Tuesday, June 13, 2017

US Moving ISIL Commanders from Raqqa towards Unknown Destinies. ISIS battles to keep US-backed Syria force from Raqqa

The member of the People’s Council Ammar Assad told Sputnik that the US helicopters moved three weeks ago a number of ISIL commanders out of Raqqa towards unknown destinies, adding that they hold Western nationalities.

Assad added that the US forced the so-called “Syrian Democratic Troops” to let scores of ISIL terrorists to move from Raqqa to Al-Sukhna in order to attack Palmyra city, noting that the Syrian-Russian warplanes struck them.
  Source: Al-Manar Website

  • ISIS battles to keep US-backed Syria force from Raqqa Old City....

ISIS extremists waged fierce battles Tuesday in their Syrian stronghold Raqqa in a bid to repel US-backed fighters advancing towards the walls of the Old City.

The Kurdish and Arab fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) entered Raqqa a week ago, after months of fighting to encircle the northern city that has become an extremist bastion.

Since then, they have seized one neighborhood in western Raqqa and another in the east, where they are now battling to secure control of the Al-Senaa district that leads to the Old City.

Jihan Sheikh Ahmed, spokeswoman for the SDF campaign for Raqqa, said the extremist group was putting up stiff resistance...

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