérations visant à transférér des djihadistes continueront, estime le général...........

  143. Cuba: majorité écrasante à l'ONU pour réclamer la fin de l'embargo US ...

    L'Assemblée générale des Nations unies a réclamé mardi lors d'un vote quasi-unanime la fin de l'embargo américain visant Cuba, trois mois après le rétablissement des relations diplomatiques entre Washington et La Havane.

    Les États-Unis et Israël ont voté contre cette résolution non contraignante, tandis que 191 des 193 pays membres de l'ONU se sont prononcés en faveur du texte demandant la fin de l'embargo imposé à l'île communiste depuis 1962.

    En 2014, le vote sur cette question s'était soldé par deux voix contre (États-Unis et Israël) et trois abstentions (îles Marshall, Micronésie, îles Palaos).............

  144. US officials say Iran is being invited to participate for the first time in international talks aimed at peacefully ending Syria's four-year civil war....

    The next diplomatic round starts Thursday in Vienna. Secretary of State John Kerry, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and several top European and Arab diplomats will attend.
    The officials, who weren't authorized to speak on the record and demanded anonymity, said Russia delivered the invitation; Iran has yet to respond.

    Washington had held out the possibility of Iran joining the discussions. But Syria's Western-backed opposition and US allies, particularly Saudi Arabia, opposed such a move.

    Iran has backed Syrian President Bashar Assad's government throughout the conflict, fighting alongside Syria's military. The US and its allies support the opposition.

  145. American troops will take direct ground action against Daesh in Iraq and Syria, if necessary, the head of U.S. defense said Tuesday....

    The announcement signal a major shift in White House policy against using ground troops in a combat role against the militants.

    “We won’t hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against ISIL, or conducting such missions directly, whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground,” Ash Carter told a Senate Armed Service Committee..................

  146. Rusia ayudará a Irak a combatir al EI si Bagdad lo solicita...

    En el caso de una solicitud correspondiente, Rusia podrá prestar apoyo militar a Irak en la lucha contra los terroristas del Estado Islámico (EI), afirmó a RIA Novosti el jefe del comité para la defensa y seguridad del Consejo de la Federación (Senado ruso), Víctor Ozerov.

    “Rusia por cierto prestará apoyo militar a Irak si recibe la solicitud correspondiente", ya que "hay que erradicar a los terroristas definitivamente”, dijo.

    El martes el diputado de la coalición chií Estado de Derecho, Mowaffak al Rubaie, informó a Sputnik que el Legislativo de Irak puede discutir esta semana la petición de ayuda militar a Rusia para luchar contra el EI.........

  147. CIA-Chef ist überzeugt - Russland wird Assad fallen lassen...

    Der Syrien-Einsatz ist für Russland nach Ansicht der CIA nur ein taktisches Mittel. Wladimir Putin gehe es dabei nicht um Assad, sondern um seinen Einfluss in der Region.

    Der Chef des US-Auslandsgeheimdienstes CIA, John Brennan, hat sich überzeugt gezeigt, dass auch Russland letztlich den Abgang des syrischen Machthabers Baschar al-Assad anstreben wird. Er glaube nicht, dass Moskau eine Zukunft Syriens mit Assad sehe, sagte Brennan bei einer Sicherheitskonferenz in Washington. Die Russen wüssten, "dass es keine militärische Lösung in Syrien gibt und dass es eine Art politischen Prozess braucht", fügte er hinzu. "Die Frage ist, wann und wie sie es schaffen werden", (Assad) zu verdrängen..............

  148. Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi on Wednesday renewed an ongoing state of emergency in certain parts of the northern Sinai Peninsula for an additional three months....

    Al-Sisi’s decree also included the imposition of a nighttime curfew in certain parts of the restive peninsula.

    In October of last year, following a militant attack that killed dozens of soldiers, the Egyptian authorities imposed a state of emergency -- for the first time ever -- in several parts of Sinai.

  149. Slovenia has threatened to erect a fence along its border with Croatia if an EU plan agreed on Sunday is not implemented...

    Some 85,000 refugees have poured into the tiny nation in the last 10 days, after Hungary closed its Croatia border.

    To Hungary's north, Austria has also been beefing up barriers at its border crossings to control large crowds.

