Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hollande meets Castro on bilateral ties

Visiting French President Francois Hollande and Cuban leader Raul Castro on Monday discussed ways to strengthen political and economic ties between their countries.

The two men stressed the positive state of bilateral relations and the possibilities of expanding the political and economic ties and exchanged views on international issues, Cuban media reported.

Hollande, the first ever French head of state to visit Cuba, also met Fidel Castro, who handed over power to his brother, Raul, in 2006.

Hollande, who arrived late Sunday night in the Cuban capital of Havana,is also the first Western European head of state to visit the island Cuba in more than 55 years.

France has joined the Netherlands and Spain in leading an European Union push to normalize ties with Cuba, suspended in 2003. The EU opened talks on restoring ties in April 2014.

Both Europe and the United States are seeking to normalize relations with Cuba. Hollande's visit came after the United States and Cuba announced their willingness to restore diplomatic ties.

Earlier on Monday, the French president urged Washington to end an half-century-old trade embargo on Cuba in a speech at the University of Havana before meeting with Fidel and Raul Castro respectively.

He said his country would do whatever possible to see that "the measures that have so badly harmed Cuba's development can finally be lifted, repealed."

Hollande said his trip came "at a particularly important but also uncertain time," as the United States seeks to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba and European countries scramble to reinforce ties.

Hollande, traveling with a delegation of French business leaders, said that the two countries would sign a series of agreements on improved access to Latin American markets. 

 Xinhua- china.org.cn 12/5/15

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  1. Hollande's vow to settle ‘debt’ to Haiti sparks confusion...

    French President François Hollande had some explaining to do after vowing Sunday to “settle the debt” France owes to Haiti, with aides rushing to clarify that the debt referred to was a moral one and did not involve any financial compensation.

    Speaking at the inauguration of the ACTe slavery memorial in Guadeloupe on May 10 – France’s national day to commemorate the abolition of the slave trade – Hollande surprised his audience by seemingly making a promise for his upcoming visit to Haiti.

    “When I come to Haiti, I will, for my part, settle the debt that we have.”

    Within seconds, the announcement was repeated hundreds of times on social media. "Haiti's debt is to be paid? Am I dreaming?" asked one enthusiastic tweet.

    Hollande’s words reawakened a claim made by many Haitians: that their country is owed back the money it was required to pay to France after becoming independent in 1804...........http://www.france24.com/en/20150512-hollande-vow-haiti-debt-france-settle-slavery-confusion


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