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[October 2014]

Il pensait même très joliment autrefois, je pouvais l'écouter pendant des heures.


  1. Militants seize western Iraqi town of Heet: Report....

    BAGHDAD: Sunni Muslim militants took control of most of the western Iraqi town of Heet in Anbar province early on Thursday, security sources and local officials said.

    "Ninety per cent of the town of Heet has been overrun by militants," said Adnan al-Fahdawi, a provincial council member, adding the attackers were better armed than local security forces.

    An eyewitness speaking from Heet told Reuters: "Scores of militants can be seen in the town with their vehicles and weapons; I can hear shooting now everywhere".

    The security sources said they believed the attackers were Islamic State fighters, who struck first with three suicide car bombs at the eastern entrance to Heet and a police station in the town.

    Initial reports from Heet hospital sources said six people, including one civilian, were killed and 12 people were wounded....................

  2. Massacre in Kobane would end PKK's peace talks with Turkey: Öcalan...

    Abdullah Öcalan, the jailed leader of outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), has warned that peace talks between his group and the Turkish government will come to an end if Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) militants are allowed to carry out a massacre in a predominantly Kurdish town on the Syrian border.

    ISIL militants have besieged the border of town of Kobane for more than two weeks, sending more than 150,000 Syrian Kurds fleeing to Turkey and piling pressure on the NATO member to intervene.

    "If this massacre attempt achieves its goal it will end the process," Öcalan said in a statement released by a delegation which visited him in jail on Oct. 1.

    "I urge everyone in Turkey who does not want the process and the democracy voyage to collapse to take responsibility in Kobane," he added in the statement, released on Oct. 2.

    Kurdish forces allied to the PKK, the People's Defence Units (YPG), are fighting against the ISIL insurgents attacking Kobane.

    The PKK is designated a terrorist group by Turkey, the United States and European Union.

  3. Syrian opposition urges ceasefire during Eid al-Adha feast...

    Some Syrian opposition parties have called for a ceasefire in Syria during the coming feast of Muslim Eid al-Adha to alleviate some of the suffering of the Syrian people, the pro-government al-Watan daily reported Thursday.

    In a statement, the domestically-based National Coordination Body (NCB) called for a "humanitarian" ceasefire during the week- long holiday of Eid al-Adha, or the feast of sacrifice.

    The NCB's call came in tandem with a popular initiative launched recently by a number of political, religious figures, some with the opposition -- "for the safety of our people, reach out for a ceasefire in Syria."

    The NCB urged all political movements and military forces to support the ceasefire initiative to "alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people and to give them some hope."

    For his part, Muaz al-Khatib, the former head of the exiled Syrian National Coalition for opposition forces, said in a statement that the success of the ceasefire during the feast would have "a great impact on any future steps aiming at curbing the bloodletting in Syria."

    Eid al-Adha, long a source of delight for Muslims, has lost its luster in Syria because of the more than three-year-old conflict. Most Syrians choose to confine themselves to their homes during the holiday.

  4. UN accuses Islamic State of 'gross rights abuses'...

    A "staggering array" of human rights abuses has been committed by Islamic State (IS) militants and associated armed groups over a nine-week period in Iraq, the UN says.

    It says that abuses committed between 6 July to 10 September may amount to war crimes or crimes against humanity.

    Iraqi leaders must unite to restore control over IS areas, the UN says.

    It says that a number of violations have also been committed by Iraqi security forces and their associates.

    The UN report, produced jointly by the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (Unami) and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, is based on almost 500 interviews.

    It says that abuses perpetrated by IS and associated armed groups have an "apparent systematic and widespread character".

    "These include attacks directly targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure, executions and other targeted killings of civilians, abductions, rape and other forms of sexual and physical violence," the report says................

  5. Irak: 17 soldats et policiers, 40 jihadistes tués dans l'ouest....

    Au moins 17 membres des forces de sécurité et 40 jihadistes sont morts dans deux attaques du groupe Etat islamique (EI) contre des bases de l'armée et de la police dans l'ouest de l'Irak, ont affirmé jeudi des sources de sécurité et médicales.

    Les jihadistes ont attaqué le quartier général de la police à Hit, tuant 11 policiers, et ont lancé un assaut contre une base militaire près de Ramadi, tuant 6 soldats. Vingt jihadistes ont été tués dans chacune des deux attaques, selon les mêmes sources.

    Près de Ramadi (à 100 km à l'ouest de Bagdad), les jihadistes ont attaqué dans la nuit le quartier général de la 8e brigade sur trois fronts, selon le général Awad al-Doulaimi.

    Deux voitures militaires piégées conduites par deux kamikazes ont d'abord explosé devant la base, créant une large brèche dans le mur, puis 13 kamikazes portant des ceintures explosives ont pris d'assaut le bâtiment, a-t-il ajouté.

    "Nous avons tué le dernier d'entre eux à 05H00 (02H00 GMT) après de violents affrontements. Nous en avons également tué 7 qui arrivaient d'autres directions", selon lui.....................

  6. Moscow not to publish sanction list of EU officials....

    Moscow will not publish a response list of entry-banned EU officials, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Russian News Service radio on Thursday.

    “Russia has taken response measures," she said. “We have no such practice (to publish a Russian blacklist of European officials barred from entering Russia). We do not publish such lists.”

    Those Western colleagues who feel they may be on the list should check it through diplomatic channels before traveling to Russia, she said.

    “Sanctions are not our caprice. It is only a response measure,” she added.............

  7. Europäische Zentralbank kauft zwei Jahre lang Bankkredite...

    EZB-Präsident Mario Draghi findet die Inflation zu niedrig. Jetzt will er Kreditpakete von Banken kaufen - in der Hoffnung, dass Wirtschaft und Konjunktur wieder anziehen. Kritik kommt vom Ökonomen Hans-Werner Sinn.

    Die Europäische Zentralbank (EZB) will für die Dauer von mindestens zwei Jahren von Banken Kreditpakete in wohl dreistelliger Milliarden-Höhe ankaufen und hofft damit die Inflation anzuheben. Das kündigte Notenbank-Präsident Mario Draghi am Donnerstag nach der auswärtigen Sitzung des EZB-Rates im süditalienischen Neapel an. Der Leitzins bleibt konstant bei 0,05 Prozent. Außerhalb des Tagungsgebäudes gab es heftige, teils gewalttätige Proteste von Demonstranten gegen die Sparpolitik und die EZB; die Polizei setzte Tränengas und Wasserwerfer ein.

    Der Kauf von Pfandbriefen (Covered Bonds) soll in der zweiten Oktoberhälfte beginnen, der Kauf von besicherten Kreditpaketen (Asset Backed Securities, „ABS“) im vierten Quartal dieses Jahres. Die EZB will mit dem umstrittenen Programm Geschäftsbanken Freiräume für neue Kredite verschaffen. Auch griechische und zyprische Papiere werden gekauft, auch wenn diese nicht die Rating-Anforderungen von BBB- erfüllen. Allerdings müsste sich Griechenland an das verabredete Programm halten. „Ohne Programm gibt es keine Käufe“, sagte Draghi. Die ABS-Papiere mit niedrigem Rating werden von Kritikern als Schrottpapiere bezeichnet. Draghi betonte, dass er nur einfache und transparente Papiere kaufen werden. Außerdem werde es im Falle Griechenlands weitere Mechanismen geben, um die Risiken zu begrenzen....................

  8. John McCain admite que se reunió con miembros del Estado Islámico...

    El senador estadounidense John McCain parece haber metido la pata en una reciente aparición en Fox News, donde accidentalmente confirmó que los rebeldes sirios con los que se había reunido en mayo de 2013 tenían vínculos con el Estado Islámico.

    En una crítica a los métodos con que el Gobierno de Barack Obama lucha contra el Estado Islámico y a los comentarios del senador Rand Paul, que le había acusado de reunirse con miembros de la milicia yihadista, McCain exclamó: "¿Ha estado Rand Paul alguna vez en Siria? ¿Se ha encontrado alguna vez con el Estado Islámico? ¿Se ha encontrado alguna vez con alguna de estas personas? ¡No, no, no! (…) Conozco a esta gente. Estoy en contacto con ellos todo el tiempo. Y él, no. No lo está. No lo está". El portal Counter Current News ha interpretado estas exclamaciones del senador como el reconocimiento del hecho de que se había reunido con miembros del Estado Islámico.....................Texto completo en:

  9. Εντοπίστηκε «γιάφκα» στο Βύρωνα...

    Σχέδια για επίθεση εναντίον γνωστού εφοπλιστή και πολυεθνικής εταιρείας με δραστηριότητες στον Πειραιά εντοπίστηκαν από την Αντιτρομοκρατική Υπηρεσία, σε διαμέρισμα- κρησφύγετο στο Βύρωνα, σύμφωνα με αστυνομικές πηγές.

    Συνελήφθη για την υπόθεση και ανακρίνεται ένας 30χρονος.

    Η έφοδος αστυνομικών στο διαμέρισμα στο Βύρωνα έγινε το βράδυ της Τετάρτης.

    Σύμφωνα με τις πρώτες πληροφορίες, φαίνεται ότι πρόκειται για ομάδα αντάρτικου πόλης.

    Αρμόδιοι αξιωματικοί διευκρινίζουν ότι δεν έχει καμία σχέση η συγκεκριμένη υπόθεση με τους έξι που συνελήφθησαν την Τετάρτη σε Αθήνα και Θεσσαλονίκη, ούτε με τον παγιδευμένο φάκελο που εξουδετερώθηκε στο Χρηματιστήριο Αθηνών την Πέμπτη...............

  10. Defense of Radovan Karadzic, the American Peter Robinson, had asked the court to dismiss the second charge of the indictment that the former President of the Republic of Srpska (RS) dealt with genocide....

    Robinson said that the prosecution could in no way prove that Karadzic had not intended to destroy the Muslims throughout Bosnia, which would be necessary as if to prove the liability of the genocide.
    Robinson added that 26 defense witnesses confirmed that Karadzic was unaware of the events in Srebrenica.

    Let’s remind, former RS President Radovan Karadzic said yesterday that he was not guilty of the crimes with which he is charged, but that he takes moral responsibility for the crimes of the Serbs in Bosnia.

    In his closing argument he pointed out that the whole Serbian nation have been tried by the ICTY for crimes committed in former Yugoslavia.

    Karadzic is charged with genocide, crimes against humanity and violations of the laws or customs of warfare in Bosnia and Herzegovina between 1992 and 1995.

  11. Australia to join anti-ISIS strikes in Iraq...

    Australia’s prime minister said Friday that the nation’s air force will launch airstrikes against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) targets in Iraq.

    The announcement has been widely anticipated since six F/A-18F Super Hornet jet fighters were pre-deployed to the United Arab Emirates more than two weeks ago in response to a formal request from the United States for specific contributions to the international coalition.

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott told reporters that the deployment to Iraq “could be quite lengthy. Certainly, months rather than weeks.”

    “Yes, it is a combat deployment, but it is an essentially humanitarian mission to protect the people of Iraq and ultimately the people of Australia from the murderous rage of the ISIL (ISIS) death cult,” Abbott said.

    “ISIL must be disrupted and degraded at home and abroad, so it is absolutely in Australia’s national interests that this mission go ahead,” he said.

    The seven cabinet ministers who make up the government’s National Security Committee approved the deployment after an official request was received from Iraq overnight.

    Two unarmed Australian air force planes - an E-7A Wedgetail surveillance and communications jet and a KC-30A refueling plane - joined operations over Iraq from the al-Minhad Air Base outside Dubai for the first time on Wednesday in support roles.

    The government says the number of Super Hornets could soon be increased to eight.

    The Australian deployment also includes a 200-strong ground force, including special forces, to advise security forces inside Iraq, plus 400 air force personnel...........................ap.................

  12. Netanyahu says he agreed to US proposal for talks with Palestinians based on '67 lines ...

    Binyamin Netanyahu told Israel Radio late Thursday that he had agreed to an American framework proposal whereby Israel would negotiate peace with the Palestinians on the basis of the ’67 cease-fire lines with territorial swaps.

    The framework, which was drawn up US Secretary of State John Kerry as part of Washington’s efforts to re-start the stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, was not presented after negotiations broke down. Both sides accused one another of sabotaging the nine-month talks with unilateral steps.

