Sunday, January 10, 2021

Indonesia: Remains found at plane crash site at sea - Anadolu

The crash site of an Indonesian Sriwijaya Air flight carrying 62 people that went down at sea Saturday has been found, along with human remains and belongings, according to a top official.

After getting a signal from a location believed to be the crash site, a search and rescue team Sunday recovered debris, including life vests and human body parts, Indonesian military chief Hadi Tjahjanto told reporters.

He added that he is hopeful the Boeing 737-500 plane wreckage could be recovered later today from the area, in the waters of the Thousand Islands area between the isles of Lancang and Laki.

“Divers reported that underwater visibility is clear and it is likely that more parts from the wreckage and even from the victims could be found, hopefully everything could be recovered later this afternoon,” Tjahjanto said...



Sriwijaya Air plane


  1. Indonesian divers have located parts of the wreckage of a Boeing 737-500 in the Java Sea, as rescuers pulled out body parts, pieces of clothing and scraps of metal from the area where the Siriwijaya Air Flight 182 carrying 62 people is thought to have crashed.

    A military vessel “found the signal from” the aircraft on Sunday and divers recovered parts of the plane from around 23 metres (75 feet) below the water’s surface, the transport ministry said in a statement, citing Indonesia’s military chief.

    Hadi Tjahjanto said the objects recovered included broken pieces of fuselage with aircraft registration parts.

  2. Des débris et des morceaux de corps ont été retrouvés sur la zone où a disparu, au large de l'Indonésie, un Boeing 737-500 de la compagnie indonésienne Sriwijawa avec 62 personnes à bord, a indiqué la police dimanche.

    "Ce matin nous avons reçu deux sacs, l'un avec des objets appartenant aux passagers et l'autre avec des morceaux de corps", a indiqué le porte-parole de la police Yusri Yunus à la chaîne Metro TV.

  3. Black boxes of a passenger plane which crashed in the sea soon after take-off from Jakarta, Indonesia on Saturday have been located, officials say.

    A small flotilla of ships has been searching the site and navy divers are expected to be able to retrieve the two flight recorders, they add.

    Aircraft parts and human remains have been found.

  4. BBC South-East Asia correspondent Jonathan Head says the sea in this part of Indonesia is relatively shallow and the bad weather which had been hampering rescue operations has now improved, making it more likely significant parts can be recovered.

    However, the search appears to offer no hope of finding any survivors.


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