Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Iran will ‘pay a price like few countries have ever paid’ if US is threatened - Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump said on Tuesday that Iran “will pay a price like few countries have ever paid” if the Middle Eastern nation threatens the US in any way.

The president was speaking at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron on the second day of Macron’s state visit to Washington.

Trump made his comments while speaking about the impending May 12 deadline to renew the Iran nuclear deal. If Trump does not sign a sanctions waiver by May 12 the deal is void and US sanctions on Iran resume.

  • “We're going to see what happens on the 12th but Iran threatens us in any way they will pay a price like few countries have ever paid," he warned.

"It will be possible to do a new deal with solid foundations because this is a deal with decayed foundations, it's a bad deal, it's a bad structure, it's falling down and it should have never ever been made," he continued.


  1. France wants to work with US on new nuclear deal with Iran - Macron

  2. French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Donald Trump have jointly called for a new nuclear deal with Iran, after the US leader denounced the three-year-old accord as "insane".

    "I can say that we have had very frank discussions on that, just the two of us," Mr Macron told a joint press conference with Mr Trump at his side.

    "We, therefore, wish from now on to work on a new deal with Iran."

    Mr Trump's European allies have repeatedly tried to persuade him not to walk away from the 2015 deal, which gave Iran massive sanctions relief and the guarantee of a civilian nuclear program in return for curbs on programs that could be used to develop an atomic weapon.

  3. Trump: les Arabes doivent relever "énormément" leurs contributions pour contrer l'Iran


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