Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Despite Falling Unemployment in the UK, Poverty High and Rising

severe poverty experienced by children in schools
Official British government figures reveal a drop in the number of people out of work but the cost of living is not matched by earnings. This price gap exposes the reality for many people for whom poverty is a reality and political rhetoric is just cheap talk.

Official statistics tell one story but some primary schools in England are operating as a first response unit to children growing up in poor households in Britain.

Teachers, headteachers and support workers admit to handing out shoes and coats to children shivering in the cold weather and allowing parents to charge their cellphones in classrooms because they don't have sufficient electricity at home.

The report carried out by British broadcaster ITV has exposed the severe poverty experienced by children in schools in the North West of England. The school in Morecombe also runs a breakfast club where a slice of toast or a bowl of cereal costs 13 cents (ten pence).
But even that's too expensive for some children.

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