Saturday, May 5, 2018

Mohammad Aloush Steals Millions of Dollars from Jeish Al-Islam

Mohammad Aloush
Head of Jeish al-Islam's political Office Mohammad Aloush has stolen tens of millions of dollars from the terrorist group and run trade activities in Turkey, media activists said after he resigned from his post on Thursday.

Media activists affiliated to the dissident groups reported on Saturday that Aloush has stolen a sum of $47mln from Jeish al-Islam before resignation and has purchased restaurants and commercial centers and businesses in Istanbul of Turkey and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

Based on reports, Jeish al-Islam commanders have called on Aloush to return the huge amount of money which had been paid to the terrorist group early this year.

Aloush resigned from his post after Jeish al-Islam sustained heavy defeats in recent clashes with the Syrian army and lost its main stronghold in Eastern Ghouta.

Alloush on Thursday resigned from his post without giving details.

Alloush said in a statement addressed to Jeish al-Islam leadership and individuals that he has been honored to serve them for years since the establishment of the group up to today, justifying his resignation due to his belief to make room for new energies.

Alloush is one of the founders of Jeish al-Islam and joined its ranks since its inception in 2011.

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