    Netanyahu told Israel Radio that he agreed to the framework, though he and Kerry came to an understanding that the Israeli government could note a number of reservations with certain elements of the document.

    1. Australian warplanes ready to strike in Iraq ....

      Australian warplanes will be used in air strikes against Islamic State (IS) extremists in northern Iraq, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott confirmed on Friday.

      Abbott said a decision to send in Super Hornets as part of a U. S.-led mission was taken following a meeting of the National Security Committee of Cabinet.

      "Today cabinet has authorised Australian air strikes in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi government in support of the Iraqi government," Abbott told a press conference in Canberra.

      "Also, subject to final legal documentation, cabinet has authorised the deployment of Australian special forces into Iraq to advise and assist Iraqi forces."

      Six Super Hornets, a Wedgetail surveillance aircraft, a KC-30 refueller and a special forces contingent have been pre-deployed to the United Arab Emirates.

      A Wedgetail surveillance aircraft and a refueller have flown missions over Iraq, while Australian Super Hornets have remained on standby pending approval for bombing raids against IS targets.

      "I want to assure the Australian people this will be as long as it needs to be, and as short as it possibly can be," Abbott said.

      Abbott said only Iraq can defeat IS, but Iraq shouldn't and won 't be alone.

  13. Ukrainian conflict stirs fear of Russia in Poland....

    Russia’s involvement in the Ukrainian crisis has Poland fearing for its security.

    Poland’s new prime minister Ewa Kopacz said in her inauguration speech on Wednesday that Poland was looking forward to strengthening its relationship with the U.S. and would request an American military presence in the country, due to ongoing violence in Ukraine.

    Ewa Kopacz, who took over after former PM Donald Tusk who was named EU Council president, was granted a vote of confidence for one year. The country’s next parliamentary elections will take place in October 2015.

    “In light to what is happening in Ukraine, closer relations with the United States have become important. That is why my government will take all efforts to have the U.S. increase its military presence in Poland,” said PM Kopacz Wednesday before the confidence vote.

    “ Poland feels threatened by the current developments inUkraine and the Russian aggression towards Ukraine,” Marcin Zaborowski, director of the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM), told Anadolu Agency.

    The annexation of Crimea by Russia, the violence in the Donbass region, has led Poland to “increase its spending on defense and expect a larger NATO presence in the region,” says Zaborowksi................

  14. Russian representatives inform world community about human rights violations in Ukraine....

    Russian representatives’ speeches at the UN briefing on humanitarian aspects in Ukraine made it possible to inform the global community about an objective picture of the tragedy in the country and name those responsible for it, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

    The briefing was organized by the Russian Permanent Mission to the UN Speakers and featured Russian Emergencies Deputy Minister Vladimir Stepanov, deputy head of the Russian Federal Migration Service Nikolay Smorodin and the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Supremacy of Law, Konstantin Dolgov.

    They informed the world public about mass and systematic violations of human rights in Ukraine. They emphasized the need "to investigate war crimes related to executions of residents in the Donetsk region. It seems that the crimes were committed by Ukrainian security forces." “They called for contributing to punishing those guilty of murders on Maidan, in Odessa and Mariupol, and the Malaysia Airlines Boeing crash,” the ministry said.

  15. Catalonia pushes ahead with referendum plans despite court move...

    (Reuters) - The leader of Catalonia has set up a panel to supervise a contested independence referendum next month, defying Spain's central government which has gone to the courts to block the vote.

    The president of the wealthy north-east region, Artur Mas, appointed a seven-strong committee to oversee the ballot on Thursday evening, the local government said in a statement.

    It was the first official move to prepare for the planned Nov. 9 vote on separation from Spain since the Constitutional Court agreed on Monday to review the legality of the referendum -- a decision that effectively suspended the ballot.

    Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's office declined to comment.

    Catalonia has a population of 7.5 million people, is centered on Barcelona and has its own language. Accounting for a fifth of Spain's economy, it has long sought independence and was buoyed by the close result of last month's referendum in Scotland.

    Madrid, worried that a vote would tear the country apart just as it is slowly emerging from a ferocious economic downturn, argues that any ballot on secession would be against Spain's 1979 constitution.

    Catalonia said earlier this week it would temporarily suspend campaigning as it prepared to appeal against the Constitutional Court decision.........................

  16. Hajj pilgrims reflect on Mount Arafat...

    For the millions of hajj pilgrims who have descended upon Mount Arafat, Friday will culminate in experiences of high emotion and deep spirituality on what is known as the day of Arafat. Transfixed in prayer and supplication, pilgrims will be spending the entire day close to the mountain, seeking forgiveness. This forms part of the hajj rituals that remain unchanged since the 7th century.

    One of the first reported British men to experience the day of Arafat was Jospeh Pitts, a sailor from Exeter, who recorded his first hajj experience in 1680. At Arafat, he was mesmerized by what he witnessed: “It was a sight indeed, able to pierce one’s heart, to behold so many thousands of Muslims in their garments of humility and mortification, with their naked heads, and cheeks watered with tears.” Then in 1933, Lady Evelyn Murray was reportedly one of the first British Muslim women to undertake the rituals of hajj. Her accounts are recorded in “The Pilgrimage to Mecca.”...........

  17. Merkel under fire for arms exports to Mideast...

    The German government has approved arms exports to Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates sparking fierce criticism from the opposition.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative-left coalition government informed Federal Parliament on Thursday that it has issued various export licenses for defense companies that plan arms sales to countries including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait and Oman. The arms for sale have included, according to a report from the Sueddeutsche Zeitung on Friday:

    Heavily armored military vehicles and light armored reconnaissance vehicles to Qatar
    Military engineering vehicles to United Arab Emirates
    Remote weapon systems and a prototype sample reconnaissance and surveillance system to Saudi Arabia
    Three thousand machine pistols and explosives to United Arab Emirates
    One thousand full automatic machine pistols to Jordan
    Grenade machine guns to Kuwait
    500 machine pistols to Oman

    Green Party lawmaker Agnieszka Brugger has sharply criticized German government for not honoring its commitment to follow strict principles for arms to countries that are not members of the EU or NATO.

    “The German government has not restricted arms exports, but on the contrary, has unscrupulously moved forward by approving arms sales to countries with highly problematic human rights records,” Brugger said.

    Left Party lawmaker Jan van Aken criticized Merkel’s coalition partner Social Democratic Party (SPD) and its lead Sigmar Gabriel.

    “It seems that Vice Chancellor Gabriel has totally caved in to the arms lobby,” he said.............

  18. La Suède sera le premier pays membre de l'UE à reconnaître l'Etat palestinien...

    Le nouveau gouvernement suédois de centre gauche va reconnaître un Etat de Palestine, a annoncé vendredi le Premier ministre Stefan Lofven. L'Assemblée générale des Nations unies a approuvé de fait la reconnaissance d'un État souverain de Palestine en 2012, mais l'Union européenne et la plupart des pays pris individuellement au sein de l'UE, ne l'ont pas encore reconnu officiellement.

    "Le conflit entre Israël et la Palestine ne peut être résolu que par une solution à deux États, négociée en accord avec le droit international", a déclaré Stefan Lofven lors de son discours d'investiture au Parlement.

    "Une solution à deux Etats nécessite une reconnaissance mutuelle et la volonté de coexistence pacifique. Par conséquent, la Suède va reconnaître l’État de Palestine", a-t-il ajouté.

    Cette annonce, de la part d'un État réputé pour être un intermédiaire fiable dans les affaires internationales, ne manquera pas de susciter l'attention des autres États membres de l'UE, mais risque aussi d'attirer des critiques de la part d'Israël, ainsi que des États-Unis et de l'UE, qui affirment qu'un État palestinien indépendant ne peut émerger que via un processus de paix négocié.

    Première reconnaissance de la part d'un membre de l'UE

    Au sein de l'UE, quelques pays, comme la Hongrie, la Pologne et la Slovaquie, ont reconnu l'existence d'un État palestinien mais ils l'avaient fait avant d'adhérer à l'UE.

    Si le gouvernement suédois parvient à ses fins, la Suède sera le premier pays à reconnaître un État palestinien en étant membre de l'Union européenne................

  19. New settlements plan threatens ties with Israel, EU says....

    (Reuters) - Plans for new settlements in East Jerusalem pose a threat to peace and Israel's relations with the European Union, the 28-member bloc said on Friday, joining the United States in its criticism of the decision.

    The strong language from the European Union, the biggest aid donor to the Palestinians who seek statehood in territories captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war, echoes criticism from Germany, France and Washington.

    French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said the decision to build 2,610 homes in Givat Hamatos would be the first new settlement in the East Jerusalem area for 15 years.

    "This represents a further highly detrimental step that undermines prospects for a two-state solution and calls into question Israel's commitment to a peaceful negotiated settlement with the Palestinians," the European Union's External Action Service said in a statement.

    "We stress that the future development of relations between the EU and Israel will depend on the latter's engagement towards a lasting peace based on a two-state solution," the EEAS said, referring to an independent and democratic Palestinian state that would exist alongside Israel..................

  20. M 4.7 - SOUTHERN GREECE....28 km S of Pátra.....local time: 18:12...

    Magnitude ML 4.7
    Date time 2014-10-03 15:12:11.4 UTC
    Location 37.99 N ; 21.71 E
    Depth 2 km
    176 km W of Athens, Greece / pop: 729,137 / local time: 18:12:11.4 2014-10-03
    28 km S of Pátra, Greece / pop: 163,360 / local time: 18:12:11.4 2014-10-03
    10 km SE of Káto Mazarákion, Greece / pop: 1,005 / local time: 18:12:11.4 2014-10-03

  21. Ebola Not Mutating, Not Airborne: United Nations...

    The United Nations' Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) has confirmed on Friday that the Ebola virus is not airborne and that currently there are no reasons to believe that it is mutating to become airborne.

    "The UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) seeks to clarify that Ebola is not an airborne disease. At this point in time we have no evidence and do not anticipate that the Ebola virus is mutating to become airborne," UNMEER said in a statement released on Friday, stressing that the Ebola virus only spreads through the contact with bodily fluids.

    The UNMEER said that there are, however, real concerns with the current outbreak as every day more people are becoming infected and more die because they cannot get the help needed. The Mission quoted the World Health Organization's advice to avoid contacts with bodily fluids of people infected with Ebola, and with surfaces and materials contaminated with fluids.

    The current outbreak of Ebola, worst yet, started in southern Guinea and quickly spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal. A separate outbreak, unrelated to the one in West Africa, is taking place in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    According to the latest WHO estimates, the Ebola death toll has risen to over 3,300 since the epidemic started.

  22. Earthquake M 4.5 - SOUTHERN GREECE - 19 km SW of Trípoli - local time: 03:12....

    Magnitude mb 4.5
    Date time 2014-10-04 00:12:02.2 UTC
    Location 37.42 N ; 22.19 E
    Depth 2 km
    148 km SW of Athens, Greece / pop: 729,137 / local time: 03:12:02.2 2014-10-04
    19 km SW of Trípoli, Greece / pop: 26,561 / local time: 03:12:02.2 2014-10-04

  23. US Watches Hong Kong Protests, Weighs Approach ....

    WHITE HOUSE— White House officials say they are monitoring student-led protests in Hong Kong closely after China this week warned of unimaginable consequences that could include using force to put down the demonstrations.

    The demonstrations show no signs of letting up, presenting a dilemma for China's communist leaders who are deciding between cracking down on the protesters and facing international condemnation or risking seeing the pro-democracy fervor spread to the mainland.

    The White House is watching closely..............

  24. Russia in mind, Latvia votes in parliamentary elections...

    Latvia is holding parliamentary elections that are likely to see its center-right coalition returned to power. However, many Latvians fear a strong showing by a party supported by Russophones in the country.

    Polling stations opened in Latvia on Saturday for parliamentary elections from which the current ruling center-right coalition under Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuman is likely to emerge victorious.

    The four parties in the coalition scored 33 to 61 percent support in recent polls carried out by the independent research company SKDS, against 18-24 percent for the opposition left-wing Harmony party, which is mainly backed by the quarter of the population who are ethnic Russians.

