Friday, July 6, 2018

Turkish Army, Allied "Militants" Exit Center of Afrin after Meeting with Russian Forces

Turkish Army, Allied "Militants" Exit Center of Afrin
The Turkish Army troops and Ankara-backed militants left their positions in the Central part of Afrin for regions around the town after a meeting with the Russian forces, a media outlet reported of Friday.

The Kurdish-language Hawar news reported that the Ankara forces took with them a large  number of their military vehicles and heavy weapons and equipment, leaving the Central parts of Afrin for the town's countryside.

Hawar news further said that the Ankara forces' deployment in Jandaris region happened a day after a number of Russian officers paid a visit to the town of Afrin and Jandaris and Shiheh regions in Northwestern Aleppo.

The Ankara-backed militants engaged in another round of infighting on Tuesday over their share of the assets looted from civilians' houses and shops in Afrin which came under occupation by the Turkish troops almost four months ago.

Two militant groups, affiliated to the Turkish army, exchanged heavy fire in Saleh al-Ali School in al-Asharfiyeh neighborhood in the town of Afrin over their share of the civilians' assets and properties they had previously plundered.

In the meantime, the Turkish army and allied militant placed their forces on alert after a hand-made bomb went of near Afrin Hospital in Afrin.

Local sources said that militant groups arrested a number of civilians in several villages, including Amara in Mobata region and Qara Kouleh in Afrin and called on their families to pay a hefty amount of money as their ransom.


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