Sunday, April 21, 2024

Iranian Media Reveals Advanced Missiles Iran Has Hidden in Reserve in Case of US-Israeli Escalation

Iran did not deploy its most sophisticated missile capabilities during its ‘Operation True Promise’ strikes on Israel on April 14, using older equipment mixed with a number of upgraded missile warheads to lift the fog of war regarding Israel’s air and missile defense potential. That’s according to a new analysis by Tasnim.

According to the news agency’s information, the April 13-14 overnight strikes by the IRGC Aerospace Force – launched in response to Israel’s April 1 attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, achieved their goal of mapping Israeli defenses, with Tel Aviv and its allies proving unable to fully shield the military and intelligence sites targeted by Iran despite getting 72 hours advance warning time. 

The IRGC, accordingly, was able to get a glimpse of Israel’s air and missile defense capabilities at their strongest –backed up by the US, the UK, France and Jordan, using the tried and tested tactic of multiple waves of attacks using increasingly sophisticated weaponry.

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  1. The Biden administration was shocked at the scale of Iran’s retaliatory missile and drone barrage into Israel on April 13, The Wall Street Journal reports.
    The scale of Tehran’s first direct attack on Israel "matched worst-case scenarios," US officials were quoted as admitting.
    “This was on the high end, I think, of what we were—what we were anticipating,” said one unnamed senior official.


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