    The poll comes amid growing alarm among many Latvians in the face of Russian interventions in Ukraine, particularly the annexation of Crimea in March. Latvia, now an EU, eurozone and NATO member, was under Soviet rule until 1991.

    Straujuma has called for more NATO troops and extra air patrols in the country, which borders Russia, amid fears of a Russian resurgence.

    Fears of growing influence from Moscow have also caused misgivings among coalition supporters at the popularity of the Harmony party, which is allied with Russian President Vladimir Putin's United Russia.

    Harmony received the most votes in a snap election in 2011, but this was not enough to give it a majority. Having failed to find coalition partners, it was relegated to the opposition in the 100-seat parliament...............

  25. Les Etats-Unis commencent une projection d’une brigade blindée en Europe...

    La semaine prochaine, les Etats-Unis vont commencer la projection d'une autre brigade blindée vers les pays d'Europe de l'Est. Cela a été annoncé par le porte-parole de Pentagone, le contre-amiral John Kirby lors d'une conférence.

    Kirby a noté que l'expansion de la présence militaire américaine en Europe était liée à la détérioration des relations entre la Russie et l'Occident.

    John Kirby a précisé qu’il s’agissait d'une brigade blindée lourde de Fort Hood (Texas) qui « commencera à arriver en Estonie, Lettonie, Lituanie et en Pologne la semaine prochaine dans le cadre de la mission des États-Unis visant à renforcer les liens avec ses alliés de l'OTAN ».
    Lire la suite:

  26. Latvia elects new parliament members...

    Voting began at Latvia’s 953 polling stations and at 98 stations organised in 41 countries on Saturday.

    Head of the country’s Central Elections Commission’s information department Kristine Berzinya told TASS the Commission will report the turnout at noon, at 4p.m. and at local time, and the initial results would be published shortly after midnight. By Sunday, the Commission plans to finalise all calculations.

    Early voting took place between October 1 and 3, where two percent of the vote (30,371 people) participated.

    The Central Elections Commission had accredited 30 international observers, including representatives of OSCE, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia.

    The voting once again excludes about 320 thousand Russian-speaking non-citizens, who were deprived of citizenship and the right to vote as Latvia with population of two million separated from the USSR.

    1. Elections parlementaires en Lettonie, inquiète de la situation en Ukraine...

      Inquiets de l'agressivité de la Russie en Ukraine, les Lettons, membres de la zone euro depuis janvier dernier, élisent samedi leur Parlement dans un scrutin qui devrait laisser au pouvoir la coalition sortante de centre droit, rapporte l'AFP.

      Ce résultat est attendu par les analystes, même si ces derniers prédisent un bon score du parti pro-Kremlin.

      Treize partis présentent des candidats. Les bureaux de vote ont ouvert à 07h00 (04h00 GMT) et devaient fermer à 20h00 (17h00 GMT).

      Selon des sondages, le parti de l'importante minorité russophone, Harmonie, dont le dirigeant, le maire de Riga Nils Ushakovs, se déclare fan du président russe Vladimir Poutine, devrait arriver en tête avec 24% des voix. Mais il n'aurait aucune chance de former le gouvernement, les autres formations se liguant contre lui, comme c'est le cas actuellement.

      La campagne électorale s'est déroulée sur fond de craintes apparues après l'annexion de la Crimée par la Russie et l'éclatement du conflit en Ukraine.

      Soupçonnant le Kremlin de vouloir rétablir son autorité dans la zone de l'ex-URSS, les Baltes craignent la déstabilisation de leurs petits Etats, dont deux, la Lettonie et l'Estonie, abritent d'importantes minorités russophones.
      Lire la suite:

  27. Δήλωση Αντιπροέδρου της Κυβέρνησης και Υπουργού Εξωτερικών Ευ. Βενιζέλου σχετικά με τη δολοφονία του Βρετανού πολίτη Alan Henning.....

    «Η αποτρόπαια δολοφονία του Βρετανού πολίτη Alan Henning από τους εκτελεστές του λεγόμενου “Ισλαμικού Χαλιφάτου” αποτελεί μία ακόμα παράλογη πράξη βαρβαρότητας και ένα ακόμα ειδεχθές έγκλημα της τρομοκρατικής αυτής οργάνωσης, ενάντια σε αθώους πολίτες και αμάχους.

    Εκφράζουμε τα βαθύτατα συλλυπητήρια μας στην οικογένεια του θύματος αλλά και στους πολίτες της Μεγάλης Βρετανίας και την αλληλεγγύη μας σε όλους πληθυσμούς και κοινότητες της ευρύτερης περιοχής που δοκιμάζονται από το πρωτόγνωρο και πρωτόγονο αυτό καθεστώς του λεγόμενου «Ισλαμικού Κράτους».

    Το νέο αυτό στυγερό έγκλημα των εξτρεμιστών του “Ισλαμικού Χαλιφάτου” ενισχύει την αποφασιστικότητα της διεθνούς κοινότητας, αλλά και της Ελλάδας, να πράξουν ό,τι είναι αναγκαίο για να φέρουν τους δράστες ενώπιον της δικαιοσύνης και να εξαλείψουν την απειλή που συνιστά το λεγόμενο «Ισλαμικό Κράτος», για την ειρήνη και την ευημερία στην ευρύτερη περιοχή».

  28. British Politicians To Face Criminal Investigation Over Scottish Referendum....

    Police in Scotland will formally investigate allegations that anti-Scottish independence campaigners breached electoral law during the referendum held on September 18.

    "We can confirm that Crown counsel has instructed Police Scotland to commence an investigation into alleged breaches of Schedule 7, Paragraph 7, of the Scottish Independence Referendum Act 2013," a statement issued on Saturday by the Crown Office, Scotland's prosecution service reads.

    The allegations relate to comments made by Ruth Davidson, a Member of the Scottish Parliament and leader of the Scottish Conservatives, in which she appeared to know the general results of postal votes arising from "sample opening" of ballot boxes.

    Postal vote opening sessions are permitted before the formal poll is conducted to verify signatures and dates of birth against records held by the local Returning Officer. Agents for the two campaigns were allowed to monitor these sessions, but it is a criminal offense, punishable with up to a year's imprisonment if found guilty, to communicate any information witnessed during the sample opening sessions..................

  29. Cameron vows to 'hunt down' Henning's killers....

    British Prime Minister David Cameron has said he will use "all the assets we have" to hunt down the Islamic State militants responsible for the "senseless" murder of British aid worker Alan Henning.

    Mr Cameron said the killing of "a man of great peace, kindness and gentleness" showed that there was "no level of depravity to which they will not sink".

    A video showing the murder of the 47-year-old former taxi driver from Greater Manchester was posted on the internet by the group last night...............

  30. North and South Korea agree to resume talks in Seoul...

    South Korea reports that North Korean officials who made a surprise visit have agreed to hold a second round of high-level talks with Seoul. The news comes after months of military tensions on the Korean peninsula.

    Top North Korean officials agreed on Saturday to resume a high-level dialogue with the South that has stalled since February, according to South Korean media and the Unification Ministry in Seoul.

    The talks would be held in the coming weeks, media reported.

    The agreement came after the three officials, including North Korea's de facto No. 2, made a surprise visit ahead of the closing ceremony of the Asian Games, holding the highest-level face-to-face talks with the South in five years............

  31. Ostukraine: Deutschland schickt Hilfskonvoi...

    Vor dem nahenden Winter will Entwicklungsminister Müller den Einwohnern in der umkämpften Ostukraine umfangreiche Hilfsgüter liefern lassen. Im Außenministerium reagiert man irritiert.

    Die Bundesregierung will den Menschen im umkämpften Osten der Ukraine vor dem nahenden Wintereinbruch umfangreiche Hilfen zukommen lassen. Bis Mitte Oktober sollen mehr als hundert Lastwagen aus ganz Deutschland Hilfsgüter in das Konfliktgebiet bringen, wie das Entwicklungsministerium am Samstag in Berlin mitteilte. Demnach bringt der Konvoi unter anderem mobile Unterkünfte und Küchen, Heizgeräte, Generatoren, Kleidung, Betten und Hygieneartikel im Wert von rund zehn Millionen Euro zu den Einwohnern.

    Entwicklungsminister Gerd Müller (CSU) sagte, der Konvoi sei ein „Zeichen der Solidarität“ mit der Ukraine. Die Aktion ist dem Ministerium nach mit der ukrainischen Regierung in Kiew abgestimmt. Die Lastwagen sollen demnach am Dienstag gemeinsam die polnisch-ukrainische Grenze bei Jagodin überqueren und anschließend ein Verteilzentrum in Kiew ansteuern. Dort sollen die zum Teil in der Ukraine gekauften Waren auf den Lastkraftwagen verteilt werden. Das meiste sei für die Städte Charkiw, Slawjansk, Mariupol, Saporischija und Dnepropetrowsk bestimmt.................

  32. French air force to fly from Cyprus against Islamic State....

    [By Kyriacos Kyriacou-Nicosia]
    Cyprus will allow to the French air force to fly from “Andreas Papandreou airbase in Pafos in support to operations against the Islamic State, the government has confirmed.

    Earlier, the Cypriot government authorised the use of its air space from the British Air force situated in British Sovereign Base in Akrotiri for air strikes in Iraq.

    “Not for bombing”

    Foreign affairs Minister Ioannis Kasoulides noted however that the Andreas Papandreou base will be used only to support operations and not for bombing.

    He said that Cyprus support the efforts to fight terrorism and highlighted the importance of Cyprus’ strategic position, which is situated in a very close distance from Iraq and Syria.

    He added that “it is our duty to participate in this battle because it is our civilization and our freedom is at stake from the sick actions of the members of the Islamic State”.

    “First time from Cyprus’s”

    Defense minister Christoforos Fokaides also noted that the base will not be used for bombing sorties, but only in ‘support operations’.“Due to its geography, Cyprus is well placed to assist in the fight against international terrorism. But our role will be limited to the provision of facilities (at the Paphos airbase),” said Fokaides...................

  33. Canada to Give Ukraine 9.76 Million CAD Towards Legal Aid Project: Foreign Ministry...

    The authorities of Canada have pledged 9.76 million Canadian dollars ($8.6 million) to Ukraine within the Quality and Accessible Legal Aid program, Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development stated.

    “Today, I am pleased to announce that we are contributing $9.76 million towards the Quality and Accessible Legal Aid project,” James Bezan from the Canadian House of Commons said in a statement published on the ministry’s website Friday.

    According to the statement, the project will enable the vulnerable stratum of the Ukrainian population to protect their rights.

    “Canada will continue to support Ukraine through the current crisis and beyond,” Bezan added. “Today’s announcement is a reflection of our longstanding work to help Ukraine increase equitable access to justice for women and men, particularly those from marginalized groups.”

    It was earlier reported that Ukraine had received from Canada’s export agency a loan in the amount of 200 million Canadian dollars. The loan was requested as per a decision by Ukraine’s government to finance the state budget. The funds reached Ukraine on September 30.

  34. Ukraine’s Armed Forces to Receive High-Precision Weapons: Reports...

    During a visit to a military-industrial complex in Zaporizhia, Ukraine's Defense Minister Valeriy Heletey stated that the armed forces of the country would receive high-precision weapons, the Ukrainian TV channel "1+1" reported.

    "We have already purchased a lot of high-precision weapons as well as equipment that we did not possess before – automated control systems, communication systems and many others that we needed before. We have to re-equip our armed forces in the near future," "1+1" quoted Heletey as saying Saturday.

    At the beginning of September, Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko stated that the country's army was expecting rearmament, with modern high-tech ammunition in the army to increase in amount. Later, when making a speech during the military parade in Kiev, Poroshenko said that over three billion dollars would be allocated between 2015 and 2017 to the rearmament of the army and upgrade of the military equipment....................

    1. Germany considers sending troops to E. Ukraine – report....

      Berlin is mulling sending troops to monitor the shaky ceasefire between Kiev forces and local militia in eastern Ukraine, a German government source told Reuters.

      The source told the agency that a German troop deployment would depend on the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which could move to send in troops to monitor the ceasefire it helped broker on September 5 in Minsk, Belarus.

      If such a political decision were made, the number of troops sent by Germany would depend on the security situation in Ukraine and conditions set by the OSCE, the source said.

      German newspaper Bild, however, said that 200 soldiers were planned for the mission. Around 150 would help monitor the crisis area with drones, and an additional 50 would provide security.

