Thursday, June 1, 2023

US Senator Graham Says Ukraine Conflict To Pull In NATO, US Troops If Putin Not Defeated

The conflict in Ukraine could escalate to involve the NATO alliance and US troops on the ground unless Kiev and its backers are successful in "defeating" Russian President Vladimir Putin, US Senator Lindsey Graham said on Thursday.
"I want to end the war in Ukraine by defeating Putin.

If you don't, he keeps going, and we're going to have a conflict between NATO and Russia, and our troops will be involved," Graham said during remarks on the Senate floor.

Graham's remarks came in opposition to a bill negotiated by US President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, which would raise the United States' debt ceiling in exchange for limited fiscal reforms. Graham criticized the bill for its potential impacts on military readiness, as well as its lack of funding for Ukraine.

The US needs to send a "clear signal" now to deter China from invading Taiwan, Graham added.

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