Friday, February 3, 2023

RT DE Productions announces termination of journalistic activity in Germany - VIDEO | EL Etos UT News


The RT DE Productions company announced it’s ceasing its work in Germany, the RT in Russian Telegram channel reported on Friday.

"The Berlin-based production company RT DE Productions has announced today it’s ceasing its journalistic activities. The company supplied news content to the website and television channel RT DE, which broadcasts from Moscow in German, providing an alternative point of view on events to millions of viewers," the statement reads.

It said that since its launch in Germany, RT DE Productions faced pressure from the government and news media, which tried to limit its journalistic activities.

RT DE lost its broadcasting license on December 22, 2021 by decision of a German media regulator. Before then, the media agency Berlin-Brandenburg on December 17 initiated an investigation into the Russian network on suspicion of violating broadcasting rules in Germany. According to the agency, RT doesn’t have the license for that. According to RT DE, which cited the European convention on transboundary television, the license that it obtained in Serbia gives the company the right to broadcast in 33 European countries. A German media supervision commission on February 2, 2022 upheld the ban for the RT DE television channel to broadcast in German in Germany due to its lack of license.

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