Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Zimbabwe's President Mugabe 'under house arrest'

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe
Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe is under house arrest, South African President Jacob Zuma has said in a statement, after the Zimbabwean military appeared to have taken control of the country.

"President Zuma spoke to President Robert Mugabe earlier today who indicated that he was confined to his home but said that he was fine," the South African government said in a statement.

It comes after Zimbabwe's military seized power targeting "criminals" around President Mugabe, but gave assurances on national television that the 93-year-old leader and his family were "safe and sound".

Soldiers and armoured vehicles blocked roads to the main government offices, parliament and the courts in central Harare.

"We are only targeting criminals around him (Mugabe) who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice," Zimbabwe Major General Sibusiso Moyo, Chief of Staff Logistics, said on television.

He said: "As soon as we have accomplished our mission, we expect that the situation will return to normalcy.


  1. Переворот в Зимбабве: у Мугабе есть сторонники в армии...

    В столице Зимбабве военные заблокировали дороги к правительственным зданиям, парламенту и судам. Кроме того, ранее они захватили здание гостелерадиокомпании и взяли под стражу министра финансов. При этом, военнослужащие заявили, что происходящее нельзя назвать госпереворотом.
    Судя по кадрам, которые приходят из столицы Зимбабве, обстановка в городе остается спокойной: нет ни волнений, ни столкновений. Впрочем, не появилось и ясности насчет того, что именно там произошло. Точно также непонятно, что с президентом Робертом Мугабе. Пресса передает — он арестован. Военные настаивают, что он взят под охрану, и что это в его интересах.
    "Роберт Мугабе и его семья, находятся в надежном месте, их безопасность гарантирована. Нашей целью были преступники в его окружении, действия которых привели к социальным и экономическим потрясениям в стране. Мы хотим привлечь их к ответственности. Как только мы выполним свою миссию, мы ожидаем, что страна вернется к нормальной жизни", — сказал представитель вооруженных сил Зимбабве Сибусисо Мойо.

  2. Мугабе откажется от власти в обмен на отъезд жены...

    Под домашним арестом находится 93-летний президент Зимбабве Роберт Мугабе и его семья. Он готовится объявить о своей отставке. Президент Зимбабве Роберт Мугабе провел переговоры с военными. Он попросил дать возможность его жене Грейс покинуть страну. Грейс Мугабе может уехать в ЮАР.

  3. The capital of Zimbabwe finds itself torn between excitement and uncertainty as it dawns on residents that President Robert Mugabe may be, just may be, leaving office after 37 tumultuous years...

    The mood is a major shift from the typical way of life in Harare: people here avoid discussing sensitive political matters in public due to a history of repression by the government of critical voices.

    But amid rising discontent in recent years, the military's surprise takeover appeared to give a new impetus to the dissatisfied voices on the streets.

    "If this pulls through, we will regard this in future as a 'second Independence Day', after that of April 18, 1980," Tineyi Chimwanda, who identified himself as a local businessman, said.

  4. Zimbabwe: Mugabe Claims 'Legitimacy,' Army, Opposition Insist on Transition...

    As the leadership crisis deepens in Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe who has been in power for 37 years reportedly rejected a proposal to resign allowing his opponent and deposed vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa take over until an election is held next year.

    Robert Mugabe reportedly said that he remains the legitimate head of state and also demanded guarantees that if he stepped down there would be immunity from prosecution for his wife and other members of his family, according to The Independent.

    It remains unclear whether army commander General Constantino Chiwenga, who earlier met with Mugabe, would agree to the conditions over prosecution, Sputnik reported.

    Meanwhile, a local newspaper reported Mnangagwa plans to install a transitional government that will rule the African nation until the general elections in five years.

    He was sacked by Mugabe as his vice president earlier in November, which resulted in tensions since Mnangagwa enjoys the support of the military. He returned to the national capital of Harare shortly after the army took over government offices and put Mugabe under house arrest earlier this week.


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