Thursday, June 1, 2023

Parties Of Grain Deal Continue Discussing Resumption Of Ship Inspections - UN Coordinator

 Inspections of vessels within the framework of the Black Sea grain initiative were not carried out on Thursday, negotiations are underway on the resumption of registration of new vessels and inspections, the spokesperson of the Office of the UN Coordinator for the Black Sea Grain Initiative, Ismini Palla said.
"No inspections were conducted today by the JCC (Joint Coordination Center). Discussions among the parties continue with the aim to agree on registration of new vessels and inspections," Palla said.


  1. Стороны Черноморской инициативы ведут переговоры о возобновлении инспекций и регистрации новых судов. Об этом заявила пресс-секретарь координатора сделки от ООН Исмини Палла 1 июня.

    Вместе с тем она отметила, что в четверг инспекции судов в рамках зерновой сделки не проводились.

    «Участники инициативы продолжают дискуссии с целью достичь консенсуса по вопросу регистрации новых судов и проведения новых инспекций», — подчеркнула Палла в беседе с «РИА Новости».

  2. Black Sea lanes created under international accords for Ukrainian grain shipments are used to support attacks on the Russian coastline, Director of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) Alexander Bortnikov said on Thursday.

    "The grain corridors created under the Black Sea initiative are used to cover attacks on the Russian coastline," the FSB director said at a meeting of the Council of security and special services chiefs from CIS member states.

    As the FSB chief pointed out, the West "stops at nothing in achieving its goals."

    "A civilian satellite network is being involved ever more widely in accomplishing its military tasks. Transport of international logistical companies is included in providing support for armaments deliveries," he said.

  3. Russia has notified the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) in Istanbul about the restriction in registering vessels with the destination in the port of Yuzhny until Russian ammonia export resumes, Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General Stephane Dujarric said at the briefing on Thursday.

    "The Russian Federation has informed the JCC of its decision to limit registrations for the port of Yuzhny as long as ammonia is not exported, and currently it's not," Dujarric said.

    Three Ukrainian ports are taking part in the Black Sea Grain Initiative - Odessa, Chernomorsk, and Yuzhny.

  4. Russia has informed the United Nations that it has halted new grain vessel registration to the port of Yuzhny Pivdennyi until Ukraine resumes ammonia exports, UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said on Thursday.

  5. Россия проинформировала Совместный координационный центр (СЦК) об ограничительных мерах на регистрацию судов, которые следуют в украинский порт Южный. Об этом заявил представитель генсека ООН Стефан Дюжаррик 1 июня.

    Известно, что эти ограничения будут действовать до тех пор, пока не возобновится экспорт российского аммиака.

    Вместе с тем он отметил, что с 22 мая количество регистраций сократилось с трех до двух.


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