Tuesday, March 6, 2018

US Planning to Attack Syria under False Pretext of Chemical Weapons Use

False Pretext of Chemical Weapons Use
US President Donald Trump's administration and the US army are planning to launch a second attack on Syria under the pretext of Damascus forces' chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta, a media outlet reported.

As US Department of Defense Spokesperson Dana White has stressed that the United States "has not seen any evidence yet" of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government in Eastern Ghouta, the Donald Trump administration discussed the possibility of "a new military action" against Syria as a punitive measure, citing Damascus' alleged use chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta, the Washington Post quoted unnamed US officials as saying, raising the prospect of a second US strike on President Bashar al-Assad in less than a year.

According to the newspaper, the topic was discussed during a gathering in the White House, which was attended by Trump, Chief of Staff John Kelly, National Security Adviser Herbert McMaster and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

The Washington Post cited a senior US administration official as saying that Mattis was "adamantly" against acting militarily in response to the reports about Damascus' chlorine attacks and that McMaster "was for it".

Another official claimed that at the end of the day, "the President did not endorse any military action and that officials decided to continue monitoring the situation".

In early February, the Syrian Foreign Ministry stressed that the Washington accusations that Damascus used chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta are groundless and that Damascus strongly condemns such allegations.

In late January, the White Helmets, a Syrian opposition civil defense group operating in militant-held areas, reported that three civilians had been killed and dozens more were wounded in a suspected chlorine gas attack on Eastern Ghouta.

According to recent reports, the controversial White Helmets group is preparing for another plot against the Syrian government through a false-flag chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus.


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