Monday, September 22, 2014

Newly Appointed US Ambassador to FYROM "Negates" Slavic ethnic citizens Existence (FYROM news - Russian medias propaganda)

MOSCOW, September 22 (RIA Novosti), Ekaterina Blinova
- A statement given by Jess Lippincott Baily, the newly appointed US Ambassador in FYROM, has sparked a heated debate among ethnic slavs, who claim that the Ambassador "negates the existence of the FYROM people."

"Mr. Jess Lipinkot Bailey will come to service in the country in which he negates the existence of the FYROM people. Namely, during a questioning in the Committee on Foreign Relations he expressed that FYROM Slavs were a majority and ethnic Albanians a minority in the country," writes Mina, a slavic web resource, in an article "New US Ambassador, Not Making Friends in FYROM."

The roots of the problem lie in the long-standing dispute between the FYROM and Greece regarding the so-called "name issue." The Greek government argues that the FYROM does not have the right to use its name, as in Greece there  is a region called Macedonia. Because of the long standing territorial dispute between the two countries, Athens has blocked FYROM's request for NATO and EU membership.

"The most worrying thing here is that the new US Ambassador has an identical position with Athens - to negate Slavic ethnic citizens. The FYROMnian Government may not have the courage to deny Jess Baily the Ambassadorial post to FYROM and ask for a new diplomat, someone who doesn't insult the country, however Mr. Baily has ensured his stay will be uncomfortable and short," the slavic web resource stresses.

The crux of the problem is that the American Ambassador avoids using the word "FYROMnians", instead replacing it with the term "Slavs." The slavic population is inclined to consider him "unfriendly" and pro-Greece. In this light, they express deep concerns about US-FYROM relations.

Remarkably, though the FYROM Ministry of Foreign Affairs has emphasized it was discontent with Jess Baily's stance, the FM's statement written on the official website in FYROM language has not been translated into English.

In addition, the local FYROM media is discussing the US Ambassador's statement.
***[After the necessary corrections with the name "FYROM"]

***[GREECE recognized this country with the name "FYROM"]
***[UN  resolution A/RES/47/225 of 8 April 1993] 




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