    The approach of winter has so far done little to slow the flow.

    The UN estimates more than 700,000 migrants have crossed to Europe by boat so far this year - mainly from war-ravaged Syria.....BBC

  150. La police turque a pris mercredi en direct le contrôle de la régie des télévisions Bugün TV et Kanaltürk à Istanbul, dont le groupe proche d'un ennemi du président Recep Tayyip Erdogan fait l'objet d'une mise sous tutelle controversée à la veille des législatives...

    Devant les caméras, les forces de l'ordre ont pénétré dans le siège des deux chaînes, propriété du groupe Koza-Ipek, en dispersant les salariés qui le protégeaient avec des gaz lacrymogènes et des canons à eau, selon les images retransmises en direct par Bugün TV sur son site internet.

    "Ennemi public numéro 1"

    La justice turque a décidé lundi de mettre sous tutelle la holding Koza-Ipek, accusée selon un procureur d'Ankara de "financer", "recruter" et "faire de la propagande" pour le compte de l'imam Fethullah Gülen, qui dirige depuis les États-Unis un influent réseau d'ONG, médias et entreprises qualifié par les autorités d'"organisation terroriste".

    Ancien allié du président Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Gülen est devenu son "ennemi public numéro 1" depuis le scandale de corruption qui a visé des proches de l'homme fort du pays et des membres de son gouvernement fin 2013.

  151. Russian warplanes have struck 118 "terrorist" targets in Syria over the past 24 hours in a new record, the defence ministry said on Wednesday, attributing the rise to new surveillance data...

    Russian jets hit 118 targets in provinces of Idlib, Homs, Hama, Aleppo, Damascus and Latakia, said defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov, quoted by Russian news agencies.

  152. Abbas demande un "régime de protection internationale" pour le peuple palestinien...

    Le président palestinien Mahmoud Abbas a appelé mercredi la communauté internationale à créer de toute urgence "un régime de protection internationale du peuple palestinien", dénonçant des exécutions extra-judiciaires menées par les forces de sécurité israéliennes, rapporte l'AFP.

    "Il est essentiel que chacun assume ses responsabilités avant qu'il ne soit trop tard, je pense notamment aux Nations unies (…) et aux Etats membres de l'ONU", a déclaré M. Abbas, s'exprimant lors d'une réunion spéciale du Conseil des droits de l'Homme de l'ONU, demandée par les Palestiniens.

    "Je m'adresse au Conseil de sécurité, qui plus que jamais est prié de mettre en place un régime de protection internationale du peuple palestinien immédiatement et de toute urgence", a-t-il ajouté, sans donner de précision.

    "Nous avons besoin de votre protection. Protégez-nous, protégez-nous. Nous avons besoin de vous", a-t-il lancé, jugeant "inutile de perdre du temps dans des négociations juste pour le plaisir des négociations"........

  153. Australia has dismissed claims made by Amnesty International that officials may have broken the law by paying people smugglers to take asylum seekers back to Indonesia. The government in Canberra has called the allegations a disgrace.....

    Amnesty International says it has proof that Australian officials paid people traffickers to turn back boats.

    The allegations are made in a new report that claims the lives of asylum seekers who had paid the smugglers for unauthorized passage to Australia were put at risk in two incidents in May and July.

    Amnesty has insisted that after one boat was intercepted by Australian authorities passengers were put on two smaller vessels - one of which sank in Indonesian waters. Those onboard managed to swim to safety.

    Amnesty International's Anna Shea said she has evidence that people smugglers were paid off by Australia.......

  154. The Kremlin will take all necessary legal protection measures, following the seizure of the state media holding VGTRK’s shares in the French company Euronews S.A., the operator of Euronews TV Channel, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday...

    "The Kremlin knows about this and all legal efforts are under way to protect the legitimate interests of the Russian Federation and its property," Peskov told journalists.

    Russian state media holding's stake in Euronews TV channel seized over Yukos case

    Russia’s state media holding VGTRK confirmed to TASS on Thursday that its stake in the French company Euronews S.A., the operator of the international news channel Euronews, had been seized under lawsuits filed by former Yukos shareholders.

    "We confirm the fact of the seizure of our shares but cannot any longer comment on this so far. All the details will be available following the end of judicial proceedings," the VGTRK press office said.

