Monday, August 1, 2016

Russian planes deliver selective strikes at militant positions near Aleppo. Terrorists execute those attempting to flee Aleppo

Russian planes actively help Syrian army to repel militant attacks and deliver selective air strikes at militant positions near Aleppo, Sergei Rudskoi, the head of the main operational department of the Russian General Staff, told journalists on Monday.

"The Russian Aerospace Forces’ planes actively support government troops helping them to repel the enemy attacks and delivering selective air strikes at the militant positions," he said.

  • Rudskoi added that unlike the US-led coalition the Russian planes were not bombing target located within the city boundaries.

Russia and the Syrian government have launched a full-scale humanitarian operation near Aleppo on July 28. Planes are dropping food, medical supplies and essentials meant for the civilians.
Seven humanitarian corridors open in Aleppo for civilians, surrended militants

 According to Rudskoi, seven humanitarian corridors are open in Syria's city of Aleppo for civilians and surrendering militants.

"Seven humanitarian corridors are open to save and help civilians who have found themselves hostages to terrorists, and to miitants who want to surrender arms," he said, adding that a separate corridor is open in the city’s north towards the Castello highway for armed militants.

"All the corridors have been staying open since yesterday both from the city’s eastern quarters and inside the city. After receiving food and medical assistance, civilians can return to their homes," he said.

Humanitarian corridors from Aleppo were opened on July 28 as part of a joint operation of the Russian military and the Syrian government. Initially, three corridors were opened for civilians and surrendering militants and one more - for armed militants.

Later, the Russian defense ministry said that such humanitarian corridors could be opened not only from but also to Aleppo and announced plans to open four more such corridors. Fierce fighting is under way in the city outskirts.
  • Militants execute those attempting to flee Aleppo
Rudskoi said terrorists in the east of Aleppo have executed four people for an attempt to flee the city via the humanitarian corridors.

"Considerable losses are hindering the insurgents’ leaders who are pulling up reserves from other directions and are intimidating the government troopers. They are preventing the local population from leaving the area of hostilities and continue using ordinary people as ‘live shields’," Rudskoi said.

He added that the terrorists had executed four people in the eastern part of Aleppo for an attempt to flee the city via the humanitarian corridors on Sunday.
  • Militants lose 800 men in attempt to launch offensive
According to Rudskoi, a group of some 5,000 militants tried on Sunday to mount an offensive south-west of Aleppo, the attack was repelled.

"Before the attack, suicide bombers blew up four infantry fighting vehicles rigged with explosives at the positions of the Syrian government troops. The attack was launched under the leadership of Jabhat al-Nusra," he said.

According to him, by 04:00 am Monday, the attack was repelled by the Syrian army and militias with support of the Russian aviation. "More than 800 militants were killed during the fighting, 14 tanks, 10 infantry fighting vehicles, more than 60 vehicles with mounted guns were destroyed", Rudskoi said.

At the same time, he said, units of the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra groups (both organizations banned in Russia), as well as "formations of the so-called moderate opposition that joined them" continue unceasing attacks" on the Syrian troops near Aleppo "with a view to encircling the city," using suicide bombers on a massive scale. Over the past two months, Rudskoi said, more than 100 acts of terrorism have been committed in the area of ··Aleppo. According to him, over the past week alone, more than 250 people were killed and some 900 were injured in four terrorist attacks .....More:


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  1. Douze personnes sont décédées dans le nord de la Syrie après une frappe aérienne russe, a fait savoir l'Observatoire syrien des Droits de l'Homme (OSDH) lundi...

    Cette attaque a été menée en représailles de la destruction d'un hélicoptère russe qui a fait cinq morts selon le Kremlin.

    Les douze victimes, parmi lesquelles figurent deux enfants, ont été tuées à proximité de la base aérienne de Abu Dhuhur, dans la province d'Idlib, selon l'OSDH. Selon des sources proches des rebelles sur place, la Russie a mené 33 frappes dans la région depuis que l'hélicoptère a été abattu. Le général russe Sergei Rudskoi a indiqué que l'aéronef a été frappé au-dessus d'une région contrôlée par des membres de l'ancien Front al-Nosra, qui a brisé son allégeance avec al-Qaida la semaine passée, et des rebelles dits modérés. Personne n'a revendiqué la responsabilité de l'attaque.


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