Thursday, March 30, 2017

London presents its plans to convert the EU's laws into the United Kingdom's

The United Kingdom on Thursday set out its plans for converting existing European Union law into its own as the country paves the way for its departure from the bloc.

Venezuela Supreme Court grants itself legislative powers

Venezuela's Supreme Court took over legislative powers Thursday, after ruling the opposition-majority National Assembly was in contempt of court in an ongoing power struggle with leftist President Nicolas Maduro.

North Korea could conduct simultaneous nuclear bomb tests

Multiple or simultaneous tests of plutonium and uranium bombs could be North Korea's next provocation.

12 killed in church bus-truck crash in US State of Texas

Twelve people were killed and three others injured in a traffic accident when a church bus and a pickup truck collided in the US state of Texas on Wednesday.

Turquía anuncia que termina con éxito la "operación" Escudo del Éufrates

La operación de las fuerzas turcas Escudo del Éufrates en el norte de Siria concluyó con éxito, dice la declaración difundida tras la reunión del Consejo de la Seguridad Nacional de Turquía, celebrada bajo la presidencia del líder turco Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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