Friday, March 22, 2024

Ukraine Brought Upon Itself Russia’s Retaliatory Strikes & 'More Will Follow'

Russia carried out strikes that paralyzed Ukraine's power grid, targeted decision-making centers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, logistics bases, railway junctions and ammunition depots, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Friday. The MoD added that the attacks left Ukraine's military production and repair facilities in disarray.

The Kiev regime brought upon itself Russia’s massive retaliatory strikes disrupting Ukraine's energy facilities, the functioning of military-industrial enterprises.

Evgeny Mikhailov, political scientist, director of the Center for Strategic Studies of the South Caucasus, told Sputnik that "They forced us to take such serious preventive measures," stressing that "this is not the last such strike, and more will follow."

 Russia has carried out massive drone and rocket attacks targeting electrical power facilities across much of Ukraine.
The country's Dnepr Hydroelectric Power Plant was knocked out of action due to significant damage after being hit eight times, Ukrainian prosecutor's office said. The overnight strikes were “the largest attack on the Ukrainian energy sector in recent times."


  1. Russian forces delivered a massive retaliatory strike by precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles against Ukrainian energy and military-industrial sites, disorganizing Ukraine’s arms industry and eliminating foreign military hardware, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Friday.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier that the enemy’s strikes against Russia’s territory during the presidential election would trigger a retaliatory strike.

    "The Russian Armed Forces delivered a massive strike by air-launched, seaborne and ground-based long-range precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles against energy and military-industrial facilities, railway hubs, arsenals, deployment sites of Ukrainian armed formations and foreign mercenaries. The strike disorganized the operation of enterprises producing and repairing armaments, military hardware and ammunition. All the goals of the massive strike were achieved," the ministry said in a statement.

    Russia’s massive retaliatory strike wiped out foreign military equipment and weapons delivered to Ukraine from NATO countries, disrupted the deployment of the enemy’s reserves to the frontline and destroyed formations of the Ukrainian army and mercenaries in their refit areas, it specified.

  2. Днепровская ГЭС прекратила свою работу после взрывов, заявил директор «Укргидроэнерго» Игорь Сирота.

    Крупнейшая гидроэлектростанция Украины остановлена после пожара, сказал он. Взрывы произошли на ГЭС-1 и ГЭС-2, станция получила критические повреждения.

    «На сегодняшний день есть то, что мы теряем станцию», - заявил Сирота.


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