Tuesday, April 16, 2024

US House to vote on long-delayed Ukraine, Israel aid separatly

The US House of Representatives will consider aid to Israel and Ukraine as separate legislation this week, Republican Speaker Mike Johnson said, more than two months after the Senate passed a bill combining the two.

Leaving a meeting of House Republicans yesterday evening, Mr Johnson said the narrowly divided chamber would consider four bills altogether that would also include aid to Taiwan, US allies in the Indo-Pacific and US national security priorities.

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  1. US House Speaker Mike Johnson plans to put separate bills on assistance to Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine to a vote this week, Politico and The Hill reported, citing sources.

    Johnson announced the plans in a private meeting with GOP lawmakers on Monday, Politico said. He is also going to put to a vote a fourth measure, a package that seeks a lend-lease deal for military aid, a ban on TikTok in the US and provisions "to sell off assets seized from Russian oligarchs," according to the report.

    Johnson said on X: "I have just spoken with the House GOP conference on my plan to address national security supplemental legislation on the growing security crises. This week, we will consider separate bills with a structured and germane amendment process to: fund our ally Israel; support Ukraine <…>; strengthen our allies in the Indo-Pacific; pass additional measures to counter our adversaries and strengthen our national security."


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