      Last month, France and Germany offered to send drones to help bolster OSCE monitoring of the ceasefire in Ukraine’s troubled east.

      The daily said the mission was in reaction to a Franco-German fact-finding mission in mid-September, which determined that the ceasefire could only be effectively monitored if boots on the ground provided security for monitoring staff...................

  35. Chechnya Capital Bombing Kills 4 Police ...

    A suicide bomber has killed four police officers in the capital of the Russian region of Chechnya as thousands gathered to celebrate a local holiday.

    Police were searching a man at a security checkpoint outside a concert hall when he detonated the explosives. Russia's Interfax news agency reports that the police blocked the bomber from entering the venue.

    After two separatist wars in the 1990s, Chechnya has become more stable under pro-Kremlin leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, whose birthday was also being celebrated Sunday.

  36. Le puissant typhon Phanfone a touché le centre du Japon...

    Le puissant typhon Phanfone a touché lundi matin (heure locale) l'île principale du Japon, Honshu, après avoir déjà balayé le sud de l'archipel où il a fait quatre morts et disparus, dont trois militaires américains, a-t-on appris auprès de l'Agence de météorologie nationale.
    Ce 18e typhon de la saison, qui se dirige désormais tout droit vers Tokyo, a cloué au sol plus de 600 avions et provoqué la suspension des recherches au sommet du mont Ontake (centre du Japon), une semaine après la soudaine éruption volcanique qui a fait au moins 51 morts. (Belga)

  37. Typhoon heads out to sea after leaving at least one dead in Japan....

    (Reuters) - A typhoon lashed Japan with torrential rain on Monday after killing at least one person, forcing the cancellation of flights and prompting warnings to more than 200,000 people to evacuate their homes before heading out to sea.

    Three U.S. servicemen were swept away by high waves lashing the southwestern island of Okinawa on Sunday as Typhoon Phanfone approached. One was found dead and two were missing. A surfer was swept out to sea.

    The storm brushed past the capital, Tokyo, and by early afternoon was out over the Pacific, leaving behind skies clear enough that Mount Fuji was clearly visible to the southwest.

    Heavy rains had forced the cancellation of a search for victims of Mount Ontake, with 12 people still missing after an eruption last week killed at least 51. A score of households in the foothills of the peak were evacuated out of concerns that heavy rains could cause mudslides as ash was washed downstream...............

  38. Nato can put troops wherever it wants, new secretary general says...

    New Nato secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said on Sunday that the Western alliance could deploy its forces wherever it wants, apparently calling into question post-Cold War agreements that have been shaken by Russia's actions in Crimea and Ukraine.

    Stoltenberg was visiting Nato member Poland to reassure it that Nato would provide the protection it sought against its former communist master, Russia, which in recent months has annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine, and been accused by the West of sending troops and equipment to back pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine.

    At a summit a month ago, Nato leaders agreed to set up a "spearhead" rapid reaction force that could be sent to a hotspot within days, and to pre-position equipment and supplies in eastern European countries to receive the force if needed.

    But they rejected appeals from Nato members in Eastern Europe, including Poland, to station thousands of troops there permanently -- partly because of the expense, and partly because they did not want to break a 1997 pact under which Nato promised Russia it would not permanently station significant combat forces in the east.

    Stoltenberg appeared to take a tougher line in Poland, however.

    "Next year, at the ministerial meeting, we will take decisions regarding the so-called spearhead but, even before it is established, Nato has a strong army after all. We can deploy it wherever we want to," Stoltenberg told the state broadcaster TVP Info........

  39. Hong Kong government employees return to work....

    Hong Kong Civil servants have begun returning to work as the protests that have disrupted the city for more than a week dwindled. Student activists have said steps are being taken for reform talks with the government.

    The streets of Hong Kong cleared enough on Monday for businesses, schools and civil service to resume. Bureaucrats were able to pass unimpeded through some barriers at the main government offices of the city's leader, Leung Chun-ying, which have been the focal point of the protests over the past eight days that brought tens of thousands of people out into the streets.

    Although the numbers dwindled into Monday, protesters said they would return in greater numbers later into the day to resume their demonstrations for free elections in the city. The numbers participating in the rallies has fluctuated all week, with many people leaving overnight and returning later.

    Further demonstrations likely

    The government had said it would do whatever was necessary to clear barricades blocking the city government headquarters by Monday.................

  40. ISIS flag raised on outskirts of Kobani, Syria...

    The black Islamic State flag has been raised over a building on the outskirts of a strategic town of Kobani on the Syrian-Kurdish border, according to various sources. However, Kurds defending the border town say that the city has not yet fallen.

    Attacks in the town intensified on Sunday when Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS or ISIL) militants besieged the city................

  41. Stoltenberg devenu victime d'un interprète polonais...

    Le nouveau secrétaire général de l'OTAN Jens Stolberberg est devenu victime d'un interprète, communique Rossiïskaïa gazeta. Selon le quotidien russe, l'interprète polonais a traduit très librement les propos du secrétaire général ce qui a provoqué un grand scandale international.

    Au cours de sa visite en Pologne M. Stoltenberg a déclaré dans un entretien à la chaîne de télévision TVP Info : « L'année prochaine, lors d'une réunion ministérielle, nous prendrons des décisions en ce qui concerne la force de réaction rapide, mais même avant qu'elle ne soit créée, l'OTAN dispose d'une armée puissante et nous pouvons déployer à tout instant une force de réaction ». L'interprète a ajouté : « Nous pouvons la déployer partout où nous le voulons ».

    Le journal russe se réfère à une source au sein de la chaîne en question qui a confirmé que la version anglaise de cet entretien ne renfermait pas ces mots. Les agences d'information en langue anglaise, notamment Reuters, ont cité le propos de Stolberberg tel qu'il a été exposé en direct sur TVP Info.
    Lire la suite:

  42. ΣτΕ: Αρκεί η ιθαγένεια για τους στρατιωτικούς...

    Η Ολομέλεια του Συμβουλίου της Επικρατείας, με την υπ΄ αριθμ. 3317/2014 απόφασή της, έκρινε ότι μπορούν να εισέρχονται στις Στρατιωτικές Σχολές και υποψήφιοι οι οποίοι δεν έχουν ελληνική καταγωγή (Έλληνες το γένος) αλλά έχουν μόνο την ελληνική ιθαγένεια και απέρριψε την προσφυγή απόστρατων αξιωματικών και Έλληνα πολίτη.

    Οι απόστρατοι αξιωματικοί και ο Έλληνας πολίτης (και Έλληνας το γένος) ζητούσαν να ακυρωθεί η από 15.4.2011 απόφαση του υπουργού Εθνικής Άμυνας η οποία όριζε στα προσόντα συμμετοχής στον διαγωνισμό για την εισαγωγή στα Ανώτατα Στρατιωτικά Εκπαιδευτικά Ιδρύματα, στην Σχολή Ευελπίδων, κ.λπ., ότι πρέπει οι υποψήφιοι να έχουν την ελληνική ιθαγένεια, χωρίς να απαιτείται να είναι Έλληνες το γένος, καθώς και η απόφαση του υπουργού Παιδείας με την οποία κυρώθηκαν οι πίνακες επιτυχόντων στα Ανώτατα Στρατιωτικά Εκπαιδευτικά Ιδρύματα, κ.λπ.

    Η Ολομέλεια του ΣτΕ ερμηνεύοντας το άρθρο 4 του Συντάγματος περί ισότητας των πολιτών έκρινε ότι οι νομοθετικές διατάξεις με τις οποίες θεσπίζεται «ως προσόν για την πρόσβαση στις δημόσιες λειτουργίες εκτός από την Ελληνική ιθαγένεια και η ελληνική καταγωγή», είναι αντίθετες στο επίμαχο άρθρο 4 του Συντάγματος.
    Πηγή: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

  43. Readout of the Vice President’s Call with Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic (The White House, Office of the Vice President)...

    Vice President Joe Biden spoke today with Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic to discuss bilateral relations and regional political dynamics in southeastern Europe. The Vice President congratulated Prime Minister Vucic for his focus on economic reforms and improving Serbia’s business climate, and the two leaders discussed ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the political and economic spheres.

  44. Lavrov: UN should join investigation of war crimes in Ukraine, Kiev’s probe ineffective...

    The United Nations and other international organizations should join the probe into war crimes in Ukraine as the Kiev government’s investigation has produced no results, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday.

    “Judging by the fact that no progress was made in investigating these incidents, it is possibly time for international organizations, such as the OSCE, the Council of Europe and the United Nations… to take the responsibility of ensuring an unbiased and fair investigation,” he said.
    Read more:

  45. Ex-Pentagon chief predicts 30-year ISIS war...

    The war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) could go on for decades because of poor decision-making on the part of the U.S. administration, the former chief of the Pentagon Leon Panetta said in an interview published Monday.

    In the interview with USA Today, Panetta also criticized Obama for a deciding not the arm the moderate Syrian rebels in the early stages of the conflict in Syria.

    “I think we’re looking at kind of a 30-year war” that could extend to threats in Libya, Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen, Panetta told the newspaper.

    Panetta, a respected policymaker who served under Obama, blamed the challenges on decisions the president made over the past three years.

    Among those decisions, he cited Obama’s failure to push the Iraqi government hard enough to allow a residual U.S. force to stay in the country after troops withdrew in 2011, saying that created a security “vacuum.”

    The former defense secretary also pointed to Obama’s rejection of advice in 2012 from Panetta and then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton to begin arming Syrian rebels fighting against President Bashar al-Assad................

  46. South, North Korea ships fire shots at disputed sea border...

    (Reuters) - A South Korean naval ship fired warning shots on Tuesday after a North Korean patrol boat crossed a disputed sea border off the peninsula's west coast and fired shots back before retreating, a South Korean defense official said.

    There were no casualties on the South Korean side and none of the shots by either side was aimed at the other's vessel, he told Reuters.

    It was the latest in a series of similar altercations near Yeonpyeong island, which was bombed by the North in 2010 killing four people, including two civilians.

    The area near Yeonpyeong has been the scene of clashes in the past that killed scores of sailors on both sides, with North Korean vessels frequently crossing the so-called Northern Limit Line, which it refuses to recognize as the maritime border....................

  47. Australian PM says no new taxes to be introduced for fight against Islamic State....

    Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott has ruled out introducing new taxes to pay for the fight against the Islamic State, even though the cost of the operations is likely to be as much as 40 million US dollars per month.

    Asked in Canberra on Tuesday whether he would rule out new taxes, Abbott replied: "Yes I can." He said the estimated cost is "significant" but manageable.

    Abbott has previously said the cost of sending military personnel and equipment to the Middle East would total roughly 220 million US dollars every six months. And the government has repeatedly warned Australia's mission in Iraq could stretch on for "many, many months."

    His comments came as Australian Special Forces soldiers are in the United Arab Emirates and awaiting orders to travel to the north of Iraq to advise, assist and train the local defense forces in the fight against the Islamic State.

    "Our forces are ready to go. We are finalizing the legal documentation," Abbott told reporters in Canberra.

    Abbott said he hoped those legal barriers could be overcome " very quickly" because it was an "absolutely critical mission."

    He could not say how long that would take: "I am not going to put a time limit on it. Our forces, as I said, are ready to go. We are already flying combat air patrols in the skies over Iraq and that is as it should be. Our Special Forces are ready to go. We just await the finalization of the legal documents."

    On the weekend, Finance Minister Mathias Cormann refused to " rule anything in or rule anything out" when asked if the government might consider new taxes to pay for the military mission.

    Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Super Hornet fighters arrived back in the United Arab Emirates on Monday after their first combat mission in Iraq where they provided air cover for local troops in Iraq's north. They were not engaged in direct strikes.

  48. Syrie: plusieurs quartiers de Kobané aux mains des jihadistes...

    Les jihadistes étaient parvenus mardi matin dans trois quartiers de la ville kurde syrienne de Kobané, que des centaines d'habitants terrorisés ont fui par crainte des exactions du groupe Etat islamique (EI).

    Les forces kurdes engagées dans la défense de la troisième ville kurde de Syrie, connue également sous le nom d'Aïn al-Arab, étaient parvenues à repousser dans la nuit de dimanche à lundi un assaut des jihadistes, mais ceux-ci ont finalement réussi à entrer dans Kobané lundi en fin de journée.

