Sunday, January 1, 2017

23 killed, 17 missing as ferry catches fires in Indonesia

A ferry carrying over 200 people caught fires in waters off Jakarta on Sunday, leaving 23 people dead, 20 injured and 17 others missing, disaster agency official said.

Nine out of the 20 wounded persons are suffering from serious injury and being treated in a nearby hospital, Sefly Madrena, official in charge at Jakarta's disaster management agency office told Xinhua by phone.

Acting Head of Search and Rescue Office in Jakarta Hendra Sudirman disclosed that Zahro Express Ferry with most of tourists on board has been pulled back from the scene to a sea port in Muara Angke of Jakarta.

The fires have engulfed all parts of the ferry made from fiber, but it remains floating, Mr. Sudirman said.

"Most of the victims were found near the exit door at the front part of the ship. They may attempt to escape the fires," he added.

Most of the passengers of the ferry were tourists to visit Tidung Island for recreation, according to him.

The Ferry was on route from Muara Angke sea port in Jakarta to the nearby island, he said.

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