Monday, April 4, 2016

Azeri provocation

The facts that are taking place in Artsakh are not neutral and are consequences of Azeri provocation. Every time we see the Azeris making such attacks to change the facts vainly, but we realize that alongside the Armenian strategy tries to explain for years now that there are no problems and that we are very far from the war in 1994.

In reality, this situation is not stable, because there is no robustness in the positions. Also, while we see Turkey always in an insidious manner supporting the Azeris, Armenia has not yet recognized the nature of Artsakh. It is understood that there are diplomatic problems that Armenia doesn’t want without gimmicks to announce what it really has in its heart for Artsakh which was always Armenian land.

We all know what the historic reality is in Artsakh and that the Azeri provocation doesn’t affect us, because for years now it tries in vain to persuade the foreigners who don’t know the truth. It is therefore very important that there be coordination of our moves so that there will be acts and help the situation even on a practical level, because we see that simple resistance is not enough and high strategy must become more efficient against the barbaric attacks, the propaganda, the gimmicks.

Because, this land is not only Armenian in the sense of the soil, but also of the spirit as it is obvious with the monasteries and the churches, but civilization that is not protected in a siege-like manner it has not future even if it has a past with history of centuries.
 N. Lygeros
Translated from the Greek by Vicky Baklessi


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