Saturday, November 18, 2023

Israel Denies Forcing Evacuation of Al-Shifa Hospital at Gunpoint despite Witnesses' Testimonies

The Tel Aviv regime denies forced evacuation at al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza while doctors have described a distressing forced evacuation at gunpoint orchestrated by Israeli forces.
In a harrowing account, Dr. Munir al-Barsh of al-Shifa Hospital described the Israeli army's forced evacuation of the medical facility, compelling those inside to leave within one hour.

The Israeli army issued a call at approximately 9 am (7:00 GMT) on Saturday, instructing individuals to wave a white handkerchief and walk in a single-file line during the evacuation.


  1. A rapid evacuation of Al Shifa hospital began on Saturday morning, with Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry saying hundreds had been evacuated except for 120 patients and an unknown number of premature babies.

  2. Hundreds of people evacuated Gaza's Al Shifa hospital on Saturday, an AFP journalist at the scene reported, after the hospital director said the Israeli army ordered the hospital emptied.

    The Hamas-run health ministry said in a statement 120 wounded were still at the facility, along with an unspecified number of premature babies, adding it was in touch with the Red Cross about the infants.

    Officials said a few medical staff stayed behind to care for those who could not be moved.


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