    S'ils conquièrent Kobané, les jihadistes s'assureront du contrôle sans discontinuité d'une longue bande de territoire à la frontière syro-turque.

    Très rapidement, ils se sont emparés de trois quartiers de la ville: "ils ont pris la cité industrielle, Maqtala al-Jadida et Kani Arabane, dans l'est de Kobané après de violents combats contre les Unités de protection du peuple kurde (YPG)", a déclaré à l'AFP le directeur de l'Observatoire syrien des droits de l'Homme (OSDH), Rami Abdel Rahmane, en évoquant des scènes de "guérilla urbaine".

    Terrorisés par l'avancée des jihadistes connus pour leurs exactions - meurtres, viols, rapts - des centaines "de civils résidant dans les quartiers Est ont fui vers la Turquie voisine", a-t-il précisé..............

  49. Claims US made EU impose sanctions on Russia surprise incoming EU foreign policy chief....

    EU’s incoming High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini said on Monday she was “slightly surprised” by a declaration on the part of US Vice President Joe Biden that Washington pushed the EU into imposing sanctions against Russia.

    Mogherini, who is about to quit the post of Italy’s Foreign Minister and to replace Baroness Catherine Ashton, claimed the sanctions the EU imposed on Russia are beginning to bite and the Russian economy allegedly “is starting to suffer quite a lot”, although she admitted that she is in big doubt whether or not they have exerted any impact on the policy line maintained by President Vladimir Putin.

    Regarding Biden’s assertions, she said there was global effort coordinated internationally, and the decisions taken in the European Council have never been easy but they have always been independent.

    Biden mentioned in a speech last week the US efforts to make the Europeans “impose real cost on Russia.”

    “It is true they didn’t want to do this but again there was America’s leadership and the President of the United State insisting, almost having to embarrass Europe to stand up and take economic hits to impose cost,” he said lecturers and students at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

  50. La Bulgarie renonce aux avions militaires russes...

    Le gouvernement provisoire de Bulgarie a approuvé l'abandon de l'utilisation des avions de chasse et des hélicoptères russes dans le cadre du concept « Bulgarie dans l'OTAN-2020 ».

    Le ministre de la Défense Velizar Chalamanov a expliqué la décision gouvernementale par le fait que la Bulgarie devait être indépendante vis-à-vis de la Russie dans le domaine militaire.

    Vu cette décision, la Bulgarie doit acheter d'urgence huit chasseurs nouveaux. Elle a besoin à cette fin de 300 millions d'euros.
    Lire la suite:

  51. UN Secretary General Calls for Action to Protect Civilians in Syria’s Ayn al-Arab...

    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has urged "all those with the means to do so" to protect the residents of the largely Kurdish town of Ayn al-Arab in Syria amid the assault of the Islamic State (IS), the United Nations said in a press release.

    "In light of the gross and extensive violations of human rights and international humanitarian law the terrorist group has committed in areas that have fallen under its control in Syria and Iraq during its barbarous campaign, he [Ban] urgently calls on all those with the means to do so to take immediate action to protect the beleaguered civilian population of Ayn al-Arab," Monday's statement read.

    Ban is "following with grave concern the ongoing offensive by ISIL [IS] on the northern Syrian town of Ayn al-Arab, which has already resulted in massive displacement of civilians, including into Turkey, and numerous death and injuries," according to the statement......................

  52. La UE si prepara alla crisi del gas...

    L'Unione Europea può rivolgersi alla Norvegia e ai Paesi del Mediterraneo per cercare gas aggiuntivo. Questo avverrà se le forniture energetiche russe verso l'Unione Europea verranno ridotte o sospese.

    Lo ha dichiarato il candidato per la carica di vice-presidente della Commissione Europea per l'energia, l'ex Primo Ministro della Slovenia Alenka Bratušek. I rischi per il transito del gas russo verso l'Europa creano una disputa sui prezzi del gas e sui debiti per le forniture tra Russia e Ucraina. La Federazione Russa ha sospeso le forniture di gas verso l'Ucraina dal 16 giugno a causa del debito di miliardi di dollari di Kiev.
    Per saperne di più:

  53. Pentagon: Up to $1.1 billion cost for Iraq, Syria....

    The Pentagon has spent as much as $1.1 billion on U.S. military operations against Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants in Iraq and Syria since the mission began in mid-June, including more than $62 million alone in Navy airstrikes and Tomahawk cruise missiles.

    U.S. Central Command, in data released Monday, said that the Navy has dropped roughly 185 munitions, including 47 cruise missiles launched from ships in the region. Central Command said Air Force fighter jets have far exceeded those numbers, launching close to 1,000 munitions. The data released Monday broke out the $62 million spent on Navy munitions, but provided no cost estimates for Air Force munitions.

    The bulk of the Navy costs were for the 47 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired by American warships in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea that targeted the Khorasan Group, an al-Qaida cell, in eight locations west of the city of Aleppo in Syria. The group was said to be plotting imminent attacks on American and Western interests, and it was one of the key targets two weeks ago when the U.S. first began airstrikes into Syria.

    The Pentagon has struggled to come up with specific cost figures for the Iraq and Syria operations. Officials say it has cost an average of $7 million to $10 million daily since June.................

  54. Ukraine: l'armée accuse les rebelles d'attaques à Donetsk et près de Marioupol...

    Les séparatistes prorusses poursuivaient mardi leur assaut contre l'aéroport de Donetsk et menaient des attaques contre les unités ukrainiennes dans la région de Lougansk et près du port stratégique de Marioupol, selon l'armée ukrainienne.

    "Les rebelles n'arrêtent pas leurs tentatives d'assaut contre l'aéroport, continuent de tirer sur les positions des militaires ukrainiens sur son territoire", a annoncé le centre de presse de l'opération "antiterroriste" dans l'Est sur son compte Facebook.

    Des journalistes de l'AFP à Donetsk ont entendu dans la matinée de fortes détonations et des explosions provenant de l'aéroport, après un intense échange de tirs lundi soir dans la même zone.

    Cet aéroport stratégique est au cœur de combats intenses depuis plus d'une semaine. Les deux camps revendiquent un contrôle quasi-total du site...............

  55. Erdogan: Syrian town Kobane about to fall to ISIS....

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Tuesday that the Syrian northern town of Kobane is about to fall to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

    Erdogan made the comments during an address to Syrian refugees at a camp in Gaziantep province, near the border with Syria.

    Erdogan said aerial bombardments alone may not be enough to stop the Islamic State group and called for support of opposition forces.

    "There has to be cooperation with those who are fighting on the ground."

    Just days ago, Turkey said it wouldn't let Kobani fall..................

  56. 3 Greek soldiers die in mortar explosion during military exercise...

    Three Greek soldiers died and a fourth was seriously injured in a mortar explosion on Tuesday at the outskirts of the city of Volos, the Greek Defense Ministry said.

    According to early information tragedy struck at about 320 kilometers north of the Greek capital during a military exercise when a mortar round exploded.

    An investigation into the circumstances of the incident has been launched, as Defense Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos declared three days of national mourning to be held among Greece's Armed Forces.

  57. EU ignores Red Cross staff member’s death in Ukrainian shelling attack — Russian FM...

    Russia's Foreign Ministry said that the European Union has turned a blind eye on the fact that the Red Cross staff member died in Donetsk as a result of artillery fire by Ukrainian military.

    “Russia has expressed indignation over this tragedy and sincere condolences to the relatives and dear ones of the killed Red Cross employee,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said. “However, although several days have passed, we have heard no sensible explanations from the Kiev authorities about the circumstances surrounding the death of a representative of such an influential international humanitarian organization." The statement says the topic is being played down, and no real steps are taken to punish those responsible.

    “Moreover, a number of international structures, including the European Union, in their commentaries ignore the hard fact the Red Cross office was in the militias-controlled territory and came under fire from Ukrainian military. This undermines the authority of organizations positioning themselves as objective and impartial,” the statement runs. “We insist on thorough and independent investigation of the incident.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued a fresh call addressed to Kiev to terminate any shellings of Donetsk, let alone civilian facilities in that region...............

  58. Thousands of Kurdish people have flocked into the streets across Turkey since Monday evening to protest against the Islamic State's (IS) advance into the Kurdish town of Kobane in northern Syria, which turned violent in some provinces....

    The police have shot dead a person in the southeastern province of Mus, while in Istanbul another was injured on Tuesday. In separate demonstrations in the eastern provinces eight more people were also injured.

    Istanbul has witnessed large protests since Monday evening, as thousands of people poured into the streets. Police used tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, as the protesters retaliated with fireworks and petrol bombs. The city has raised the alarm level and cancelled all holiday permission for the police forces.

    The Pro-Kurdish People's Democracy Party issued an urgent appeal in the late evening hours on Monday, appealing all the people in Turkey to hold demonstrations against IS' massacre attempt in Kobane.

    "The Kurdish people is at the breaking point of their history of struggle. The IS wants to have a massacre in Kobane with the support of Turkey and international powers," the statement said.

    During the protests the Kurds also blamed Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party for its inactivity over the IS assaults in Kobane, claiming that the government has been supporting IS militants.

    IS militants captured three neighborhoods in the predominantly Kurdish city of Kobane in northern Syria on Monday, and hundreds of Kurdish people have fled Kobane toward the Turkish borders, according to Syria's oppositional Observatory for Human Rights.

    Kobane, also known as Ayn al-Arab, has been subject to ferocious attacks by IS militants over the past two weeks. IS fighters have succeeded in capturing hundreds of Kurdish villages around Kobane, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee.

    Kurdish activists accused Turkey of working with the IS to empty the city of its residents so that it could impose a buffer zone on the Syrian side of the borders under the pretext of helping the refugees.

    1. More than 10 killed in ISIL protests across Turkey as curfew declared in six provinces...

      At least 14 people were killed and many more were injured as the advance of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants on the Kurdish town of Kobane in northern Syria prompted fresh protests across Turkey on Oct. 7. A curfew has been declared in six Turkish provinces.

      At least 10 people were killed during the clashes between groups with opposing views about the situation in Kobane, security sources told Hürriyet. Most clashes happened between the suspected members of Hizbullah, a radical Islamist grouping known for aiding the state in the torture and murder of Kurdish activists in the 1990s, and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). The former group reportedly supports the ISIL, while the latter supports the YPG, the Kurdish militia in Kobane, and condemn the Turkish government's inaction in protecting Syrian Kurds.

      The highest death toll was in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır, where suspected members of Hizbullah allegedly strafed a crowd of protesters. An association building belonging to Hizbullah was subsequently attacked. Eight people were killed in the city on Oct. 8, five of whom were described as pro-Hizbullah.............

  59. No Mention of Mass Graves Near Donetsk in New UN Report on Human Rights in Ukraine....

    The latest report on the human rights situation in Ukraine of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, examined by RIA Novosti on Wednesday, contains no information on mass graves, found near the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk in late September.

    The sixth report on the human rights situation in Ukraine covers the period from August 18 to September 16. Last week, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric claimed the UN human rights report will address the issue of mass burial sites near Donetsk. The release date of the report has been delayed from October 3 to October 8.

    On September 23, several mass graves with over 400 bodies of civilians and pro-independence fighters, apparently killed execution-style, were found northeast of the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk.

    Independence supporters of southeastern Ukraine claim that the massacre was carried out by Ukraine’s National Guard fighters, who had stayed in the area since April, when Kiev launched its military operation in the region. Ukrainian authorities have denied the accusation.................

  60. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Wednesday that he was ordering a crackdown to prevent radical Islamist preachers entering the country, amidst rising tension with the Muslim community following a series of security-related raids....

    Abbott, who recently warned that the balance between freedom and security “may have to shift” to protect against radicalized Muslims seeking to carry out attacks, said hate preachers would now be “red-carded” during the visa process.

    The tougher new system, which he said would not require new legislation, comes on the heels of a public meeting in Sydney last week by Hizb ut-Tahrir, an international group that says its goal is to establish a pan-national Muslim state............

