Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Perpetrators of Helicopter Attack in Venezuela Demand Maduro’s Resignation

The group of people who perpetrated the attack on Venezuelan Supreme Court demanded immediate resignation of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and general elections.

 Earlier in the day, Venezuelan Communication and Information Minister Ernesto Villegas said that a hijacked helicopter of the police investigative agency, known as CICPC, attacked the buildings housing the country’s Supreme Court and Interior Ministry.

Local media said Oscar Perez, who used to serve in the CICPC, piloted the helicopter during the attack.

“Nicolas Maduro Moros, we demand your and your ministers' immediate resignation and immediate announcement of general elections,” Perez said in a video address, published simultaneously with the attack on the Supreme Court.

Perez noted that he along with his supporters wanted to return the power to the people and restore the constitutional order.

The number of Perez’s supporters, who he calls nationalists and patriots, is unclear to date.

Maduro labeled the helicopter attack as an act of terrorism and pledged to catch the perpetrators.

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