Thursday, October 6, 2022

Syria: One killed in US Airdrop Operation in Southern Countryside of Qamishli government-held area

Syria’s state television reported Thursday that US occupation forces carried out an airdrop operation involving multiple helicopters in the southern countryside of Qamishli, which resulted in the death of one person.

“US occupation forces carried out a landing operation using several helicopters in the village of Muluk Saray in the southern countryside of Qamishli and killed one person,” Syria’s state broadcaster said.

Syrian media cited civil sources in Qamishli as saying that the operation led to the death of one person and the arrest of his family and members of another family.

Sputnik news agency reported confrontations between the auxiliary forces of the Syrian army and American forces south of Qamishli.

The Russian agency said that the confrontations in Qamishli erupted after the American forces carried out an airdrop operation on a village controlled by the Syrian army.

Sources told Al Mayadeen that Rakan Abu Hayel from the village of Tuwaimin in the eastern countryside of Qamishli was killed during confrontations with US occupation forces following the airdrop operation.

Our correspondent also reported that about 50 US soldiers participated in the airdrop operation.

A resident of the village said that three US helicopters carrying troops had landed overnight.

Sputnik cited local sources as denying the US operation narrative that the airdrop was carried out with the aim of killing an ISIS member, pointing out that the killed person had nothing to do with the terrorist organization.

The sources also mentioned that the US occupation forces kidnapped a member of the auxiliary forces and took him to an unknown destination.

Source: Agencies (edited by Al-Manar English Website)

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