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US announcement of forming armed militia in north-eastern Syria violates Syria’s sovereignty, int’l law : Syria FM

the Foreign Ministry
The Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemned the US announcement of forming an armed militia in the north-eastern Syria as a blatant breach of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and a flagrant violation of the International law, an official source at the Foreign Ministry said Monday.

The source added that the US step came within the framework of its destructive policies which aim at fragmenting the region, fueling tensions and conflicts and hindering solutions to its crises as it clearly shows its hostility towards the Arab Nation in order to implement the US-Zionist scheme.

It said that the Syrian Arab Republic urges the international community to denounce this American step and take action to put an end to the domination mentality and arrogance which govern the US Administration’s policies, warning of its negative consequences on international peace and security.

The Ministry considered any Syrian citizen who takes part in the US-backed militia as a traitor to the Syrian state and people and will be treated as one, adding that these militias will hinder reaching to a political solution to the situation in Syria.

The source concluded by renewing the Syrian people and army’s steadfastness and determination to thwart this conspiracy, end the presence of the US, its agents and tools in Syria, establish full control over the entire Syrian territory and preserve the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and the unity of its people.


  1. Erdogan vows to ‘drown’ US-backed Syrian Border Force before it’s born, labels unit ‘terrorist army'...

    The Turkish president has called US-backed Syrian Border Force using Kurdish fighters a “terrorist army,” vowing to “drown” it before it’s complete. He also added that military preparations against Kurdish-held Afrin are ready.
    The 30,000-srtrong army of “traitors” that Washington seeks to create will point their guns against US troops at the first threat, Erdogan warned.

  2. Russia’s foreign minister on Monday slammed the U.S. plan to form an army led by the terrorist PKK/PYD, warning that it could jeopardize Syria's territorial integrity.

    Speaking at his annual news conference in Moscow, Sergey Lavrov pointed to possible problems that the U.S. plan could cause for Turkey’s ties with Kurds.

    “The U.S.’ unilateral, ultimatum-like project, aimed at establishing an army in Syria, may create problems in relations between Turkey and Kurds,” Lavrov said.

    He also said U.S. move would lead to the formation of a large isolated area on Syria’s border with Turkey and Iraq.

    “This serious issue is leading to worrisome results regarding the steps to be taken for these areas in Syria.”

  3. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has announced Turkey’s military operation into northern Syria can start any moment in a bid to halt the United States’ plans to let the People’s Protection Units (YPG) form a new force of 30,000 troops in the region, calling the group an “army of terror.”

    “We have finished our preparations. The operation can start any time,” Erdoğan said in Ankara on Jan. 15, in reference to the Afrin and Manbij regions of Syria currently controlled by the YPG.

    Erdoğan strongly lashed out at the U.S.’s continued military partnership with the YPG, a group Ankara considers terrorist, and vowed Turkish troops will hit the group hard.

  4. The U.S. is “playing with fire” with its PKK/PYD-led army plan in Syria, Turkish deputy prime minister said on Monday.

    "Letting the PYD/YPG -- PKK's branch in Syria -- by the U.S. to establish a so-called terror army for creating a terror corridor in the region on the pretext of combating Daesh, is not a fight against Daesh and terrorist organizations, rather a support to terrorism and terrorist organizations," Bekir Bozdag wrote on his Twitter account.

    His remarks came after an American military official said that the U.S.-led international coalition against Daesh will establish a 30,000-strong new border security force with the SDF -- the U.S.-backed group that is largely controlled and manned by the PKK/PYD terrorist organization in Syria.

  5. The U.S.’ “unilateral” army plan may harm Turkey’s ties with Kurds and hinder normalization in Afrin, Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Jan. 15.

    Slamming the U.S. plan to create an army led by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), including the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Lavrov warned that such moves could jeopardize Syria’s territorial integrity, state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

    “The U.S.’ unilateral, ultimatum-like project, aimed at establishing an army in Syria, may create problems in relations between Turkey and Kurds,” the minister said, speaking at his annual news conference in Moscow.

    Lavrov also said the U.S. move “would not calm the situation” in Syria’s Afrin district, which borders Turkey, adding that Russia expects Washington to explain its move.

    On Jan. 14, the U.S.-led international coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) announced that it would establish a 30,000-strong new border security force with the U.S.-backed SDF.

  6. Turkish armed forces have shelled YPG units' strongholds in the city of Afrin in response to rocket fire from northern Syria, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency reported on Monday...

    According to the media, on Sunday night, YPG militias fired a large number of missiles targeting settlements in the bordering to Turkey Syrian region of Azaz controlled by the opposition Free Syrian Army. The assaults caused material damage, but there were no reports of casualties. Ankara's forces, which were deployed in northern Syria after the completion of its anti-terrorist Operation Euphrates Shield, conducted punitive strikes at YPG targets in Afrin.

