Tuesday, January 18, 2022

UPDATE - UK Begins Anti-Tank Weapon Deliveries To Ukraine - UrduPoint

The UK military has airlifted a batch of light anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

"Another shipment of international technical assistance for the Ukrainian armed forces has arrived in Ukraine from Britain. This time, the partners sent new light anti-tank weapons," a statement read.

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Anatolii Petrenko welcomed the aid and promised that the weapons would be used for self-defense.

"This assistance will be used exclusively for defensive purposes, to protect our troops, critical infrastructure and civilians from events or actions that could lead to an escalation," he said.

The pro-Kiev censor.net news website cited its sources as saying earlier in the day that the airlift was part of a larger shipment of UK-Swedish-made next-generation light anti-tank weapons, NLAWs.

The outlet described NLAWs as single-use short-range 150mm caliber weapons suitable for urban warfare and capable of knocking out Russian tanks.

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told parliament on Monday that his ministry had begun supplying Ukraine with light anti-armor defensive weapons, citing tensions on the border with Russia. A small number of British troops will train Ukrainian forces in using them, he said.



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