Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Palestinians May Take Measures If Resolution to End Occupation Not Adopted (Ambassador)

Palestinians have considered alternative measures in the case that the Security Council fails to adopt a resolution defining time limits to end Israel's occupation, Palestinian Ambassador to Russia Fayed Mustafa told RIA Novosti Wednesday.

"If we do not receive the approval of the majority [nine out of 15 Security Council members] needed, and the Security Council does not adopt the resolution, or the United States vetoes it, we will seek membership status in all the international organizations. This is the alternative measure that we have prepared ourselves for. There are more than 500 international organizations and treaties that we will gradually turn to, aiming to get the right for Palestine to join the United Nations. We will use membership in these international organizations to gain the right to create our Palestinian state," Mustafa said.

Earlier in October, Palestinians worked out a draft UN Security Council resolution that defines strict time limits for Israel to end its occupation and remove settlements before November 2016. Palestinians hope the resolution will be adopted in the next month.

"We have already sent our project of resolution to the Security Council. Our mission in New York now resembles a beehive because of endless discussions on the resolution that should be adopted. We hope that nine out of 15 permanent and non-permanent members of the Security Council (which is the majority we need) will support our project. We hope that in the coming weeks we will end consultations and the project will be reviewed in the next month," Mustafa told reporters at a press conference held at the Rossiya Segodnya news agency.

Palestinians are seeking the creation of an independent state on the territories of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank including East Jerusalem, occupied by Israel after the 1967 war. Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, but is enforcing a land, air and sea blockade of the territory.

Despite peace talks, Israel has significantly increased settlement construction in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, causing a new escalation of tensions with Palestinians and condemnation from the international community.
(RIA Novosti

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