  61. Les Européens réalisent qu'on leur ment sur l'Ukraine....

    L'agence d'information internationale Rossiya Segodnya a mené un sondage auprès des citoyens européens pour connaître leur vision de la crise en Ukraine. 76% des personnes interrogées pensent que l'UE devrait enquêter sur les crimes commis pendant le conflit ukrainien et une grande majorité estime qu'il est nécessaire d'enquêter, en particulier, sur les crimes contre l'humanité.

    C'est le point de vue de 99% des personnes interrogées. Les crimes concernant les enlèvements et les assassinats de journalistes arrivent en deuxième position - en moyenne, 95% des Britanniques sont favorables à une enquête sur ces crimes. Dans la liste de la gravité des crimes, le crash du Boeing en Ukraine en juillet 2014 arrive en troisième position - en moyenne, 79% des Britanniques pensent que l'UE doit enquêter sur cette tragédie.............

  62. UN human rights officials can't get access to mass graves in eastern Ukraine....

    The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) called for an inquiry in reports on mass graves in troubled eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region and urged to preserve all evidence. Head of the OHCHR branch for the Americas, Europe and Central Asia Gianni Magazzeni told reporters on Wednesday, that officials of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights monitoring mission are not granted access to mass graves in troubled eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region

    United Nations' regular report on human rights in Ukraine didn't reflect the issue of mass graves discovered in eastern Ukraine. The document covers the period from August 18 to September 16, 2014.

    Unidentified mass graves in southeast Ukraine are formally not subject to consideration by the rights monitoring mission of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). However, the global organization earlier pledged to touch upon the issue in its sixth report..............

  63. Un bateau chargé de déchets nucléaires à la dérive...

    Le Parida, un bateau transportant des déchets radioactifs irlandais vers la Belgique a été victime d’un feu à bord, mardi soir. Il est resté plusieurs heures à la dérive non loin d’Aberdeen (Ecosse), indiquent plusieurs médias britanniques. Devant l’impossibilité de remettre les moteurs en route, les 15 membres d’équipage ont été évacués. Par précaution, une plate-forme pétrolière qui se situait dans la zone de dérive a également été vidée de ses 52 travailleurs.

    Immatriculé au Danemark, le Parida transportait des déchets de moyenne activité et de longue durée de vie destinés à être entreposé à dessel. Ces déchets sont issus du retraitement du combustible nucléaire usé du réacteur de recherche BR2 du CEN et ont été transportés vers l’Irlande pour être cimentés............

  64. UN envoy warns IS operation in Libya ...

    UN envoy to Libya warned again that the Islamic State (IS) militants are already operating in the volatile North African country, posing major threat to regional security, local media al-Wasat reported on Wednesday.

    Bernardino Leon, head of the UN Support Mission in Libya, said the Libyan militants who had fought in Syria and Iraq are now back in the country and the current chaos might be an ideal hotbed to breed for them.

    "The jihadists are already here," Leon said, adding that if the warring parties continued fighting each other, then the country will be turned to an "open field" for the IS.

    He also urged them to have dialogues instead of prolonging the bloody clashes.

    Earlier local media reports suggested that the IS group has set up a permanent base in Libya as headquarters of their North African branch, which functioned as a recruiting depot.............

  65. Iran Ready to Help Damascus in Protecting Kobani Population: Foreign Ministry...

    Tehran is ready to help the Syrian government in protecting residents of Kobani, a border town with Kurdish population, if it receives an official request from Syria, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said at a press briefing Wednesday.

    "Kobani is a part of Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity and if this government makes a request and asks for any assistance, we are ready to help," Press TV quoted Afkham as saying.

    This help would include the provision of humanitarian aid and medicine to people in Kobani.

    Afkham also criticized the latest "unilateral and unrealistic" report by the UN Human Rights Rapporteur on Iran, Ahmed Shaheed, alleging that Iran refuses to respect the rights of minorities.

    "This report has been drafted without observing [international] regulations and duties of human rights officials and lacks the necessary legal standing," Press TV reported Afkham as saying..............

  66. Kiev Not Letting German Trucks in Donbas, Trying to Hide Truth: Donetsk Republic...

    Kiev would not let the German convoy with humanitarian aid into southeastern Ukraine because of fears that foreign staff will see the real situation in the region, Deputy Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic Andrei Purgin said Wednesday.

    "Kiev authorities will not let them in. As previously they did not let in the Malaysian experts [at the crash site of flight MH17] - they then had to literally run away from Kiev, and arrive at our checkpoint by taxi. The next time 30 Malaysian experts had been sitting in Kiev for a week, but still did not reach us, they flew back," Purgin told RIA Novosti.

    On Tuesday, Kiev said that the humanitarian convoy from Germany, which has entered Ukraine from Poland on Tuesday, was expected to arrive in Kiev Tuesday night, and the aid would be distributed and sent to the Ukrainian regions by October 12..............

  67. Turkey holds security summit on ISIS/ISIL

    Turkey held a security summit on Wednesday as Islamic State (IS) militants were approaching the center of the Syrian border town of Kobane, a crisis that triggered violent protests across Turkey in which 19 people have been killed.

    Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu convened the meeting in an effort to combat IS militants who have unleashed their attack on the predominantly Kurdish city of Kobane on the Syrian-Turkish borders since mid-September.

    On a high alert, Turkish tanks and ground forces have stationed along the borders with Syria, just a few hundred meters away from the battle in Kobane. However, the troops have not intervened in the fighting, despite the fact that IS militants have been approaching the neighborhoods of the Kurdish town for the first time................

  68. White House: US 'Limited' in Defending Kobani against Islamic State...

    Multiple U.S.-led airstrikes have struck near the northern Syrian town of Kobani, where Kurdish fighters are battling to hold off an advance by Islamic State militants.

    The U.S. military said eight airstrikes carried out with the help of Jordan hit IS targets Wednesday, and that the Kurds continue to control most Kobani, also known as Ayn al-Arab.

    U.S. fighters also struck multiple militant targets in Iraq.

    Australia's military said Thursday that its warplanes conducted their first airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq overnight.

    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott stressed the need to help the Iraqi government battle militants who kill everyone who does not share their "narrow, divisive and sectarian ideology."

    "This is a death cult that has declared war on the world. It's got nothing whatsoever to do with religion. It's got nothing whatsoever to do with the freedom of oppressed people. It is a group which has declared war on the world, which is killing without compunction," said Abbott.

    Meanwhile, the United States is sending retired General John Allen and Ambassador Brett McGurk to Turkey for two days of talks with officials to push for action against the Islamic State group............

  69. Syrie : plus d’un tiers de Kobané est occupé par l’Etat islamique....

    Les djihadistes occupent désormais le siège des forces de sécurité kurdes. La ville est en proie à des combats urbains.

    Les rues désormais désertées de plusieurs quartiers de Kobané sont devenues le théâtres de combats de rue entre les combattants de l’Etat islamique (EI) et les forces de défense kurdes (YPG). La troisième ville kurde du Kurdistan syrien, Kobané (Aïn al-Arab en arabe) se trouvaient occupée jeudi matin sur plus d’un tiers de son territoire par les djihadistes de l’Etat islamique, a annoncé l’Observatoire syrien des droits de l’homme (OSDH).

    Les combattants de l’EI ont réussi à s’emparer du siège des forces de sécurité kurdes. L’EI se sont emparés de ce qui est appelé « le carré de sécurité », où se trouvent des bâtiments officiels ainsi le commandement des Unités de protection du peuple, l’YPG. Des images publiées par les nouveaux occupants de la ville montrent que ces derniers en ont rapidement pris le contrôle à plusieurs niveaux. Jeudi matin, des djihadistes sont parvenus à établir un système improvisé de surveillance vidéo, couvrant certaines zones de Kobané................

  70. ISIS controls more than a third of Syria’s Kobani ....

    Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants control more than a third of the Syrian border town of Kobani, Agence France-Presse reported a monitoring group as saying on Thursday, after three weeks of fighting Kurdish forces backed by U.S.-led air strikes.

    “ISIS control more than a third of Kobani. All eastern areas, a small part of the north east and an area in the south east,” head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdulrahman, said by telephone.

    Meanwhile, the U.S.-led coalition on Thursday carried out two fresh strikes on ISIS jihadist positions in Kobane, said an AFP reporter just across the border in Turkey.

    The strikes targeted the city’s southwest, which is under control of Kurdish forces who have been fighting off a three-week ISIS advance on the strategic town....................

  71. Palestinian PM arrives in Gaza for first unity government meeting...,

    (Reuters) - Palestinian technocrat prime minister Rami Hamdallah arrived in the Hamas-dominated Gaza Strip on Thursday to convene the first meeting of a unity government there since a brief civil war in 2007 between Hamas and forces loyal to the Fatah party.

    Dozens of Fatah security personnel loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas and policemen of the Hamas-led interior ministry in the enclave were out in force to protect Hamdallah, who did a walk-past inspection of a police guard of honor.............

  72. Les crimes contre la population du sud-est de l'Ukraine ne doivent pas restés impunis...

    La Douma (chambre basse du parlement de Russie) se propose d'adresser un appel aux parlements du monde, à l'ONU, à l'OSCE et au Conseil de l'Europe en vue d'organiser une enquête internationale sur les crimes contre la population civile du sud-est de l'Ukraine.

    Cet appel a été initié par le président de la Douma Sergueï Narychkine et les dirigeants des quatre groupes parlementaires.

    Sergueï Narychkine a souligné que les crimes comme le massacre d'Odessa, l'utilisation des armes interdites, les bombardements des quartiers résidentiels avec des lance-roquettes multiples, des dizaines de torturés à mort et d'exécutés, ainsi que les charniers près de Donetsk ne devaient pas rester impunis.
    Lire la suite:

  73. “La ripresa del dialogo tra Russia e NATO sarà difficile”...

    Ripristinare il dialogo tra Russia e NATO sarà difficile, la situazione ha preso una direzione molto negativa, ha dichiarato oggi il portavoce del ministero degli Esteri russo Alexander Lukashevich.

    "Non siamo colpevoli di questa situazione," - ha sottolineato.

    "Il clima amichevole e disteso sostanzialmente sostenuto dall'Alleanza nell'ultimo periodo è improvvisamente scomparso. Forse il nuovo segretario generale della NATO Jens Stoltenberg riuscirà a fare qualcosa, ma purtroppo finora non vediamo alcun segnale,"- ha affermato Lukashevich.

    Il diplomatico russo ha inoltre sottolineato che Mosca non ha mai considerato un nemico la NATO.
    Per saperne di più:

  74. Le rapport de l'ONU sur les droits de l'homme en Ukraine n'est pas objectif (MAE de Russie)...

    « A notre regret, nous ne sommes pas toujours parvenus à trouver une approche objective et des appréciations impartiales dans le rapport de la mission d'observation des droits de l'homme de l'ONU sur la situation en Ukraine. Les auteurs continuent d'utiliser l'information de façon sélective et d'en tirer des conclusions politiquement engagées », a déclaré le porte-parole du ministère russe des Affaires étrangères Alexandre Loukachevitch lors d'un point de presse jeudi.

    Dans le même temps il a fait état de l'objectivité et du riche contenu des rapports de la mission de l'OSCE en place en Ukraine. M. Loukachevitch estime que cela a été favorisé par l'instauration des contacts directs entre le personnel de la mission et les dirigeants des républiques autoproclamées de Donetsk et de Lougansk.
    Lire la suite:

  75. Gorbatchev hospitalisé, se dit prêt à se battre pour vivre...

    Le dernier dirigeant de l'Union soviétique, Mikhaïl Gorbatchev, âgé de 83 ans, a été hospitalisé mais est décidé à se battre pour vivre, ont rapporté jeudi soir des agences de presse russes.
    "Mon état de santé est moyen depuis une semaine et aujourd'hui, je suis à l'hôpital. Mon état de santé s'est détérioré", a déclaré M. Gorbatchev cité par l'agence Ria Novosti depuis son hôpital. "Je suis branché à un moniteur", a-t-il ajouté sans préciser où il était hospitalisé. "Vous connaissez mon caractère, je suis déterminé à lutter, à vivre", a-t-il également dit à l'agence Interfax. En juin 2013, le dernier dirigeant de l'Union soviétique avait été hospitalisé pour un bilan de santé. M. Gorbatchev est apparu ces dernières années le visage bouffi, et fatigué lors de ses dernières interventions publiques. Selon les médias russes, il souffrirait de diabète. En raison de problèmes de santé, il ne s'était pas rendu en avril 2013 aux obsèques de l'ancien Premier ministre britannique Margaret Thatcher. Très respecté en Occident, il l'est beaucoup moins par la plupart des ses concitoyens qui le rendent responsable de l'explosion de l'URSS et du chaos économique et social qui a suivi. Le père de la perestroïka (réforme) lancée en 1985, avait annoncé sa démission à la télévision le 25 décembre 1991, prenant acte de la disparition de l'URSS après un accord signé sans lui par l'Ukraine, le Bélarus et la Russie. M. Gorbatchev entretient ces dernières années des relations délicates avec l'actuel président russe Vladimir Poutine, qu'il a critiqué à de nombreuses reprises pour les reculs démocratiques et appelé à céder le pouvoir. Lauréat du Prix Nobel de la paix en 1990, il intervient régulièrement lors de réunions internationales. Il préside la Fondation Gorbatchev qui s'occupe de programmes caritatifs et d'éducation. (Belga)

  76. FYROM Health Ministry Says Dead British Patient Very Unlikely Ebola Victim (RIA FYROM propaganda).....

    The FYROM Health Ministry does not believe that the recently deceased British patient was the first person to die of the highly lethal Ebola virus in the country.

