Sunday, May 20, 2018

Claim to offer new package to Iran another JCPOA lie : FM

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi dismissed the claims on offers to give new package to Iran as a prelude to accept a new agreement in Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Sunday.

He added that if other sides can observe Iran's rights in JCPOA and act in full compliance, the deal will survive and other issues would be baseless and ignorable.

According to a report of Foreign Ministry Media Department, Qasemi in response to reporters' questions concerning disseminated news by foreign media quoting unknown diplomatic resources on offering new package to Iran to encourage the country to accept the new deal said that such news and claims are baseless and are masterminded by think-thanks of the Zionist media and other international anarchists with the aim to create negative atmosphere and to deviate dialogue between Iran and other sides in JCPOA.

Following unilateral illegal departure of the US from this international deal and in response to request of other sides to remain in the deal, Iran clearly announced that if other sides can observe Iran's stipulated rights and acted fully upon that, Iran will remain in the deal and in this case other issues will be baseless, deviationary and ignorable.

The spokesman underlined that it is important that whether the other sides are able to act upon their commitments in JCPOA or not? This will be determining in the upcoming intensive talks.

Qasemi said according to determined frameworks in the first joint commission of JCPOA without the US, which is to be held in the coming days upon Iran's proposal, only the issues related to the JCPOA will be considered between Iran and other sides.


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