Sunday, March 26, 2023

Putin Accuses US, NATO of Seeking to Building New Global ‘Axis’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the United States and NATO of seeking to build a new global “axis” which he said bore some resemblance to the World War II alliance between Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, and imperial Japan.

Speaking on state television on Sunday, Putin also criticized the US for its double standards and its own action in forming several military alliances.

“What about the United States? They are forming an increasing number of alliances. And this provides justification for Western analysts, Western political scientists, to claim that the West is constructing new axes,” Putin said.

“NATO agreed on a new strategic concept for the alliance’s development last year. It expressly states that NATO will develop relations with countries in the Asia-Pacific region,” he added.

“And it expressly mentions those countries, such as New Zealand, Australia, and South Korea. This is the first installment. And, yes, they announce the formation of a global NATO. So, what exactly is it?” the president asked.

“It is all about making contacts and developing relationships in the military sphere. This is why, according to western analysts, not us, the west is beginning to build a new axis similar to the one established in the 1930s by fascist regimes in Germany, Italy, and militaristic Japan,” he explained.

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