Friday, May 25, 2018

Afghanistan: Foreign Forces Conduct Airstrike in Faizabad City

Badakhshan province North-east of Afghanistan
Some residents of Badakhshan province North-east of Afghanistan claimed US forces have conducted an airstrike in Faizabad city, the center of the province, adding that the bomb landed close to civilian houses, police headquarters and governor’s office.

According to the residents, the airstrike was conducted on Thursday evening, Tolonews reported.

  • They said insurgents did not have any activity in the area where the airstrike was carried out.

“We were leaving the mosque in the evening prayer when we heard a loud voice and I saw that people were shouting,” said Gada Mohammad, a resident of Faizabad city.

 “The airstrike damaged civilian houses. Why government and US forces do not target the Taliban in Wardooj (district)? Why they conducted the airstrike here?” asked Mirullah, a resident of Faizabad.

Badakhshan Provincial Council said foreign forces also conducted airstrikes in Kishm district to target terror/militants.

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