Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Kakhovka bridge intact: The first footage of the consequences of Ukrainian air strikes


 The first footage of the consequences of air strikes on the Kakhovka bridge in the Kherson region.
"Very difficult to damage, because there are critical objects there. If we hit them, we might hit the dam gates" Ukranians said.
VIDEO: Kakhovka bridge after recent strikes.
The bridge is intact, but there are holes in the coating.
Statements that the bridge has been put out of action do not correspond to reality.
1. According to the Southern Command of the Ukrainian armed forces, this strike targeted a bridge near the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station and rendered it “unusable”. “The strike was precise and effective,” he said on Facebook.

On August 8, the Ukrainian army announced that it had struck another bridge located in the same region, the Antonovski, of strategic importance for the logistics of the Russian forces.
2. After the APU hit the Kakhovka bridge in Kherson region, it became unusable. Now the Russians have completely disrupted car logistics.

Because it was the last transport artery for infidels. Serhiy Khlan, a military Troop and a deputy of the Kherson Regional Council, spoke about this on channel 24.

According to him, the bridge was also previously damaged, but the Russians managed to patch it up a bit. However, the aggressor was unable to restore the railroad along the Kakhovskaya HPP dam.
3. Marchenko  spoke about Ukrainian attacks designed to disable bridges across the River Dnipro that have been used by Russian forces to resupply units in Kherson.

The bridge at Nova Kakhovka, the site of an important hydro-electric plant "has already been hit. But it is very difficult to damage, because there are critical objects there. If we hit them, we might hit the dam gates," he noted. "But I think that soon, this bridge will be so damaged that they cannot transfer their reserves over it. As soon as the reserves are cut off: Welcome to Ukraine. We will beat them and drive them out."

Marchenko also insisted that Ukraine planned to liberate Crimea.

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