Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Number Of Countries, Including Poland, Start Training Ukrainian Pilots For F-16, Borrell is happy

A number of countries, including Poland, have begun training Ukrainian pilots in flying F-16 fighter jets, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Tuesday.

"I am happy that finally the training of the pilots of the F16s has started in several countries, it will take time but the sooner the better," Borrell told reporters ahead of a Foreign Affairs Council meeting, noting that the training started, for example, in Poland.


 The Netherlands is waiting for a greenlight from the United States to start training Ukrainian pilots in flying F-16 fighter jets, Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren said on Tuesday.

"We are working on a concrete timeline for starting the trainings and we feel it is important to do that as soon as possible, we did need the greenlight from Washington DC and it is a co-effort with Denmark, Belgium UK and other allies," Ollongren told reporters ahead of an EU ministerial meeting in Brussels.

The Netherlands will continue discussing with its allies "that might have F16s available about that next step (their possible supply to Ukraine), but that is not on the table right now," Ollongren added.


  1. The Spanish government cannot help Kiev by providing it with F-16 fighter jets or by training Ukrainian pilots to fly them, Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles said on Tuesday.

    "Spain has F-18 [fighter jets] and Eurofighter, each combat plane has its own training dynamics," she specified. "We cannot contribute to this training on F-16s," the top military official said. "We will see how the issue of fighter planes will unfold," Robles explained. Madrid has no capabilities to supply the F-16s or to train pilots to use them, she said arriving at a meeting with her European colleagues in Brussels.

  2. Нидерланды готовы участвовать в подготовке украинских летчиков к полетам на американских истребителях F-16, но о поставках этих самолетов Киеву говорить преждевременно. Министр обороны Кайса Оллонгрен дала комментарий журналистам о возможном участии Нидерландов в очередном этапе военной помощи Украине перед встречей министров ЕС в Брюсселе.

  3. Возможные поставки самолетов Украине всё больше свидетельствует о вовлеченности Запада в конфликт. Об этом во вторник, 23 мая, заявил официальный представитель Кремля Дмитрий Песков.

    «Очевидно, что продолжается спираль по обсечению совершенными системами вооружения. Но это не изменит коренным образом ситуацию на фронте. Страны Запада оказываются более вовлеченными в конфликт», — сказал он журналистам.


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