Friday, May 3, 2024

Reuters Again Posts Withdrawn Story About Kiev's 'Right' to Strike Russia With UK Weapons

Reuters on Friday republished with no visible changes a previously withdrawn news article on UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron reportedly saying during his visit to Kiev that Ukraine allegedly has the "right" to strike Russian territory with weapons supplied by London.

On Thursday, Reuters reported that, while visiting Kiev earlier this day, Cameron pledged 3 billion pounds ($3.74 billion) in annual military aid for Ukraine for "as long as is necessary," adding that the UK foreign secretary also stated that Ukraine allegedly has the "right" to use UK weapons to strike targets within Russia.

The news agency said later that "a Reuters story saying Britain's Foreign Secretary David Cameron promises aid to Ukraine is withdrawn, pending review of certain details in the story" and that "a revised version of the story will be published in due course."

Following the withdrawal of the article, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova expressed confidence that Cameron had indeed said that Ukraine allegedly has the right to strike Russian territory with weapons supplied by London, but the scandal that broke out forced London to "back off."

The news article reappeared on the agency's wire with no visible changes in the early minutes of Friday. The quote about Ukraine's "right" to use UK weapons for strikes on Russian territory also has no changes.


  1. The Russian foreign ministry’s official spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said after the initial version was published on Thursday that the Kiev government may turn the UK-supplied weapons on the United Kingdom itself, "just like Al-Qaeda [terrorist group, outlawed in Russia] terrorists, nurtured by the West, once did.".

  2. По мнению Захаровой, признание Кэмерона было настолько неоднозначным, что официальному Лондону пришлось принимать меры по корректировке выпущенного материала.

    Речь идет об интервью Кэмерона, в котором он заявил о праве Украины атаковать британским оружием территорию России. Статья была удалена спустя два часа после публикации из-за необходимости «пересмотреть некоторые детали истории», однако вскоре вновь появилось на сайте без каких-либо видимых изменений.

  3. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has called French President Emmanuel Macron's statements on the possible deployment of troops to Ukraine very important and very dangerous.

    "The statement is very important and very dangerous. France, represented by the French head of state, is constantly talking about the possibility of its direct involvement - on the ground - in the conflict over Ukraine. This is a very dangerous trend," he told reporters.

  4. Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova urged UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron to remember that Moscow has nuclear weapons when he says Ukraine can strike inside Russia.

    "The only question is how crazy one has to be, imagining yourself, so to speak, to be one of the leaders of a supposedly civilized country, to declare such things. Moreover, how much of amnesia one has suffer if they fail to remember that we are talking about nuclear countries," she said in comments on Cameron's statements that Ukraine has the right to use UK weapons to strike targets inside Russia.

    The diplomat said Russian agencies in charge of defending the country would undoubtedly retaliate if there were any strikes inside Russia.

    "How callous should a person be not to understand what such statements lead to and to think not so much about Russia's reaction <...> but also not to think about the feelings of your own citizens - subjects of Britain and other countries of the collective West. At least think about them, but nothing like that," Zakharova said.


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