Sunday, June 4, 2023

Air defense systems engaged in repelling air attacks in Kyiv, air-raid alert in all regions of Ukraine (04.06.23)

Air defense systems were engaged in the early hours of Sunday in repelling air attacks near Kyiv, the military administration of the Ukrainian capital said on the Telegram messaging channel.

 An air-raid alert is sounded at night throughout Ukraine, according to the official citizen alert website.

From 02:35 a.m. , the air-raid alert was declared in the regions of Western Ukraine: Volynsk, Zakarpattia, Lvov, Rovnensky and Ternopol.

Prior to this, sirens began to sound in most regions of the country, including Kiev.


  1. Luftabwehrsysteme haben erneut Angriffe in der Nähe von Kiew abgewehrt, teilte die Militärverwaltung der ukrainischen Hauptstadt über den Messaging-Kanal Telegram mit. Zeugen berichteten der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters, dass in der Gegend um Kiew mehrere Explosionen zu hören gewesen seien, die sich anhörten, als hätten Abwehranlagen Ziele getroffen. In der gesamten Ukraine herrschte Fliegeralarm.

  2. "According to preliminary information, not a single air target reached the capital," Serhiy Popko, the head of the military administration, said on the Telegram messaging app early today.

  3. Air raid warnings have been issued in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, as well as nine regions of the country, data from the online air raid warning map of the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation showed on Sunday.

    The alarm in the Chernihiv and Sumy regions was sounded at 00:14 (21:14 GMT). At 1:01 an alarm was also announced in the Poltava region, half an hour later in the Dnipro and Kharkiv regions, and a little later in the Mykolaiv, Odesa, Cherkasy and Kirovohrad regions.

    At 1:48 an air raid alert was sounded in Kiev.

    Air raid warnings were also in effect in the territories of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions controlled by Kiev.

    Later in the day, the online air raid warning map showed that an air raid alert had been declared throughout Ukraine.


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