    The Briton, who came to Skopje from the United Kingdom on October 2, displayed Ebola-like symptoms, but chances are that it was a different kind of disease that killed him, FYROM Health Ministry spokeswoman Jovanka Kostovska said as cited by the local MRT channel..................

  77. GB: le parti europhobe Ukip remporte son premier siège au Parlement...

    Pour la première fois, près de 20 ans après sa création, le parti anti-immigration et europhobe britannique Ukip fait son entrée au Parlement de Westminster. Après une victoire aux européennes, le parti de Nigel Farage, vient de remporter son premier siège au Parlement grâce à la victoire de son représentant Douglas Carswell dans une législative partielle...............

  78. EU Solidarity Fund: Commission moves to help Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria after May's major floods....

    EU Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn, has today announced an aid package worth nearly €80 million proposed by the European Commission for Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria after flooding disasters struck the countries in May and June 2014.

    The proposed aid of €60.2m to Serbia, €8.96m to Croatia and €10.5m to Bulgaria is to help cover part of the emergency costs incurred by the public authorities in these three countries due to the disasters. In particular, it will help to restore vital infrastructure and services, reimburse the cost of emergency and rescue operations, and help cover some of the clean-up costs in the disaster-stricken regions.

    Serbia, which is currently in negotiations to join the EU - and therefore eligible for the Fund - suffered the worst of the damage. The floods most severely hit the districts of Kolubara, Mačva, Moravcki, Pomoravlje, and part of Belgrade, with detrimental effects for some 1.6 million inhabitants. Essential power links were damaged, while drinking water suffers on-going pollution.

    Commissioner Hahn, who oversees the Fund and signed today’s proposal, said "This decision reflects the very nature of this Fund, which is solidarity with our fellow Member States and those counties negotiating accession in their time of need after natural disasters. The European Solidarity Fund helps these countries get back on their feet and regain stability which is threatened by the severe damage to economic sectors such as tourism, or destruction of essential infrastructure. This proposed support will help Serbia, Bulgaria and Croatia to recover from the terrible flooding earlier this year and it will help to reimburse rescue and clean-up costs in the affected regions."

    He added: “These amounts are specific and targeted to help address the immediate and direct impact of natural disasters. We have now approved these grants at the Commission. We also reformed the EU Solidarity Fund rules which entered into force on 28 June 2014 and simplified the existing system and criteria so that aid can be paid out more rapidly than before. Now we trust member states will also show solidarity and stand by their commitments in swiftly agreeing the funds set aside for this purpose."

    The support, under the European Solidarity Fund, still needs to be approved by the European Parliament and the Council. Am amending budget is likely to be proposed by the commission in the coming days...................

  79. Japanese court orders Google to halt search harassment...

    The Tokyo District Court on Thursday issued an injunction ordering Google Inc. to remove some Internet search results revealing the name of a man who claims his privacy rights have been infringed upon due to articles hinting he may have been involved in a crime in the past, according to a document obtained by Kyodo News.

    Some of the results “infringe personal rights,” Judge Nobuyuki Seki said in the document. “Google, which manages the (Google) search engine, has the obligation to delete them.”................

  80. Kobane: IS-Miliz erobert Hauptquartier der Kurden...

    Die Verteidiger der syrischen Grenzstadt haben einen schweren Rückschlag erlitten. Sie drohen die Entscheidungsschlacht zu verlieren.

    Die kurdischen Verteidiger von Kobane haben einen schweren Rückschlag erlitten. Nach erbitterten Kämpfen eroberte die Jihadistengruppe Islamischer Staat (IS) das Hauptquartier der kurdischen Milizen in der nordsyrischen Grenzstadt, wie die Syrische Beobachtungsstelle für Menschenrechte am Freitag berichtete.......

  81. A Chinese fisherman was shot dead by the South Korean coast guard Friday morning in what the coast guard claimed was its crackdown on illegal fishing......

    "The skipper was shot dead in the process of crackdown. Details on the incident would be announced in the near future, but not today," a coast guard official told Xinhua by phone.

    The official declined to comment on how many blank and live ammunitions the South Korean coast guard officer shot and other details on the incident.

    The 45-year-old skipper Song Houmu of the 80-ton fishing boat Noyoung 50987 was found having difficulties in breathing and belly ache in what the coast guard claimed was its crackdown on the boat 's illegal fishing, Yonhap News Agency reported.

    It happened at about 8:30 a.m. local time in waters some 144 km west of the Wangdeung Island in Buan County, North Jeolla Province.

    Song was taken to a nearby Mokpo Hankook Hospital in the southwestern city of Mokpo by helicopter, receiving the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but was confirmed dead on the way.

    The hospital was quoted as saying Song was shot from the back to the left side of his abdomen according to a CT image. A piece of 1.8 cm bullet was left inside of his body, with his lung filled with blood...................

  82. As clashes between jihadists and Syrian Kurds continue to rage in the border town of Kobane and tensions simmer inside Turkey over the issue, more than a dozen tanks have been sent from the country’s western provinces to its southeast....

    A military convoy including 15 tanks on trucks started moving east on Oct. 10, using the Trans-European Motorway (TEM) under high security.

    The military convoy was photographed causing an incongrous scene by stopping in front of a shopping mall in the northern province of Bolu, Doğan News Agency reported.

  83. Turkey sends 634 aid vehicles to Kobani,,,

    The Turkish government has sent 634 vehicles of humanitarian aid to the Syrian town of Kobani since September 19, the prime ministrery said Friday.

    "The total amount of aid, including food, medicine, tents, clothes and cleaning supplies delivered to Kobani region cost around $10 million," the office said in a statement.

    Kobani, also known as Ayn al-Arab, has been a scene of fierce battles between the Kurdish groups and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or the ISIL since mid-September.

    The statement said Turkey started to deliver humanitarian assistance to the war-torn Syria in August of 2012. More than 190,000 people are estimated to have been killed in the Syrian civil war.

    Turkey's disaster and emergency agency, the AFAD, has been collaborating with Turkish municipalities, non-governmental organizations, and foreign aid agencies to provide humanitarian assistance to Syria since 2012.

    The total aid amount sent to the country as of now stood at $300 million, the statement added.

  84. White House Scheme to Close Guantanamo Dangerous: US House Speaker...

    The White House's plan to close the Guantanamo Bay prison is dangerous, and is opposed by the majority of Americans, according to US House Speaker John Boehner.

    "Even as Islamic jihadists are beheading Americans, the White House is so eager to bring these terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to the United States that it is examining ways to thwart Congress and unilaterally re-write the law," the statement issued by the speaker's press office on Friday reads.

    "Not only is this scheme dangerous, it is yet another example of what will be this administration's legacy of lawlessness," Boehner stated.

    The statement was published following the report by The Wall Street Journal that claimed the Obama administration was weighing options to override a congressional ban on transferring Guantanamo detainees to US soil...................

  85. Douze blessés à Okinawa à la suite du passage du typhon Vongfong...

    Le puissant typhon Vongfong continuait samedi matin sa progression vers les îles principales du Japon et a déjà fait 12 blessés sur l'archipel d'Okinawa, à l'extrême sud du pays, balayé par des pluies diluviennes et des rafales de vent très violentes.
    Selon l'agence météorologique japonaise, Vongfong se trouvait à 05H00 à environ 200 km au sud-est de Naha, la principale ville de l'île d'Okinawa. Le typhon a été déclassé de "super-puissant" à "puissant" mais "reste toutefois important et très fort", avec des pointes de vents à plus de 230 km/h. Un habitant a d'ailleurs eu un doigt sectionné dans une porte lors d'une de ces surpuissantes rafales. Selon les estimations de l'agence japonaise, le typhon, qui continue sa progression à petite vitesse, environ 10 km/h, devrait atteindre lundi la côte de l'île de Kiushu, la grande île du Sud de l'archipel nippon. Il y a une semaine, un autre typhon, Phanfone, avait traversé le Japon, laissant derrière lui 6 morts et 5 disparus dont deux militaires américains. (Belga)

  86. China strongly opposes Western sanctions against Russia, considers them mistake....

    China strongly opposes the sanctions against Russia and considers them a mistake, China’s Vice Premier Wang Yang said on Saturday.

    “The wonderful city of Sochi to an extent represents Russia’s viability, and thus our thought is the Western countries imposed mistakenly the sanctions against Russia,” he told the 18th meeting of the Russia-China commission on preparations for regular meetings between government leaders.

    At critical moments, like the one happening now, solidarity is above all, he said.

    “We are sure that despite unstable outer factors the Russian people will be able to be determined enough to overcome the current problems,” he said. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and China’s President Xi Jinping had tasks, results of which have favoured additional mutual support and openness, joint response to outer risks, as well as options for mutual borrowings.

    The Chinese vice premier said Western countries now were trying to support the opposition in Hong Kong.

    “Their purpose is clear - they want to organise the so-called colour revolution,” he said adding that under the current circumstances Russia and China should focus on development of mutually advantageous cooperation, thus responding to the West.

    Wan Yang said the current meeting’s tasks are not only preparations for the meeting of the two prime ministers, but also discussions of projects in various spheres. Following instructions from Russian and Chinese leaders, co-chairs of the intergovernmental commission had three working meetings and organised a working group on implementation of strategic projects.

  87. Turkey comes too close to its own disintegration....

    Turkey and Europe have witnessed violent protests of the Kurds who, according to Turkish and Western media, are extremely concerned about the activities of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in Syria. The West had been pedaling the creation of the Kurdish state with a view to finally solve the problem of Bashar al-Assad. Yet, Recep Erdogan stood on the way. The Turkish PM is facing a dilemma: either to preserve the integrity of the state or ruin relations with ISIL................

  88. La Serbie n'a pas peur qu’elle risquerait de retarder son entrée dans l'Union européenne en raison de refus d’imposer des sanctions contre la Russie, a déclaré le président serbe Tomislav Nikolic dans une interview accordée aux journalistes russes.....

    Les pays de G7 et l'Union européenne ont imposé des sanctions contre la Russie, en rejetant une part importante de responsabilité dans la crise ukrainienne sur elle. La Serbie est devenue candidat officiel à l'adhésion à l'Union européenne depuis 2012.
    Lire la suite:

  89. Iran warns of risk to Israel's security should US seek overthrow of Assad...

    Iran’s deputy foreign minister reportedly said on Saturday that his country has exchanged messages with the US about the fight against Islamic State (Isis) militants in Syria and Iraq.

    Hossein Amir Abdollahian was quoted by Iranian media, in what would be a rare confirmation of Iran-US discussions over Isis, as saying Iran had warned Washington that Israel would be at risk should the US and its allies seek to topple the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, while fighting the extremist group.

    Iran has backed Assad in Syria’s three-year civil war. The US has called for Assad to resign and rules out co-operating with his government...............

  90. Kobane refugee crisis: EU steps up assistance...

    The European Commission is giving € 3.9 million in humanitarian funding to help meet the urgent needs of the thousands of people who have fled to Turkey in recent weeks to escape the fighting in the Syrian town of Kobane.

