Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Scores of Gunmen Defect SDF, Escape to Turkey via Northern Syria

a number of the SDF fighters have walked away from the SDF
 Scores of the members of the Syrian Democratic Forces have cut relations with the SDF and entered Turkey via Syria's Northern borders, militant-affiliated websites disclosed on Tuesday.

The websites said that a number of the SDF fighters have walked away from the SDF and escaped from Hasaka, heading to Turkey.

They added that the SDF has recruited the defected gunmen by force.

Relevant reports said last month that 50 Kurdish troops stationed in Northern Syria defected the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), formed by the US under the pretext of fight against the ISIL, to protest at the discrimination practices in the dispatch of Arabs and Kurds to the frontline.

"The Kurdish forces arrived in the city of Jarabulus in Northern Aleppo after defecting their comrades in Saleh Muslim party," a dissident Kurdish member of the Syrian Kurds' Democratic Union told FNA in late September.

According to the source, the defected group of 50 Kurdish forces fled Kobani and headed towards Jarabulus where Turkey deployed its forces.

"The gap in the Kurdish units widened after the SDF showed a discriminatory attitude towards sending Kurds and the Turkey-supported militants to the forefronts of battle against the ISIL," the source added.

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