Saturday, April 9, 2022

China slams US for prisoner abuse at 'black sites' -

China on Friday lashed out at the United States for prisoner abuse at "black sites," calling its "enhanced interrogation techniques" brutal and horrifying.

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has set up these black sites in many countries under the pretext of its "War on Terror." Alleged terrorists are secretly placed in arbitrary detention and confessions are extorted by torture, which has drawn widespread criticism from the international community, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told a regular press briefing.

The Guardian reported that, according to a newly declassified report, a detainee at a secret CIA detention site in Afghanistan was used as a living prop to teach trainee interrogators, who lined up to take turns at knocking his head against a plywood wall and dousing him with ice-cold water. The torture has left him devastated both physically and mentally.

"The notorious Guantanamo Bay, the Bagram prison in Afghanistan and the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq are caught up in prisoner abuse scandals, with the use of brutal and horrifying 'enhanced interrogation techniques,' including waterboarding and sleep deprivation," Zhao said.


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