Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kurdish Parliament Speaker Calls for Resignation of KRG President

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 Iraqi Kurdistan parliament speaker criticized the president of Kurdistan Regional Government for the recent developments in Kirkuk and called for resignation of the region’s president.

Yusuf Mohammed Sadiq said on Tuesday that “A group of politicians who want to dominate all the homeland resources to increase their power have entangled all the people of Kurdistan.”

“These politicians are using the blood of martyrs and people’s sacrifices to strike a bargain,” he added.

Addressing the KRG President Barzani, he said that “You should accept the defeat and abandon our people and let them to decide their destiny."

He insisted that Barzani should not be the one who determines the Iraqi Kurds' direction by its own wishes.

“Barzani who keeps grip on power in the region legally and illegally for the past 12 years, will do a great job to Kurdistan people, if resigns,” the official added.

In the meantime, an Iraqi parliament lawmaker who was speaking on condition of anonymity said that Barzani committed suicide by declaring independence of Kurdistan region from Iraq.

There is no need for Barzani resignation, he noted.

Hence, Barzani issued a statement on Tuesday in which, he said that one day the Kurdistan nation will achieve its goal of independence.

The blood of the martyrs, “the loud voices you raised for the independence of Kurdistan that you sent to all nations and world countries will not be wasted now or ever,” Barzani stated in the published statement.

The loss of Kirkuk on Monday, Barzani said was due to “unilateral decisions of some persons within a certain internal political party of Kurdistan,” without naming any party.

Barzani’s statement was issued after two days of Peshmerga withdrawals from the disputed areas of Kirkuk, Shingal, Gwer, Makhmour, Khanaqin, and Snune. These areas are now in the control of Iraqi armed forces.

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