    “Over 180 000 Syrians have been displaced to Turkey by the fierce fighting in Kobane. This further adds to the impact of what is the biggest humanitarian crisis of our times. We are directing urgently needed funds to help the humanitarian organizations on the ground deal with the massive influx of refugees,” said Kristalina Georgieva, Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response.

    This funding will help humanitarian organizations provide clean water, shelter and medicine to refugees, as well as ensure sanitation and food services.

    It is part of the European Commission's €150 million humanitarian aid budget for the Syrian crisis in 2014. Jointly, the European Union continues to lead the international response to the crisis with nearly €3 billion of funding, mobilised by the Commission and Member States collectively in humanitarian, development, economic and stabilisation assistance so far.


    The town of Kobane near the Turkish border has been the target of ISIL fighters for the past three weeks. This is the biggest influx of Syrian refugees to Turkey since the beginning of the crisis over three years ago. The European Commission has been stepping up its assistance to help meet the needs of more than a million refugees seeking shelter in Turkey, those from Syria as well as Iraq, by increasing its humanitarian funding from the initially foreseen € 3.5 million to € 8.5 million in 2014.

  91. Turkish PM Davutoğlu: Only people can defeat ISIL, not air strikes...

    Turkey’s prime minister has warned against the supposed risk of popularizing the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) among the people of Syria, by having the Syrian regime involved in a planned military battle against the jihadists.

    Amid growing pressure on Ankara to join the military fight against ISIL, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu sounded bitter when he maintained that time had proven their policies correct in regards to both Iraq and Syria, even if the policies were attacked at the time. Davutoğlu also made a point of prioritizing the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad’s government in remarks published Oct. 12.

    “Our position regarding the Syrian opposition is already obvious,” Davutoğlu said when reminded in an interview about a statement by the United States which said Turkey had agreed to support efforts to train and equip the Syrian opposition.

    “We more or less see what is happening on the ground and are making accurate analyses. This training and equipping activity is a delayed one,” Davutoğlu said in the interview published in daily Yeni Şafak.

    “Frankly speaking, if the United States, the Western countries and Friends of Syria Group had two years ago arrived at the point that they have arrived at today and the moderate opposition had been supported, today, ISIL would not have had a space to use and the regime would not have the power to commit massacres,” he said.............

  92. Bolivia election: Evo Morales claims third term win...

    Bolivia's President Evo Morales has claimed victory and a third term in office after presidential elections.

    "This win is a triumph for anti-imperialists and anti-colonialists," he told cheering supporters at the presidential palace in La Paz.

    Exit polls show him on 60%, well ahead of his rivals, as votes are counted.

    To avoid a run-off, Mr Morales must win 50% of valid votes, or 40% if that includes a 10-point lead over his nearest rival.

    Mr Morales has overseen strong economic growth since taking office in 2006 and has been widely tipped to win.

    He has presided over a a period of economic growth and reduced poverty, using Bolivia's commodity wealth to reduce poverty levels..............

  93. German Chancellor insists on further support of Afghan Forces after 2016...

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel thinks it necessary to continue the support of Afghan forces by NATO after 2016, Spiegel has reported.

    According to the magazine, Merkel expressed concern about NATO's plans to stop training of Afghan forces by the end of 2016 at a Committee on Foreign Affairs meeting.

    The chancellor reminded that after the US troops had withdrawn from Iraq, the Iraqi security forces weakened significantly and can barely repel the attacks of the Islamic State (IS) extremist group. NATO should take it into account to avoid creating a similar situation in Afghanistan, according to Merkel.

    She believes it is worth considering extending support mission for Afghan forces, with 800 German servicemen expected in Afghanistan in 2015..................Read more:

  94. Four soldiers killed in Turkish army chopper crash...

    Four soldiers have been killed in an army helicopter crash in the northwestern province of Kocaeli, the Turkish General Staff announced late on Sunday.

    The S-70B Sikorsky aircraft, which took off from the Cengiz Topel Military Airport in Kocaeli, disappeared from radar after it lost connection with its base at 12:25 Turkish local time.

    The wreckage of the chopper has been located in a mountainous region in the Kartepe district of Kocaeli province.

    The last helicopter crash to take place in the country occurred in a rural area near the Golbasi district in the capital, Ankara, in December of last year. All four soldiers on board were killed.

    Security officials have launched an investigation to uncover the cause of the crash.

  95. la Turquie ouvre une nouvelle base aux USA pour ses bombardements....

    La Turquie vient d'autoriser les Etats-Unis à utiliser une ses bases pour lutter contre l'organisation Etat Islamique. Désormais, des avions américains employés pour les bombardements contre l'Etat Islamique partiront depuis la base d'Incirlik.

    1.500 militaires stationnés à la base

    L'armée de l'air américaine utilise depuis longtemps la base d'Incirlik, située dans le sud de la Turquie, et environ 1.500 de ses hommes y sont stationnés. Mais jusqu'à présent, les avions américains employés pour les bombardements contre l'EI décollent des bases aériennes d'Al-Dhafra aux Emirats arabes unis, d'Ali al-Salem au Koweït et d'Al-Udeid au Qatar, où se trouve également le centre opérationnel aérien américain pour 20 pays de la région (CAOC)......................

  96. Australia PM says will confront Putin at G20 over downed flight MH17 'murders'...

    (Reuters) - Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Monday that he would use an upcoming G20 leaders summit to confront Russian President Vladimir Putin over the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 and the "murder" of Australian citizens.

    Allegations that the jetliner was downed by pro-Russian separatists armed with surface-to-air missiles provided by the Kremlin sparked calls in Australia to bar Putin from the meeting of world leaders in Brisbane next month.

    Abbott, who has been amongst the most strident critics of Russia's handling of the affair, said on Sunday that it was not within Australia's power to ban a G20 member from attending, but promised to give Putin a stern talking to.

    "Look, I’m going to shirtfront Mr Putin – you bet I am," Abbott told reporters, using an Australian Rules Football term meaning to hit someone front on and knock them to the ground.................

  97. La crise ukrainienne a fortement bouleversé la situation international, son impact sera ressenti pendant longtemps, a déclaré le ministre des Affaires étrangères de Russie Sergueï Lavrov....

    Il a noté que les événements en Ukraine n'ont pas traduit des tendances radicalement nouvelles, ils sont devenus le point culminant de la politique que l'Occident avait appliqué depuis de nombreuses années à l'égard de la Russie.

    Selon lui, l'habitude de l'Europe occidentale de considérer les Russes comme des étrangers date depuis des siècles bien que les Russes soient une partie inaliénable de la culture et de la politique européenne. Les périodes de la participation active de la Russie aux affaires européennes ont été caractérisées par la stabilité et le calme sur le continent.
    Lire la suite:

  98. Britain sees no early demand from U.S. for air strikes in Syria...

    British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said on Monday he saw no immediate demand from the U.S. and its Gulf allies for Britain to extend its air strikes in Islamic State (IS) fighters to Syria.

    Britain's parliament approved air strikes against IS in Iraq by a decisive margin last month but is far from united about the need to extend them to Syria.........

  99. President Erdoğan slams modern 'Lawrences of Arabia' in Middle East...

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Oct. 13 launched an angry tirade at modern day "Lawrence of Arabias" who he said were bent on causing trouble in the Middle East.

    British officer T. E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, helped Arab leaders fight a guerrilla insurgency against the forces of the Ottoman Empire in the desert during World War I.

    Especially after the hugely successful 1960s film, Lawrence is still regarded as a hero in Britain and many Arab countries. But Erdoğan made clear he saw the iconic British officer - who famously adopted customs of Arab dress - as a symbol of unwanted outside meddling in a region where Turkish influence should count.

    "Lawrence was an English spy disguised as an Arab," Erdoğan said in a televised speech at a university in Istanbul. "There are new voluntary Lawrences, disguised as journalists, religious men, writers and terrorists," he added.

    "It is our duty to explain to the world that there are modern Lawrences who were fooled by a terror organization," he added, without specifying which organization...............

    1. Modern day ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ figures that aim to destabilize the entire region from within are still at play, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Monday....

      The Turkish president made the reference to T. E. Lawrence, a British Army officer credited with instigating an Arab insurgency against the then Ottoman Turkish rule during World War I, in his address at Istanbul's Marmara University.

      ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ is also the name of an epic 1962-Hollywood movie that attempted to give an autobiographical account of the famous British “spy.”

      "Lawrence was an English spy in Arab land. But currently, the spies are springing out from our own countries in the shape of a journalist, writer or even a terrorist. You can witness the new ‘Lawrences’ trying to set the region on fire," Erdogan said...............

  100. Espagne: l'exécutif catalan renonce au référendum du 9 novembre...

    L'exécutif catalan a décidé de renoncer au référendum sur l'indépendance jugé inconstitutionnel par Madrid qu'il avait prévu d'organiser le 9 novembre, a annoncé le dirigeant d'un des partis impliqués dans cette consultation lundi soir.
    "Le gouvernement a constaté que la consultation ne peut pas se tenir", a déclaré à des journalistes Joan Herrera, dirigeant de Iniciativa per Catalunya, après avoir participé à une réunion de partis favorables à ce référendum avec l'exécutif catalan. "Le gouvernement du nationaliste Artur Mas fera une proposition (alernative, ndlr) demain (mardi)", a-t-il ajouté en précisant que son parti se prononcerait à ce moment-là. Un membre de l'exécutif catalan avait ouvert la porte lundi à un report du référendum consultatif prévu le 9 novembre, après son interdiction provisoire par le Tribunal constitutionnel. Début octobre, Francesc Homs, un porte-parole de l'exécutif catalan, avait laissé entendre que celui-ci devrait décider au plus tard le 15 octobre si le référendum était maintenu en dépit de l'interdiction provisoire du Tribunal constitutionnel. ................

  101. Berlin: No recognition of Palestine before Israel deal...

    EU heavyweight Germany has said it will not recognize the state of Palestine before an agreement with Israel is reached.

    Underlining Germany’s support for a two-state solution to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict on Monday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Martin Schaefer told a press conference: "For the German government, the step of recognizing Palestine as a state depends on a solution in negotiations with Israel."

    EU member Sweden's newly elected Prime Minister Stefan Lofven announced during his inaugural address to parliament on October 3 that his country would recognize Palestine as a state.

    The step would make Sweden the first long-standing EU member-state to do so.

    Earlier this month, the Palestinian presidency distributed a draft resolution to the representatives of the 15-member states of the United Nations Security Council on ending the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories by November 2016.

  102. Strong Earthquake Strikes off Coast of El Salvador ...

    A powerful earthquake has struck off the coast of El Salvador, killing at least one person and raising the possibility of a tsunami.

    The U.S. Geological Survey says the magnitude 7.4 quake struck late Monday in the Pacific Ocean about 169 kilometers southeast of the capital, San Salvador, at a depth of 70 kilometers.

    Wilfredo Salgado, mayor of the city of San Miguel in El Salvador, said a man was killed when an electrical pole collapsed and fell on him. There were no other reports, so far, of damages or fatalities.

    There have been no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

  103. Powerful earthquake strikes off El Salvador, one dead...

    (Reuters) - A magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck late on Monday off the coast of El Salvador and Nicaragua and was felt across Central America, killing at least one person, but there were no immediate reports of major damage.

    El Salvador's emergency services said a dozen homes in the department of Usulutan had been slightly damaged but that coastal areas appeared calm and the country's international airport was unaffected.

    Wilfredo Salgado, mayor of the city of San Miguel in El Salvador, said on his Twitter account that a man was killed when an electricity post fell on him.....................

  104. Russia suspects Ukraine of re-exporting banned vegetables, fruit from EU...

    The Russian federal veterinary and phyto-sanitary control service (Rosselkhoznadzor) suspects Ukraine of re-exporting banned vegetables and fruit from the EU to Russia.

    The service warns it may impose restrictions if the information is confirmed, Rosselkhoznadzor chief Sergey Dankvert told TASS.

    Dankvert said Ukraine considerably increased agricultural exports to Russia in September 2014.

    “We will send a letter to Ukraine today (October 14) with the request to explain the considerable increase of plant agricultural supplies — apples, pears, tomatoes and cucumbers — after we imposed measures in response to economic sanctions,” Dankvert said...............


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