  7. Erdogan menace de «tuer dans l'œuf» la force frontalière parrainée par les USA en Syrie...

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan a menacé lundi de «tuer dans l'œuf» une force frontalière que Washington souhaite créer en Syrie, notamment composée de combattants kurdes qu'Ankara considère comme «terroristes».

    «L'Amérique a avoué qu'elle était en train de constituer une armée terroriste à notre frontière. Ce qui nous revient, à nous autres, c'est de tuer dans l'œuf cette armée terroriste», a lancé M. Erdogan lors d'un discours à Ankara, ajoutant qu'une opération à Afrin, région kurde de Syrie, pourrait être lancée «à tout moment».

  8. Damaskus verurteilt die Erklärung der USA über die Bildung von „Grenzsicherheitszonen“ in Syrien als eine offene Aggression gegen die Souveränität und die territoriale Integrität des Landes...

    Dies geht aus einer offiziellen Mitteilung des syrischen Außenministeriums hervor.

    „Syrien verurteilt entschlossen die Entscheidung der USA über die Bildung von bewaffneten Bandenformationen im Nordosten des Landes, was eine eindeutige Aggression gegen die Souveränität und territoriale Integrität Syriens sowie eine grobe Verletzung des internationalen Rechts ist“, zitiert die Agentur Sana aus der Erklärung des syrischen Außenministeriums.

  9. Siria, Ankara contro piano Usa per creare nuovo gruppo armato...

    La Turchia condanna i piani degli Stati Uniti per creare un nuovo gruppo armato, la cosiddetta “Border Security Force” (BSF), sul territorio siriano controllato dalle milizie delle forze democratiche siriane (SDF), data l’assenza di consultazioni con Ankara.
    Lo ha detto il ministero degli esteri turco in una dichiarazione.

    Sabato scorso, il sito web della rivista Defense Post ha pubblicato un articolo in cui il portavoce della coalizione a guida Usa contro il gruppo terrorista dello Stato Islamico (IS) ha dichiarato che la coalizione era impegnata nell'addestramento di una forza di 30.000 persone sul territorio siriano attualmente controllato dalle SDF per mantenere la sicurezza nell'area controllata lungo il confine siriano.

    "La coalizione — ha sottolineato il ministero degli esteri turco — non ha tenuto consultazioni con la Turchia sulla creazione di questa forza di sicurezza, e non si sa quali membri della coalizione hanno preso questa decisione. I passi unilaterali, che sono presentati come azioni della coalizione, sono azioni seriamente sbagliate che saranno dannose nella lotta contro l'IS".

  10. Erdogan: Turquía puede lanzar en "cualquier momento" una operación militar en el norte de Siria...

    Turquía puede lanzar en "cualquier momento" una operación militar en la región siria de Afrin, declaró Recep Tayyip Erdogan, el presidente del país.
    El presidente turco señaló que el Ejército turco continuará atacando en Afrin las posiciones de las fuerzas de autodefensa de los kurdos sirios (YPG) las que Turquía vincula con el Partido de los Trabajadores del Kurdistán (PKK), proscrito como organización terrorista en Turquía.

    "La operación allá (en Afrin) puede comenzar en cualquier momento", dijo.

  11. Οξύτατη ήταν η αντίδραση του προέδρου της Τουρκίας Ταγίπ Ερντογάν στα σχέδια των ΗΠΑ να ενισχύσουν τις κουρδοκρατούμενες Συριακές Δημοκρατικές Δυνάμεις (SDF) ώστε αυτές να συστήσουν συνοριοφυλακή στα σύνορα Συρίας - Τουρκίας και Συρίας - Ιράκ, μεγάλο μέρος των οποίων ελέγχουν.
    «Θα πνίξουμε μια τέτοια δύναμη», τόνισε ο επικεφαλής του τουρκικού κράτους, ο οποίος από το 2015 βρίσκεται σε σύγκρουση με τις ΗΠΑ για τη βοήθεια που παρέχουν στους Κούρδους της Συρίας, στους οποίους κυριαρχεί το αδελφό κόμμα του PKK (Kόμμα Εργαζομένων Κουρδιστάν), PYD (Κόμμα Δημοκρατικής Ένωσης).

  12. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday slammed the US plan to form an army, warning that it could jeopardize Syria's territorial integrity...

    "You know that this has already caused Turkey's negative reaction, I have said that for us, this causes serious questions, concerning the maintenance of Syria's territorial integrity. There is also the issue of relations between Turkey and the Kurds. This new unilateral ultimatum move does not contribute to settlement of the situation around Afrin," Lavrov said during his annual press conference, RIA Novosti reported.

    "We, just like our Turkish and Iranian colleagues, and, I believe, like many others, are awaiting detailed explanations from the United States," he stressed.

    Syria also slammed Washington's intention to form a 30,000-strong force inside the country with the proclaimed goal of maintaining security along its borders, and regards this move a “blatant aggression on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and a flagrant violation of international law".


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