Thursday, June 29, 2017

Syrian FM: US chemical attack claim aims at justifying new aggression on Syria

The misleading campaign launched by the United States over the past few days alleging that Syria intends to launch a chemical attack on citizens is unsubstantiated and unsupported by any facts or justifications, an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates stressed on Thursday.

In a statement to SANA, the source said that Syria affirms that the objective of these allegations is “to justify a new act of aggression against Syria under false pretenses, similar to the US aggression on a-Shayrat airport.”

The source went on saying that these “threats” also follow the great achievements made by Syrian Arab Army and its allies all over the Syrian territory against the terrorist groups supported by the US and its tools in the region and beyond, noting that these threats aim at raising the morale of the terrorist organizations and prolonging the crisis in Syria.

“Syria reiterates that it has irretrievably removed the chemical program, as confirmed by the relevant international organizations, and that it doesn’t possess any chemical weapons, and that it strongly condemns the use of chemical weapons in any place and for any reason and under any pretext,” the source affirmed, adding that Syria “has not resorted to the use of any toxic chemicals since the beginning of the crisis at all, and it stresses that it fully cooperated with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) during the period following its accession to the Chemical Weapons Convention.”

The Foreign Ministry’s source said these new threats are unjustified since Donald Trump’s administration has failed to prove that Syria used chemical weapons in Khan Sheikoun, noting that this administration and its allies have refused to conduct an objective, transparent and honest investigation in what happened in Khan Sheikhoun and al-Shayrat airport, despite the fact that Syria, Russia and Iran and other countries have called for a direct investigation in the incidents.

The source went on saying that even the fact-finding team of the OPCW which came to Damascus last week was prevented by the “armed groups” from accessing Khan Sheikoun, while the US and Western countries refused to send a team of fact-finding mission to al-Shayrat airport.

The source concluded its statement by saying that the Syrian Arab Republic condemns and rejects the US threats categorically and asserts that any US aggression against its army and people would be “in the service of the armed terrorist organizations.”

Any such aggression, the source said, would be in contradiction of the principles and goals of the United Nations Charter and the UN Security Council resolutions related to the fight against terrorism, particularly resolution no. 2253, adding that Syria calls on the international community once again to condemn the US attack on Shayrat airport, the killing of innocent Syrian civilians and the recent US threats of committing a new aggression, whose sole aim would be that of obstructing the successes of the Syrian Arab army and its allies against terrorism.

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