    Media reports earlier said VGTRK’s 7.5% stake in the French Euronews S.A. operating Euronews TV Channel was among the assets seized abroad under lawsuits filed by former shareholders of the now defunct oil giant Yukos.............

  155. US Navy official to visit China amid tension next week ...

    In the wake of a United States warship illegally entering waters near a Chinese island in the South China Sea on Tuesday, the commander of the US Pacific Command, Harry Harris, will visit Beijing next week, a source who requested anonymity told China Daily on Wednesday.

    Beijing continued to condemn the US action on the second day, as Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang called the incident "a serious political provocation against China".

    Experts said Harris' visit will be a good chance to boost mutual understanding and make Washington better informed about China's resolution and policy preparations for managing the situation in the South China Sea.

    Earlier on Tuesday, the guided-missile destroyer Lassen entered waters near Zhubi Reef without the permission of the Chinese government, leading to China's fierce protests, including summoning US Ambassador to China Max Baucus.

    On Wednesday morning, Japan's public broadcaster NHK quoted an unnamed official with the US Department of Defense as saying that Harris will visit China from Nov 2 to 5 and will embark on dialogues with Chinese military officials...............

  156. China on Thursday called on Japan to stop "hampering" flights by Chinese military aircraft, after Japan said its scrambled fighter jets to prevent possible incursions by Chinese planes a record high number of times in the summer...

    Japan jets scrambled 117 times from July to September, up from 103 in the same period of last year, although it was lower than the all-time high of 164 times recorded in the final quarter of 2014.

    "These figures from Japan make me think of Japan's close following of, surveillance and interference with Chinese ships and aircraft that have been happening for a long time, threatening the safety of China's ships and aircraft," Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told a regular news briefing.

    This could easily cause a safety issue in the air between China and Japan, he

  157. A US Navy aircraft carrier scrambled four F-18 jets on Tuesday after two Russian anti-submarine aircraft flew within a nautical mile of the warship, a Navy official said on Thursday...

    News media reports said the incident occurred in international waters east of the Korean peninsula.

    A US Navy official said two Russian TU-142 "Bear" aircraft flew within a nautical mile of the Reagan, prompting it to launch four F-18 fighter jets to escort the planes away from the ship.

    The TU-145 Bear is a long-range anti-submarine warfare plane and a variant of the Tu-95 Bear strategic bomber.

    The Navy official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the pilots from both sides behaved professionally and the Tu-145s moved away from the US carrier.

    Media accounts quoted Navy officials as saying the incident was not unprecedented. by Reuters

  158. Moscow Surprised by French Foreign Minister's Comments on Crimea ...

    Moscow is surprised at the reaction French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius expressed earlier this week about the Crimean referendum, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Thursday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Earlier in the week, Fabius said in an interview with the French television channel Canal+ that Moscow violated international law, when it agreed to implement the choice made by Crimean people to reunify with Russia.

    "It is strange that exactly France and on the level of the foreign minister started to speak about an alleged inability of popular will expression and the absence of people’s right to determine their future," Zakharova said.

    She added that speaking about Crimea, Fabius slipped over a problem of disputed French-administered regions of Mayotte and the Scattered Islands in the Indian Ocean....

  159. U.S. Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson and his Chinese counterpart, Admiral Wu Shengli, on Thursday agreed on the need to stick to established military protocols to avoid misunderstandings when operating in close proximity, according to a U.S. defense official...

    Scheduled port visits by U.S. and Chinese ships in November and December, and planned visits to China by senior U.S. Navy officers in coming weeks remained on track, said the official.

    Richardson and Wu spoke for over an hour via video teleconference after the U.S. Navy's patrol this week near a man-made island in the South China Sea prompted a sharp rebuke from China.

  160. Syrian activists and state-owned media are saying that several mortar shells hit near the Russian Embassy in Damascus, but no injuries were recorded...

    The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 10 shells struck in the vicinity of the embassy in the central Damascus neighborhood of Al-Adawi. The state news agency SANA said at least eight shells fell. Both SANA and the Observatory say there is material damage but provided no details.

