Thursday, April 27, 2017

An attack by Israel? Blasts Reported Near Damascus International Airport in Syria

Explosions hit in the area of Damascus International Airport in Syria early Thursday morning.

The blasts were followed by a fire in the same place.

The reports note that the compound includes warehouses, airplane hangers and an industrial zone.

Some unconfirmed reports in Arab media outlets are attributing the cause of the blasts to an attack by Israel.


  1. Lebanese pro-Hezbollah TV channel al-Manar said that the fire started at the fuel depot as a result of an Israeli airstrike.

  2. A military position southwest of Damascus International Airport was exposed to an Israeli aggression with several missiles fired from inside the occupied territories at dawn on Thursday causing explosions in the place and leaving some material losses, a military source said.

    The source added that the Israeli aggression comes as a desperate attempt to raise the collapsed morale of terrorist groups due to the Syrian army’s blows and this aggression will not dissuade the army from continuing the war against terrorism and crushing it.

    The Israeli warplanes on Friday fired two missiles from inside the occupied territory on a military position in the surroundings of Khan Arnabeh in Quneitra countryside after foiling an attempt by terrorists to infiltrate into military positions in Quneitra countryside.


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