Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Czech president speaks against new anti-Russian sanctions.(If it is unambiguously proven that Russia sent its combat troops to the east of Ukraine)

PRAGUE, September 02. /ITAR-TASS/. A new package of sanctions against Russia should be adopted only if the West is able to prove claims that Russian troops are deployed in Ukraine, Czech President Milos Zeman said during his visit to the country’s parliament Tuesday.

“Sanctions will only be possible if it is unambiguously proven that Russia sent its combat troops to the east of Ukraine,” Zeman said. “Had the invasion occurred, I would support tougher sanctions. But if there was none, I would speak for no sanctions at all but for the start of talks resulting in a truce.”
Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said Tuesday the path of toughening sanctions against Russia is risky for Europe.

“We should act in such a manner so as to pay more attention to the interests of the Czech Republic and the European Union. I believe Europe should avoid harming itself by these sanctions,” Sobotka said.

He said “the biggest problem” is response measures Russia could adopt against EU countries. The premier said the Czech government will on Wednesday decide the issue of the country’s attitude toward a new package of anti-Russian sanctions planned by the EU.

At Saturday’s EU summit in Brussels, Sobotka criticized the already adopted sanctions against Moscow characterizing them as “ineffective.”.....................

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  1. Après la République Tchèque, la Slovaquie demande l’UE d’assouplir les sanctions antirusses (PM)...

    La Slovaquie s'oppose à certaines positions du projet des sanctions de l'UE contre la Russie, a déclaré ce jeudi le premier ministre Robert Fico après une réunion extraordinaire consacrée à l’étude des nouvelles sanctions antirusses de l’UE.
    « Nous nous sommes adressés à l’UE avec une demande d’exclure certains points du projet des sanctions. Nous désirons continuer à exporter un certain nombre de marchandises vers la Russie », a déclaré Fico.

    24 heures plus tôt, lors de la réunion du gouvernement tchèque, le premier-ministre Bohuslav Sobotka a déclaré qu'il a reçu de la part de ses collègues un mandat visant à faire des objections sur le projet des nouvelles sanctions de l'UE contre la Russie, actuellement en préparation .
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