Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Iranian Parliament Prepares Bill to Require Gov't to Reciprocate US Abrogation of N. Deal

Iranian Parliament
The Iranian parliament has prepared a double-urgency bill which necessitates the government to receive strong guarantees from the European members of the Group 5+1 to pave the ground for Tehran to benefit from the 2015 nuclear deal, one day after the US withdrew from the agreement.

"The bill requires the government to take necessary ensurances from the Europeans and the Group 5+1, except the US, and of course, the guarantees should be complete, comprehensive and strong," Chairman of the parliament's Nuclear Committee Mojtaba Zonnour told FNA on Wednesday.

He noted that talks with the Europeans should not last more than one month, adding that if they fail to provide the necessary guarantees, the government is required to resume a full enrichment program at maximum capacity.

"It means that we have required the government to increase uranium enrichment to reach a capacity of 190,000 SWUs (Separative Work Units)," Zonnour said, adding that the government is also required to produce as much enriched uranium as the country needs.

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