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Iran dismisses claim of seizure of Iranian tankers as "lie"

Iran dismisses claim of seizure of Iranian tankers as "lie"
 Iran's Ambassador to Venezuela Hojat Soltani reacted to the false news on the seizure of four Iranian tankers by the US and termed it as yet another lie by the propaganda machine of the Imperialism of America.

In a twitter post on Friday, the Ambassador rejected the fake news that the US has seized four tankers carrying Iranian oil.

He wrote: "Yet another lie and psychological warfare by the US propaganda machine. The tankers are neither Iranians, nor their owners or flags have anything to do with Iran. The terrorist Trump just wants to cover up the humiliation of his failure against  the great nation of Iran by scattering false propaganda."

The US newspaper Wall Street Journal on Friday morning carried an "exclusive" report quoted from American officials who claimed the tankers were seized within the past few days without the use of force.

The newspaper claimed, " The Trump administration has for the first time confiscated cargo in vessels allegedly loaded with Iran fuel in violation of sanctions, U.S. officials said, as it steps up its campaign of maximum pressure against Tehran.".

Claiming that "4 Iranian tankers carrying fuel to Venezuela have been seized by the US," it said, "The Luna, Pandi, Bering and Bella, were seized on the high seas in recent days and are now en route to Houston."...


  1. Iran’s ambassador to Caracas dismissed a report from The Wall Street Journal that the US has confiscated four Iranian oil tankers carrying fuel to Venezuela.

    In a post on his Twitter account, Hojjat Soltani denied the report of seizure of Iranian oil tankers, describing it as “another lie and psychological war from the US imperialism’s propaganda machine.”

    “Neither are the vessels Iranian, nor have their owners or flags anything to do with Iran,” the ambassador stressed....

  2. Iranian fuel cargoes targeted by an American warrant for seizure were transferred to other ships to further be transported to the US, Reuters reported, citing a US government source.

    The owners of the four vessels carrying the oil reportedly agreed to the move.

    An American judge issued a warrant to seize Iranian oil cargoes on four tankers in July after US prosecutors filed a lawsuit, with the warrant covering only the cargoes, not the vessels.

    As Iran had made it clear it planned to transport the gasoline to Venezuela, Washington imposed sanctions on oil exports from both oil-producing countries to deprive them of their main source of revenue.

  3. The US has seized some 1.116 mn barrels of Iranian fuel aboard 4 ships headed for Venezuela, the Justice Department has confirmed, hinting at “assistance" from "foreign partners” and declining to reveal where the grab took place...

    The agency hailed what it called the largest-ever US seizure of Iranian fuel in a statement on Friday, revealing Washington had nabbed the sanctions-skirting cargo en route to Venezuela with the assistance of unspecified “foreign partners.”

    The statement appeared to confirm a Wall Street Journal report, citing anonymous government and shipping sources, that claimed four tankers loaded with Iranian fuel had recently seen their cargo confiscated “without the use of military force.” The vessels were said to be re-routed to Houston, Texas, where they will reportedly be met by senior Trump administration officials.

  4. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the US’ claims that it has seized four Venezuela-bound Iranian tankers are “cheap” and “hollow” propaganda aimed at deflecting the world from Washington’s historic defeat at the UN Security Council against Iran.

    "’Pirates of the Caribbean’ have their own judges and courts now. Sadly for them, stolen booty wasn't Iran's. Fuel was sold F.O.B. Persian Gulf. Ship and flag weren't ours either. Hollow, cheap propaganda doesn’t deflect from miserable failure of US diplomatic malpractice at UN,” Zarif tweeted early on Sunday.

  5. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said onSaturday, that “the ships that the United States seized and claimed to be Iranian were not Iranian and did not carry Iran’s flag.”

    Rouhani said, during the meeting of the National Committee to Combat Coronavirus, “This lie was to cover up the shame inflicted on the United States in the Security Council after rejecting its draft resolution to extend the embargo on Iran,” the Mehr News Agency reported.


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