    Thursday's attack is not the first time the embassy was targeted. On Oct.13, as government supporters gathered outside the embassy in a rally to thank Moscow for aiding the Syrian government's military campaign, shells fell inside the embassy compound. No one was reported hurt at the time.
    Associated Press

  161. Iran exiles in Iraq hit by rockets...

    A former military base in Iraq housing exiled Iranian opposition members has come under intense rocket fire.

    The People's Mujahedin of Iran says 23 of its members were killed in the attack in addition to three policemen.

    About 80 missiles struck the former US base known as Camp Liberty, close to Baghdad airport, according to the PMOI. The Iraqi military said about 15 rockets were used.

    No group has yet said it carried out the attack.............

  162. US condemns attack on Iraqi camp hosting Iranian exiles...Rocket attack kills at least 20 refugees, 3 Iraqi soldiers...

    The U.S. on Thursday condemned a deadly rocket attack on a former American base near Baghdad’s airport that hosts Iranian exiles.

    Several rockets fired into Camp Hurriya, also known as Camp Liberty, killed three Iraqi soldiers, according to Iraqi officials.

    Twenty members of the People's Mojahedin of Iran, or Mojahedin-e-Khalq, an Iranian opposition movement in exile that advocates the overthrow Iran’s governemnt were also killed, said the group.

    The U.S. urged Iraqi officials to find and hold those accountable for the attack, while registering its commitment to help the UN High Commissioner for Refugees relocate the camp’s refugees to locations outside Iraq........

  163. The Kremlin wants the Syrian opposition to agree a common approach and make-up of a delegation for talks with the Syrian government, Mikhail Bogdanov, Russia's deputy foreign minister, was quoted as saying Friday by the Interfax news agency...

    Russia and Saudi Arabia had exchanged lists of Syrian opposition figures to be potentially included in the talks during a meeting in Vienna, and Russia wanted the Syrian Free Army and the Kurds to take part, he was quoted as saying.

    Bogdanov said Russia's list had 38 names on it, but that Moscow was flexible and happy for the list to be expanded, Interfax reported. He said the United States had promised to hand over its own list.

  164. L'armée canadienne impliquée dans la mort de civils en Irak?...

    En cause, le bombardement conjoint par des avions canadiens et australiens d'une "usine d'armes présumée" dans la ville de Falloujah le 21 décembre 2014.

    Les forces aériennes du Canada participant à l'opération internationale de lutte contre le groupe terroriste Etat islamique en Irak et en Syrie pourraient être impliquées dans la mort de civils, a annoncé jeudi la CBC.

    Il s'agit du bombardement conjoint par des avions canadiens et australiens d'une "usine d'armes présumée" dans la ville de Falloujah le 21 décembre 2014. La chaîne se réfère à un rapport du Pentagone concernant une vidéo représentant une femme avec enfant. "L'enfant a été emporté à l'hôpital par un homme inconnu et la femme s'est couchée sur le bas-côté avant de ne plus se relever", indique la CBC.

    "Je ne dispose pas de nouvelles données concernant une éventuelle implication de notre aviation dans la mort de civils", a déclaré à la chaîne la chef du groupe aérien canadien en Syrie et en Irak.

    Auparavant, les militaires canadiens ont déjà été accusés de la mort de civils en Irak du Nord, à Kisik, bombardé par la coalition le 21 janvier 2015. Cette information n'a pas été confirmée, selon le ministère canadien de la Défense.
    En octobre 2014, le Canada a décidé d'envoyer un groupe aérien et 600 militaires pour lutter contre l'EI. Le contingent est cantonné dans une base aérienne au Koweït..........

  165. Toujours pas d'accord sur le rôle d'Assad dans le règlement du conflit syrien...

    Les participants aux négociations de Vienne sur le règlement de la crise en Syrie n'ont pas réussi à s'entendre sur la place du président syrien dans ce processus, tant les divergences sont grandes.

    Les discussions de Vienne sur le règlement de la crise en Syrie n'ont pas permis d'aboutir à un accord sur le rôle du président syrien Bachar el-Assad dans ce processus, a reconnu vendredi devant les journalistes le chef de la diplomatie irakienne, Ibrahim al-Jaafari.

    "Nous n'avons pas réussi à nous entendre sur le rôle d'Assad dans le règlement politique", a constaté le ministre.

