Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Most Germans in favor of US troops’ pull-out from their country – poll

Most Germans in favor of US troops’ pull-out from their country
Donald Trump is withdrawing US troops from Germany to ‘punish’ Berlin for buying Russian gas and for not contributing enough to NATO, but a fresh survey shows that people in that country are actually glad that’s he doing so. 
Around 47 percent of participants in research conducted by pollster YouGov on behalf of DPA news agency, said they were in favor of the Pentagon’s decision to pull out almost 12,000 American soldiers from Germany.

Moreover, one in four surveyed Germans insisted that the US military presence in the country should be reduced to zero.

Only 28 percent thought that the 36,000-strong contingent must remain as it is, while four percent said that they wanted more American soldiers. The others declined to answer.

The views of the German public on the issue are in sharp contrast with those of the country’s politicians. Five out of six parliamentary groups in the Bundestag have been opposing the withdrawal, with only the Left Party saying that the Americans must leave completely....

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