Saturday, February 24, 2018

UN Security Council postpones vote on Syria draft resolution

UN Security Council postpones vote on Syria
The Security Council has postponed a vote on a draft resolution demanding a 30-day ceasefire across Syria, till 12 p.m. EST (1700 GMT) on Saturday, said Kuwaiti ambassador to the United Nations Mansour Al-Otaibi.

Al-Otaibi, who is president of the Security Council for the month of February, said the council members failed to reach consensus on Friday after rounds of closed-door consultations.

He said the council members were "very close" to consensus but failed to close all the gaps.

"We are working to have a consensual draft resolution and hopefully the council will be united and all of them -- the 15 -- will vote in favor," he said.

The resolution, drafted by Kuwait and Sweden, demands a 30-day ceasefire across Syria so that humanitarian aid can be through and those critically ill can be evacuated from besieged areas. A vote on the text was originally scheduled for 11 a.m. EST (1600 GMT) Friday.

Swedish UN ambassador Olof Skoog said he was "extremely frustrated" by the impasse on Friday.

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