    Et de préciser que la question de la place du gouvernement d'Assad dans le règlement politique en Syrie restait ouverte...........Lire la suite:

  166. A special body will be established to launch political process in Syria, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said on Friday after the multilateral talks on Syrian settlement in the Austrian capital city Vienna...

    He said participants in the talks had agreed to set up a special body that would outline ways of a constitutional reform and provide recommendations on parliamentary and presidential elections. In his words, these positions had been included in a final document.

  167. Twenty-seven people - mostly teenagers and young people - have been killed after fire broke out at a nightclub in Bucharest, officials say...

    The blaze took hold at the Colectiv club on Friday night, causing a stampede for the exit.

    Emergency response chief Raed Arafat said 155 people were being treated in hospitals in the Romanian capital.

    The fire is believed to have been caused by fireworks that were let off inside the club.

    "The only information we have is that fireworks were used in the club and after that the tragedy happened. Of course, this is under investigation," Mr Arafat told the BBC.

    The pyrotechnics were reportedly part of a show by a heavy metal band........BBC

  168. Voices heard in wreckage of plane crashed in Egypt...

    Egyptian search and rescue workers have heard voices in a section of a Russian plane that crashed in the Sinai peninsula early this morning, an officer on the scene has told Reuters.

    "There is another section of the plane with passengers inside that the rescue team is still trying to enter and we hope to find survivors especially after hearing pained voices of people inside," the officer, who requested anonymity, said.

    Another officer on the scene said at least five children had been found dead. He added that the plane was split in two.

    The Egyptian civil aviation authority earlier confirmed that a Russian airliner carrying 224 passengers and crew had crashed in the Sinai peninsula.

    A security officer who arrived on the scene earlier this morning said all aboard the plane were probably dead.

    The Airbus A-321, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia with registration number KGL-9268, was flying from the Sinai Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersburg in Russia when it went down in a desolate mountainous area of central Sinai soon after daybreak, the aviation ministry said...........

  169. A Russian airliner with 224 people on board crashed on Saturday in Egypt's restive Sinai Peninsula, Egyptian authorities have confirmed.

    The Airbus A-321 was flying from the coastal resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersburg in Russia when it went down in a desolate mountainous area of central Sinai, the aviation ministry said.

    Egyptian authorities said rescue teams had located the wreckage in the Hassana area, south of Arish, and that ambulances were rushed to the scene.

    A security officer at the scene told REUTERS news agency that the plane was completely destroyed and that most passengers were likely to have died.

    A senior aviation official said the charter flight was operated by Russian company Kogalymavia – also known as Kolavia – and had on board 217 passengers, including 17 children, and seven crew members.

    Russian and Egyptian officials are yet to confirm the passengers' identities, but most are believed to be Russian tourists.

    It was not immediately clear what had caused the crash.

    Egyptian air traffic control lost contact with the airliner shortly after it took off at 3.51am GMT.

    The aircraft reportedly failed to make scheduled contact with Cyprus air traffic control 23 minutes after take-off and disappeared from the radar.

    Egyptian security sources said there was no indication that the plane had been shot down. Islamist militants are active in parts of Sinai.
    (FRANCE 24 with AFP, REUTERS)

  170. Onu: seuls des cessez-le-feu localisés sont à présent possibles en Syrie....

    L'idée d'un cessez-le-feu général en Syrie aujourd'hui est utopique, seuls des cessez-le-feu localisés y sont possibles pour le moment, estime l'envoyé spécial des Nations unies pour la Syrie, Staffan de Mistura.

    A l'heure actuelle, il ne peut s'agir en Syrie que de cessez-le-feu localisés, a indiqué l'envoyé spécial de l'Onu, Staffan de Mistura, dans une interview exclusive accordée à France 24.

    "L'instauration d'un cessez-le-feu dans tout le pays relève aujourd'hui d'une utopie", a déclaré Mistura.

    Et d'expliquer que les pays soutenant l'opposition syrienne et d'autres pays qui épaulent (le président syrien Bachar el-) Assad pouvaient exercer leur influence sur les parties adverses, ce qui ne pourrait assurer des cessez-le-feu localisés que dans certaines régions du pays.........


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