Saturday, March 19, 2022

US, UK inextricably linked to Syrian people's misery: diplomat - | EL ETOS UT

The United States and the United Kingdom are inextricably linked to the Syrian people's misery, a senior Chinese diplomat said Friday.

In Syria, air strikes by the United States, the United Kingdom and others have resulted in a substantial number of civilian deaths and displacement, said Jiang Duan, minister of China's Permanent Mission to the United Nations Office in Geneva.

The U.S. has launched more than 90,000 air attacks in Syria and other countries over the last two decades, killing up to 48,000 civilians, Jiang said at a discussion on Syria held during The 49th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

The United States, the United Kingdom and other nations have implemented a slew of illegal unilateral coercive measures against Syria, wreaking havoc on the country's human rights and humanitarian situation, Jiang added.

The Chinese diplomat told the Council that the fact that the Syrian issue has lingered until now demonstrated that external interference, provocation of confrontation, pressure, and sanctions will only cause deep suffering to a country.

"It should serve as a powerful lesson for the world community. Syria's sovereignty, independence, unity, and territorial integrity, as well as the Syrian people's right to subsistence and growth, must all be recognized and protected," he said.

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