Tuesday, April 4, 2023

US-Led Forces Jailed 96,000 Iraqis Without Charges During Occupation - UN

US-led occupation forces held 96,000 Iraqis without charges in US- and UK-administered prisons over 10 years since the 2003 invasion, a United Nations report published on Tuesday reads.

"It is alleged that detainees were arrested without a warrant for their involvement in insurgency operations, while others were 'civilians in the wrong place at the wrong time'," the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances said.

The committee said it received a large number of testimonies from victims of suspected forced disappearances during its delegation's November 2022 visit of to Iraq.

The official figures, cited by the UN, suggest that between 250,000 and a million people have been "disappeared" in Iraq since 1968 due to conflict and political violence. The period spans the rule of Saddam Hussein, the invasion by US allies and the years of Islamist insurgency led by the Islamic State terrorist group (banned in Russia).

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