Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Arctic expedition chief warns we’ve ‘set off the beginning of the explosion’ of irreversible global warming — RT World News

irreversible global warming

A German scientist who led the largest-ever Arctic expedition to date has warned we might have already reached an irreversible “tipping point” for global warming amid the continued disappearance of summer sea ice.

The warning was issued on Tuesday as scientist Markus Rex presented the first findings from the 389-day expedition that ended back in October, which saw 300 scientists from 20 countries collect evidence of the impact of climate change in the Arctic Ocean.

“The disappearance of summer sea ice in the Arctic is one of the first landmines in this minefield, one of the tipping points that we set off first when we push warming too far,” Rex said at a press conference in Berlin.

    And one can essentially ask if we haven’t already stepped on this mine and already set off the beginning of the explosion.

If, indeed, the world has crossed an irreversible point, Rex fears this could have a “domino effect” for the rest of the planet, as the disappearance of sea ice is the “epicenter of global warming.”

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